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Transcript of Artwork by Callie Habegger Artwork by Jamie Chiles Page 20...

  • Artwork by Callie Habegger Artwork by Jamie Chiles

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  • Thanks to Everyone who Contributed to the

    Weathervane this Year!


    Alex Gordon

    Peter Fernandez

    Brian Perrault

    Period 1

    Claire Ackerman

    David Ansaldi

    Brianna Bennett

    Calli Bianchi

    Ava Bub

    Aizza Chase

    Emma Haney

    Jenna Herman

    Kyra McConnell

    Kaitlyn Patterson

    Andreea Robu

    Period 2

    Trevor Bady

    Abbey Buffington

    Emily Buffington

    Olivia Cataldo

    Jamie Chiles

    Callie Habegger

    Andrew Levy

    Xavier Meyers

    Olivia Pace

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    Matthew Weiner

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    Sarah Allen

    Charlie Bruggeman

    Delaney Carnes

    Harrison Coyne

    Isabella Dahil

    Sophia Hess

    Reid Hosp

    Samantha Hosp

    Kate Lewack

    Abby Martin

    Tess Meyers

    Victoria Miles

    Rebecca Palmer

    Alexus Ray

    Margaret Strehle

    Ned Torrey

    Lindsey Vogelmann

    Page 2 Page 19

    The Talking Tree

    By Callie Habegger

    Age: 12

    Once upon a time, there lived a woman in a cute

    little cottage by a fresh stream. This woman was a

    witch, but a good witch. Her name was Casey.

    Casey was in the process of creating a potion that

    you pour onto an animal and the animal will the

    able to speak the human language. Casey had a

    huge cauldron of boiling water over a fire. She

    was pouring in all different looking bottles of

    mysterious mixtures into the cauldron. Each time

    a different liquid combination was drizzled into

    the bubbling pot, sparks of numerous colors

    would shoot out of the pot and the potion would

    change to a different color, at the moment, it was

    blue. When Casey had finished putting all of the

    main ingredients in, the potion had been an ugly

    green. Casey always likes her potions to look nice

    so she has a strategy that she does with every po-

    tion she whips up. She went over to a bottle of

    water she had got from the nearby stream and

    dipped a cup into the bottle filling it to the brim.

    She then was very precise to put in just a single

    drop into the cauldron. When the drop of water

    hit the surface of the potion, the whole concoc-

    tion sizzled turning a beautiful light pink. Casey

    then filled 25 flasks of the potion emptying the

    cauldron. She then went to test it. She tested it on

    a toad she found by the stream. When she

    poured it over the bumpy back of the creature,

    nothing happened. After all that work, Casey was

    frustrated, this rarely happened. So she just

    dumped the entire potion on to the roots of a

    tree. The next morning, Casey heard a voice sing-

    ing outside her cottage. She peaked out the win-

    dow and couldn’t believe her eyes. The tree she

    had poured the potion on to was singing! The

    potion Casey had made makes plants talk, not


    A few days ago I lost a tooth and the Tooth

    Fairy came. She took my tooth and left me

    $8.00.I put my $8.00 in my wallet because I

    am saving up for an American Girl Doll. Her

    name is Saige. 2013 is the only year she is

    here. I think the tooth fairy is 2” tall. There

    are so many secrets about the tooth fairy. I

    wonder what his/her name is.

    The Tooth Fairy

    By Ava Bub

    Age: 8

    Traveling by car from place to place is sim-

    ple, but what are some other ways to get

    around? People that have to go a very long

    distance, like several hundred miles or more

    might take a plane. There’s also easy public

    ground transportation like a bus or a train.

    Kids who just want to go to and from places

    but can’t yet drive a car could just ride a bike,

    skateboard, rollerblade, or they could simply

    walk. There’s always ways to get around, so

    get up and go somewhere!

    Ways to Travel

    By Brianna Bennett

    Age: 14

  • THURSDAY, JULY 25, 2013 VOLUME 25

    25th Year

    Friday marked the 25th anniversary of Derby

    Summer Arts. Monday we celebrated with ice

    cream and cake; I am in tech theater so I am

    doing the lighting for the play “Adaptation.”

    I am so excited for my first year at Derby. I

    am so coming back!

