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Transcript of AT OUR DOWNTOWN TASTING ROOM Try this at home! · PDF file 2018. 9. 5. · —...

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    F I R S T C R U S H Experience

    Winemaking in Real Time

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    B L E N D I N G O L D & N E W W O R L D New Winemaker Takes the Helm

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    S H I F T I N G G E A R S

    The Wheelman PAGE 6

    C LU B M E M B E R S CO L L E C T M O R E T H A N W I N E

    Linda and Alicia Have Dozens of Animals Including One

    from Down Under PAGE 6

    S U M M E R S O I R É E

    Snapshots PAGE 7

    2016 BLACK BART’S BRIDE with Tomee Brulee We’ve paired our French Rhone varietal white with a sheep’s milk cheese from the Basque region of France. The cheese’s mouth-filling flavors, both sweet and salty, interplay with the Bride’s creaminess and acid and enhance the wine’s lovely flower and peach notes.

    2017 THE DAMSEL ROSÉ with Campo de Montalbán & Quince Paste This semi-firm Spanish cheese offers a wonderful texture for the acid of the rosé. But the real star is the quince paste, which brings out the ripe strawberry flavors of the Damsel. The pair explodes in your mouth.

    2017 THE WATER WITCH with Artisanal Chocolate Cherry The dried cherry enhances the bright red fruit notes of raspberry, cherry and rose petal while the chocolate draws out the subtle notes of cedar and sweet cigar spice. This one is a crowd favorite!

    2014 THE DOCTOR with Le Belge Chocolate From Belgium, Le Belge takes The Doctor to the next level, with the rich dark chocolate enhancing the spice and black pepper in the wine.

    2014 VERAISON CABERNET with Beecher’s Flagship Reserve A hearty cheddar from Seattle, the tangy flavors grab onto the richness and tannins of the Cabernet, amplifying the wine’s luscious mouthfeel.

    Pairing Wine with Bites AT OUR DOWNTOWN TASTING ROOM

    Try this at home! Guests often say that one of their favorite parts of visiting our Downtown Tasting Room is the paired flight with bites. These fabulous amuse-bouche perfectly matched to our wines is a collaboration between Mrs. Jan Krupp, Dr. Jan Krupp and Tasting Room Manager Jon Bain. The pairings change with our new releases, but the philosophy is the same — each should enhance the flavor of the other. We thought we’d share some of the favorites so you can try at home!

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    From mid-September, when whites begin to be harvested, through October, our newly-renovated winery will be buzzing with energy and perfumed with fermenting grapes. This harvest marks the first time the entire winemaking process — from sorting and pressing to tank fermentation, aging in oak barrels and bottling — will all occur at the new winery. This means that not only will we control every step of the process, but we get to share the experience with our Krupp Brothers family, our wine club members!

    Club members fortunate enough to visit us during crush will get glimpses of this extraordinary process. It begins with harvesting the fruit from Stagecoach and our estate, Krupp Brothers Vineyard. Then, the fruit will travel through the optical sorter to select the best grapes. Destemming and pressing follow in our new state-of-the-art Europress. The pressed juice is funneled into La Garde rectangular stainless tanks where pump-overs and punch-downs will gently nudge the cap of grape skins that float to the surface of the tanks downward into the fermenting wine to extract tannin, color and flavor.

    If you have not yet scheduled your visit during this exciting time, please contact us at [email protected] or 707.225.2276. You can also book your tour online, just go to our website, hover over the “visit us” tab and click on “winery and estate.” ^

    DOC TOR ’S NOTE As we look forward to creating our 20th anniversary vintage, I would like to express my gratitude to you, our wine club members, for making our winery a success!

    We began this adventure in 1999 with a single Cabernet Sauvignon. We have much to celebrate with our portfolio of premier wines and new additions, including a gorgeous new Cabernet, The Wheelman, a nod to my passion for cycling

    This special year will be remembered for two other exciting developments. One of the world’s finest winemakers Julien Fayard has joined our team and is already putting his all into crafting our 2016, 2017 and 2018 vintages. And we will be making wine for the first time in our beautiful new facility with some of the best winemaking equipment in the world.

