ASO Barcamp 2 - Debunking App Store Optimization (ASO) Myths - Ryan Kelley, Gummicube

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Transcript of ASO Barcamp 2 - Debunking App Store Optimization (ASO) Myths - Ryan Kelley, Gummicube



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    Domain Authority 42 45 32 35

    Referring Domains 520 744 204 143

    Considering selected direct competitors, Vashi takes second place, both from the Domain Authority as well as Referring Domains perspective. 77 Diamonds have highest metrics, although there is only a 3 point difference in DA value between them and Vashi.

    * Both metrics were last updated in August 2015

    Myth Buster

    Mythbusters: Debunking App Store Optimization Myths

    Ryan Kelley,Sales & Marketing (EMEA)Gummicube, Inc

  • Find Your Mobile Audience

  • My ASO JourneyPersonally published 100s of iOS and Android applications

    More than 500,000 downloads

    Tested every ASO tool and theory for YEARS

    Repeat 5 keywords 5 times in GP descriptions

    Target high search volume low competition keywords

    Use hyphens to index 3 keywords

    Use English in Spanish KW field

    Exact match/ partial match titlesGuess!?

  • Moment of TruthOpened an ASO agency which relied heavily on keyword tools

    Clients were performance based and difficult to support

    The biggest phenomenon of all time

    Flappy Bird

    Reported as having LOW VOLUME

    The ASO landscape was changing and what worked 3 months ago didnt work anymore

  • The Search Was On!Needed more efficient and accurate software and data to

    make more informed decisions

    Joined Gummicube within 30 days of meeting the team

  • Gummicube Fact SheetThe Company

    Founded in 2011 by Dave Bell & Anh Nguyen

    Mobile Veterans with 4X Mobile Startup Experience

    Market LeadershipThe Business

    Global Big Data Analytics for Mobile & App Stores

    Mobile Marketing Platform & Proprietary Market Data

    Software with Service Full Service Business Model

    Supporting All Stores

    Best In Class Clients

    The Best Technology paired with world class service and support

    Proprietary Software DashboardApp Store Optimization

    Market Trends for the App StoresBehavioral & Search Data

    ..and more

    HQ in Silicon Valley Offices in Germany, Seoul

  • Mobile Altered User BehaviorUsers%See%The%World%Through%the%Prism%of%Their%Most%Used%Device


    The'same'audience'has'different'needs'in'mobile'vs.'PC= Less'Storage= Smaller'Screens= More'Social= Location'Based

    Users'are'being' trained'as'mobile'first'audience

    Do you know your mobile audience?

  • Mobile Data is CRITICAL

    User behavior Search semantics Trends Competitors Search Algorithms


    TrendsUser Feedba





    Mobile Differs from Web

    You cant rely on web search trends or behavioral data!

  • Even Technicals are Different

    Declared Keywords

    Title Field - 255 characters

    Keywords & Title matter most in Apple algorithm

    Description used to manually validate KWs

    User reviews give unfair advantage in KW ranking

    Undeclared Keywords

    Title Field - 30 characters

    Description & Title matter most in Google algorithm

    Structure of description is critical to success in GP

    Backlinks & Social to GP page give unfair advantage

  • Why Focus on ASO?Mobile has matured beyond CPI

    Tapping into organic app traffic while strategizing your organic mobile app marketing is a defendable position


  • So Much BAD ADVICE ASO Tools Dont Do ASO - They were built on the back of the

    Google KW Planner and use mostly web data

    Consultants Dont Have Scale - Working on dozens of apps vs. entire store is like the difference between weather and climate

    Self Preservation - Advice is based on what the writers could historically support with their technology; not best practices

    It is a disconnected system of misinformation

  • Myth #1 - All About KeywordsKeyword Search Results

    App Store Page

    Click Through Rate (CTR)



    KW Optimization Factors

  • Myth #2 - One and Done App Store Optimization is iterative and

    requires ongoing efforts to succeed

    Variables change with new apps, trends, seasons, OS features and new hardware

    Keyword dilution happens daily as 5,000 apps are added to stores daily

    Icons & Screenshots grow stale over time and user behavior changes at a rapid pace

    Weather = Short Term(Like CPI)

    Climate = Long Term (Like ASO)

    CPI and ASO require different approaches

  • Myth #3 - Buy Your Way To SuccessChart Boosting Buying quick burst of downloads to rank higher

    PPI - Pay Per Install Cost upwards of $2.50/install in top markets

    Brand Marketing Good TV, Radio, Print costs millions

    ROIPaying to maintain chart ranking is not ASO and has less value over time

  • Important for Retailers - 66% of digital retail in mobile

    Top Shopping Trends in Mobile - Daily Deals - Discounts & Coupons - Hyper-Local

    Cartwheel drives users to mCommerce & Stores 30%-40% more search volume than Target brand


    Myth #4 - Brand Recognition is Enough!

  • Myth #5 - Web and Mobile Are Similar

    Web Trends Are Not Mobile Trends

    Search Algorithms Are Different

    Consumer Behavior Is Different

    Not The Right Structure OR Data


  • In Summary1. Optimize your entire organic funnel.

    2. ASO is like the climate and is a long term strategy.

    3. ASO drives down UA costs.4. Your web customers are not the same as

    your mobile customers.

    5. Web and mobile use different datasets.

  • Thank You!Ryan KelleySales & Marketing (EMEA)Gummicube, [email protected]

    Trusted by 1000s of Partners

    mailto:[email protected]?subject=