    By Charles Megwa

    Age: 11

    Page 3 Page 18


    By Clelia Megwa

    Age: 9

    Sally has worked here since 1999. That’s 14

    years! Sally’s daughter Maddie also works

    here. She teaches J.R’s, music video class, a

    capella, and Animal Art. Sally’s favorite mo-

    saic was seashells and stars. Her favorite Fes-

    tival that she will teach is the Fairy Houses.

    Sally’s favorite painting that she made is

    called “Fox At The Pond.” Sally met Thaila

    at the Creative Arts Park. Then Thalia started

    DSA the fowling year. And once her kids got

    old enough to be campers Sally started teach-

    ing mosaic’s here. And she “Loved It Ever


    This year was my fourth year at Derby Sum-

    mer Arts. I took many good classes, and had

    quite a bit of fun. I worked on a lot of pro-

    jects that were very enjoyable to make. It

    gave me a lot of experience and I got to cre-

    ate things that were terrific in the end. I was

    able to be a part of the 25th year of Derby

    and I was happy that I could see such an im-

    portant event for the camp. 2013 was a great

    year for Derby and I bet 2014 will be even


    A Good Year

    By Max Goldenberg

    Age: 14

    Well the summer of Derby has come to an

    end and that means that it is time for the su-

    per issue. For those who don’t know, the

    super issue is a giant collection of articles that

    were written specifically for it. The newspa-

    per people make sure that it is filled with in-

    teresting articles, drawings and all sorts of

    other things. It replaces the small normal is-

    sues that are given to campers throughout

    the summer. The super issue is a big deal and

    a lot of work goes into making it. Many peo-

    ple create things to go into it and they put a

    lot of effort into them. The super issue is

    always great and this year isn’t any different.

    So have a great time reading it and seeing

    everything that people have done.

    Super Issue

    By Max Goldenberg

    Age: 14

    DSA Ice Cream

    By Emma Haney

    Age: 8

    Smile :)

    Frown :(

    Excited :D

    Laughing: xD

    Winking: ;-)

    Crying: :’-(

    Silly Face: :-P

    Cool Face: B-)

    Symbol Pictures

    By Lauren Kearns

    Age: 12

    One of the coolest people here at the Weath-

    ervane is Trevor, who likes to play bass and

    electric guitar.

    Trevor is very cool and smart. He started

    playing bass since the day Dave Ruggiano

    told him to play bass and it has been his fa-

    vorite thing ever since. He started playing

    electric guitar when he was five.

    About Trevor

    By Xavier Meyers

    Age: 12

    Weathervane Online!

    Check it out.

  • The Super Issue

    By David Ansaldi

    Age: 9

    Page 4 Page 17

    25th Anniversary Quilt By Trevor Bady and Andrew Levy

    Age: 10 and 8

    This is a quilt they

    were making for

    Thalia. It was a

    surprise gift. They

    used a sewing

    maching and old T

    shirt designs for

    the squares.

    I love to bake. I once baked a 2 layer cake. It

    was awesome. I piped flowers and added

    candy toppings that were blue. I thought that

    it was the best cake that I ever made. It was

    really fun to make! I also have made some

    cupcakes. I usually make vanilla cupcakes but

    I have once made blueberry cupcakes.


    By Clelia Megwa

    Age: 9

    Breakfast is different for everyone. Some

    have cereal, some have pancakes, and some

    enjoy waffles or English muffins. People

    don’t always have the standard “breakfast”

    items sometimes you’re running late so you

    eat some chocolate or pringles as you run out

    the door. Breakfast is the most important

    meal of the day, so as long as you eat some-

    thing you’ll be fine.


    By Brianna Bennett

    Age: 14

    Breakfast is said to be the most important

    meal of the day because it gets you started

    for the day. Without breakfast your body will

    not have enough energy to function. It is

    very important to have a healthy breakfast.

    Try to make most of you grains whole grains.

    Here are some healthy suggestions for a nu-

    tritious and delicious breakfast.