    Here’s to the next 20 years of World Class Wines! ^


    E X P E R I E N C E

    Winemaking I N R E A L T I M E

    Our First Crush at the New Winery and Estate

    Terroir I N H I S Bones W I N E M A K E R J U L I E N F A Y A R D

    Secrets to Crafting Great Wines

    There was a stint sheepherding in Galicia, Spain, restaurant work and some time spent as a bank teller, but Julien Fayard always came back to wine. Perhaps it was because growing and making wine has been part of his life since he was a child in Provence, France, when he and his cousin were tasked with gathering rocks from his uncle’s vineyard and — because the boys were small enough to fit inside the pallets — turning the wine bottles on their sides after bottling was complete. Or possibly, some part of him knew that he had an innate gift that should not be wasted. Whether it was destiny, practicality or both that kept him returning to a career in wine, he has found himself at some of the most renowned wineries in France and the Napa Valley. Julien trained in Bordeaux, working for the esteemed First Growth Château Lafite-Rothschild and Smith Haut Lafitte where he oversaw vineyard management and developed his winemaking skills.

    On moving to Napa in 2006, he began working alongside the famed Philippe Melka as Director of Winemaking at Atelier Melka. There he honed his winemaking skills, learning about Napa Valley’s various climates and terroirs. After five years, he set out to establish a consulting business and found his own brands, including Purlieu, Le Pich,

    Azur and Empreinte. His intimate understanding of and respect for the role of the vineyard in the winemaking process make him a perfect fit for Krupp Brothers.

    Beyond Julien’s vineyard-centric approach and his style, which

    he describes as crafting wines “with a powerful expression and richness while preserving refined aromatics and elegance,” he has a very simple philosophy about how good wines are made.

    “If you are happy about it, the wine will taste happy,” says Julien. “When you make it and when you drink it, the mood is very important.” ^

    { }“If you are happy about it, the wine will taste happy. When you make it and when you drink it, the mood is very important.”

  • To take advantage of this special, login to your account at

    You can also order by contacting Sarah Krupp at 415.15.3782 or [email protected]

    *Order by October 19 for shipping special


    CABERNET SAUVIGNON Black Cherry Boysenberry

    Milk chocolate Vanilla


    Burger with Chipotle Mayo and Grilled Onions

    Herb Roasted Tenderloin

    Creamy Mushroom and Burrata Lasagna

    Aged Gouda


    2015 The Wheelman

    2014 Veraison Cabernet

    2015 Synchrony

    # of Bottles




    Cassis Blackberry

    Dark Chocolate Violets


    Black Truffle Risotto

    Dry Aged Porterhouse Steak

    Five Spiced Duck Breast with Blackberries

    Grilled Rosemary Lamb Chops

    2015 SYNCHRONY Black Cherry

    Blackberry Sweet Cigar Spice



    Herb-Crusted Flat Iron Steak

    Braised Oxtail with Butter Beans

    Grilled Maple-Glazed Salmon

    Red Chili and Chicken Enchiladas

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  • Thank you to everyone who made our Annual Soirée a huge success this year! For the first time, we hosted the event at our new winery and estate. Guests were treated to lovely views of the estate vineyard and Lake Cynthia, live music and of course, cornhole. Along with being one of the best attended, we offered a sneak peak of our new label, The Wheelman, which has become an instant favorite. Not surprising, the food and wine were the stars of the show. It’s not too soon to make plans for next year’s soirée. ^

    Club Member S P O T L I G H T

    Linda Nunez and Alicia Bolls Part of what we love about Alicia and Linda is that they are anything but ordinary. These savvy sales and marketing businesswomen represent some of the biggest names in consumer goods and yet their sprawling ranch outside of Dallas is a regular Noah’s ark of rescue animals. They also break the mold when it comes to wine pairings. We wanted to learn more about how they live — and enjoy wine — to the fullest.

    Tell us about your animal kingdom.

    “We have 20 acres outside of Dallas in Collinsville, Texas. The animals at Sage Ranch are always changing. Most are rescues that find their way to us. Currently we have two Norwegian Dwarf goats, two pot-bellied pigs, seven

    horses, two mini ponies, two cats, two mini donkeys, five dogs, five Brahma cattle, and a baby red kangaroo — Roux!”

    What is your favorite wine and food pairing? “Good wine goes with everything. Sushi and wine is a go-to around here. We do red and white with sushi. Salmon and tu