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A copy of the slides used at the recent Aspire ‘Presence and Impact’ workshops so you can review them again going forward.

Transcript of Aspire 'Leadership Presence & Impact' slides

  • 1. The 2012 Aspire LeadershipPresence & Impact Workshop
  • 2. Why Presence and Impact? Presence and Impact is consistently rated by CEOs as the number 1 most important skill to be a successful leader (over and above doing a good job, intelligence and technical expertise) Success Secrets of Female Leaders, Aspire Report 2010
  • 3. Components of Presence and Impact Words 7% 38% 55% Tone Energy Mehrabian, Albert & Ferris, Journal of Consulting Psychology, 1967
  • 4. Life, Work, World Leadership Life Leadership Work Leadership Community & World Leadership
  • 5. What I want from today is. On tables, everyone introduce yourself and answer, What I most want from today is
  • 6. Women in Leadership 8 in 10 women experience stress in trying to balance it all, not just work and family but the expectation of perfection Women in Leadership Conference Board, DYG Social Trends Research 2012
  • 7. If you are not at the table, you are on the menu Madeleine M. Kunin, 1st Female Governor of Vermont, USA
  • 8. Todays Agenda Welcome and Introductions Presence and Impact Model Feedback Exercise (small group) Break c. 11am Leader Identity Lunch c.1pm Organisational Awareness Leader Typing (small group) Break c. 3.20pm Practice Session (small group) Networking Reception 5pm
  • 9. The Rules What agreements or rules do you want to set with each other so that the day is as effective as possible?
  • 10. Go Big or Go Home!
  • 11. Your dreamoutcome foryour leadershippresence andimpact scenario
  • 12. The Tiara Syndrome For women to be considered as competent as men, perceivers must be given evidence of womens greater ability or superior performance compared to their male counterparts (Deaux & Kite, 1993).
  • 13. Leadership Presence & Impact Model Leader Identity Resilient Integrity Values Organisationally Aware Beliefs & Purpose Leadership Type Behaviours Practice Vision Courage Action Self Focus Integration of Self and Organisation Base Line: Knowledge, Technical Skills and Experience
  • 14. Leader Feedback Exercise Only 3% of women get feedback on their presence and impact Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Economist and the Founding President of the Center for Talent Innovation, 2012
  • 15. Networking Break
  • 16. Leadership Identity Find your values - What matters most to me? Know your beliefs & purpose - What am I willing to brave and take a stand for and why? - Vision Why do I do want for the future?
  • 17. Values The core of who you are as a leader. Values are your internal compass.
  • 18. Identify Your ValuesValues Based Leadership, Bob Rue, PM Magazine, 2001
  • 19. Values are Core E.g Value of Balance Life making time for friends/family Work - working flexibly or part time Leadership supporting team in balance, advocating for a new part time policy
  • 20. Values What are your values? Which of these values are most important in terms of your leadership?
  • 21. BeliefsFor these 3 values, what do you believe?
  • 22. Behaviours1) Not live to our values2) Live to our values3) Leave that environment
  • 23. Girls are taught to be goodgirls, do as you are told,dont rock the boat. Girls arepraised throughout theireducation for doing astheyre told for beingcompliant.Anderson, GlassHammer2011
  • 24. F.e.a.r. They wont like me They wont respect me They will think I am stupid What I say wont be heard It wont work anywayI shouldnt be here, I am about to get found out!
  • 25. Authenticity ... is not about acting in ways that feel comfortable or familiar, but rather is about acting on ones core values in order to advance the work required to accomplish shared goalsFu et al, Pursuit of whos happiness? Executive leaders transformationalbehaviours and personal values, Administrative Science Quarterly, 2010
  • 26. Leadership Purpose If you are clear WHY you are doing something and WHO or WHAT you do it for, you will be have more confidence and more presence and impact.
  • 27. Leadership Purpose More tangible outcome of values and beliefs What is your for the sake of?
  • 28. The Marmite Affect Can you live without everyone liking you?
  • 29. Flat Line
  • 30. BehavioursWhat are you willing to take a stand for? I will take a stand for