Assembling the Team Wisconsin Department of Transportation Real Estate Training Conference May 14,...

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Transcript of Assembling the Team Wisconsin Department of Transportation Real Estate Training Conference May 14,...


Assembling the TeamWisconsin Department of Transportation Real Estate Training ConferenceMay 14, 2013

1The Notice of Interest (NOI)2

The Notice of Interest (NOI)3

The Notice of Interest (NOI)4

Notice of Interest (NOI)- Narratives5

Notice of Interest (NOI)- Instructions6

What does WisDOT want to see in a good Notice of Interest (NOI)?

Addresses all points in the Consultant Requirements Section Good brief descriptions of example projects

Similar attributes to the project being solicited

Good availability for listed staff

A clear explanation of the staffs availability7More about, What does WisDOT want to see in a good NOI?

Relevant comparable experience

Verification that project narrative is understood

Information needs to be accurate and representative

Honest assessments of staffs work experience and quality88NOIs - ExperienceListing Experiences:Show how many projects and parcels you have been involved in ---- but, dont stop there! Important that you also disclose the types of parcels and especially the complex issues. For example,contaminated sitesfarms quarriesgolf courses

9Listing Area(s) of Expertise:We need to know if you have expertise in some of the more complex issues that WisDOT sometimes faces, such as:proximitycomplex cost to curechange of gradeaccessNOIs - Expertise

10Be truthful, but be direct; tell us what you do

Dont make assumptions thinking we already know

We can only grade you on what is in writing in front of us; give us all you got!11NOIs General Tips

> because you have done work for DOT in the past that your reputation speaks for itself, because you cant be sure who will be scoring your NOI and that person may not have any idea who you are. 11Areas for Improvementon Notice of Interest (NOIs) 12


Areas for Improvement on NOIs

Read the full project scope & understand specialty items

Ensure sufficient information is included to determine qualifications

Include only relevant projectexperiences

Use proper grammar13More about, Areas for Improvement on NOIs

Be mindful when cutting and pasting to avoid errors

Evaluate past experience for listed staff

Be accurate about availability of listed staff

Focus on the key players qualifications

14More about, Areas for Improvement on NOIs

Address project specific skill or consultant requirements

Identify their specific roles on past projects

Ensure submissions are factual

Follow the standard format

15How does WisDOT reduce your Notice of Interest (NOIs) down to the short list?

16How does WisDOT reduce your NOIs down to the short list?

Good examples of similar project work for both staff experience and project examples Staff availability is reasonable especially for key staffPrior experience that the region had with the teamPast performance of firms/staff listed based on evaluations

17More about, How does WisDOT reduce your NOIs down to the short list?

Overall relevant experience / capabilities of listed staff Specific skill sets demonstratedWork type ratings sheet/previous experience in regionTop two or three project specific skill requirements

18 Project InterviewsDont assume that everyone on the panel will know you or anything about real estate

Bring visual examples of your workBookletsPowerPoint presentation

Bring the acquisition team

19What makes a winning selection?

Project specific NOI

Identifies project specific needs

One that demonstrates that they have seen the project and understands the requirements

20More about, What makes a winning selection?

One that understands every aspect of the project

Discussed potential issues with the local units of government

Staffing at the appropriate level based on project complexity

Good past performance on comparable projects

21More about, What makes a winning selection?

An accurate and complete NOI without obvious errors

Demonstrates successful experience working with WisDOT and potential stakeholders

Honest and upfront information in the NOI

22More about, What makes a winning selection?

Not submitting the same NOI for five different projects

Identifying project specific needs

Communicating the ability to provide a successful project

23If Your Firm Is Not Selected,Firms not shortlisted look for ways to improve next timeSchedule a feedback session for interview projects with regional Contracting Unit supervisorLook for new and upcoming contract solicitation announcements on WisDOTs Doing Business page, under Design and construction tab, then to Engineering and related services tab, and select Solicitation, selections and awards at: (see sample solicitation page, next slide...)

24Solicitation, selections and awards publication, bimonthly solicitations page25

We look forward to having you as part of our WisDOT Real Estate team!Thank you!


Start Up ConferenceMeeting to convey and share project information

Possible Attendees

Complete a parcel by parcel review and discuss the project concepts/needs

27Why are those attending necessary???Access coordinator


Review Appraiser

Environmental Staff28Continued ParticipantsNegotiator

Plat Preparer

Project Engineer

Utility/Railroad Coordinator(s)

29Parcel by parcel reviewField observation

Commitments made by design staff

Unique & Common Problems

Relocation parcels (residential, business, farm)

Contaminated sites and clean up plans30So, whats needed at this start up conference? DSR (Design Study Report)Environmental ReportDriveway grades/changes to accessConstruction plans Encroachment reportNotes from PIMs/design staff commitmentsPreliminary TPP sheets

Starting the project and continued communicationHow does everyone communicate?

PIMs (Public Involvement Meetings)

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!!!

32What are we talking about? Status of acquisitions Timeline necessary to complete task in order to meet PSE


33Communication continuedIssues derived from negotiations/appraisal inspections

Changes in schedule

Addition or deletion of parcels on TPP sheet(s)

Status of encroachments

Razing contract/Property Management34Big Brother Is Watching!! READS

Monthly team member meetings


Telephone conference/individual calls

Data Spread Sheets kept by real estate lead workers

35Project Wrap Up MeetingAll team members can meet to discuss final status of project

Determine what did/didnt work throughout the process

Complete consultant evaluations

Thank you!

Assembling the Team for Local Public Agency (LPA) Projects 37By: Kerry Paruleski

37LPA Project Development38Administered by WisDOTsDivision of Transportation Investment Management (DTIM)Division of Transportation System Development (DTSD)DTSD Regional LPA RE CoordinatorsDTSD Regional Program ManagersManagement Consultants (MC)Deliver Project Management & Oversight to LPA3839WisDOT Approved Consultantsvs.LPA RE Approved Consultants

Whats the Difference?3940WisDOT Approved ConsultantsForms of Solicitation:Get on the Master Contract listCan be hired Specialty Contract Submit a Notice of Interest (NOI)

Getting on the Team:Find projects through the WisDOT Doing Business on the consultant extranetChosen through a Specialty Contract

Whats the Difference?40Whats the Difference?41LPA RE Approved ConsultantsGetting on the Team:The Local Public Agency hires the consultant

Characteristics:Qualified and CompetentMeet Minimum Standards Per LPA manualNo Term LimitNo Formal Screening

41Minimum Qualifications for R/W PersonnelAppraisersReview AppraisersNegotiation AgentsRelocation Assistance Specialists42

LPA RE Approved Consultants42LPA Project with State or Federal Funds ANYWHERE in a Project43Local Public Agency (LPA)LPA contracts with consultant(s)WisDOT & MC OversightState or Federal Funding in Project

43Selecting a Consultant

What are LPAs looking for in a consultant?ExpertiseCompetenceKnowledge of WisDOT procedures and forms

44LPA Project with State or Federal Funds44LPA Project with State or Federal Funds Anywhere in a ProjectACQUISITION CAPABILITIES STATEMENT

Required for an LPA projectManagement Consultant (MC) will review and commentWisDOT LPA RE Coordinator will do final approval

4545LPA Real Estate WisDOT Team46

Thank you!46