    Yogurt with granola and fresh fruit and

    nuts for protein

    Low sugar cereal (cheerios, Wheaties,

    bran flakes, etc.) with skim milk and

    fresh fruit

    An omelet with veggies and a side of

    fresh fruit

    Sugar free oatmeal with berries

    A healthy smoothie made with low fat

    yogurt and fresh fruit

    A whole wheat bagel with peanut butter

    and fruit

    A Healthy Breakfast

    By Lauren Kearns and

    Calli Bianchi

    Age: 12

    There is a little more to talk about the new

    update, so let’s get started. First, hay. I do

    not know what hay does but it is a good ad-

    dition with your horse pen. Speaking of

    which the next new thing is lead which keeps

    your horse from moving. Next thing is hard-

    en clay. Which I have no idea what it does.

    Last but not least, block of coal which makes

    no sense like a block of diamond.

    Minecraft 1.6.2

    By Andrew Jones and

    Jonathan Wisler

    Age: 10 and 9

  • Page 5 Page 16

    Merida and Trevor

    By Olivia Pace

    Age: 8

    Personality Test

    By Andreea Robu

    Age: 14 Merida and Trevor are alike because they are

    both humans. But Merida is from a movie

    and Trevor is not. They lived, or live, in dif-

    ferent times. One is girl and one is a boy.

    If Alex was Queen Elinor I think that he

    would have fancy dresses and he would go to

    balls and he would even have a fancy accent.

    For this assignment I had to put together

    two nouns and see how different and how

    their alike from each other. I picked Queen

    Elinor and Alex. I think Alex and Queen Eli-

    nor are different from each other because

    Alex is a boy and Queen Elinor is a girl and

    Alex doesn’t wear pretty dresses and I think

    that the only thing that Queen Elinor and

    Alex have in common is they are both hu-


    If Alex was Queen Elinor

    By Jamie Chiles

    Age: 9

    A dog is like a pencil because they are nouns,

    a person, place, or thing. They are both

    things. They are also alike because you can

    hold both of them. They can also make some

    noise: A dog whimpers or barks and a pencil

    can squeak when you use it. They both have

    something sharp: If the pencil is sharpened,

    and the dog’s teeth.

    A Dog is like a Pencil

    By Callie Habegger

    Age: 12

    Some jellyfish can be larger than humans!

    Other jellyfish can be no bigger than the

    point of a pin!

    In some countries, jellyfish can be con-

    sidered a tasty treat!

    Jellyfish have been on earth longer than


    Jellyfish do not have a brain, yet certain

    types have eyes!

    The main makeup of a jellyfish is water &


    A clan of jellyfish is called a smack!

    Facts About Jellyfish

    By Lauren Kearns

    Age: 12

  • Page 6 Page 15

    We Be Jammin’

    By David Ansaldi

    Age: 8

    Facts About Squirrels

    By Emma Haney

    Age: 8

    flying squirrels can fly

    squirrels eat nuts

    squirrels don’t play tennis

    squirrels also like to eat pancakes

    squirrels don’t use the internet

    squirrels live in trees

    squirrels steal your nuts

    squirrels sleep

    squirrels can climb

    squirrels are cool

    Food is really good. There are many types of

    food in the world. There can be different

    types of food from different parts of the

    worlds. Food is one of the pleasures of the

    world. If there was no food there would be

    no us. It makes us healthy and strong. But if

    we don’t eat good and healthy food, it is no

    use. You always need a good food plan. So

    make sure you eat good food. That is why

    food is so good.


    By Claire Ackerman

    Age: 9

    Berry season is upon us! The weather this

    year has yielded an amazing crop of straw-

    berries. This time last year, with the unsea-

    sonably warm winter/spring, was already

    peak raspberry picking. Take a trip with the

    family to pick some fresh strawberries at lo-

    cal farms or visit the Farmer’s Market in

    town and grab them while they are at their

    best. Since there is no shortage of juicy,

    sweet strawberries this June, why not make

    some jam? Strawberry jam is one of the easi-

    est to make.

    Strawberry Jam

    You will need:

    1 ½ pints fresh


    stems removed

    and cut in half

    2 cups sugar

    1 lemon, zested and juiced


    Combine strawberries, sugar, lemon zest, and

    juice into a small saucepan. Stir until sugar is

    completely dissolved. Cook over very low

    heat 25-30 minutes until the strawberries re-

    lease their juices and the mixture boils slowly.

    Cook until a spoonful of the juice gels on a

    very cold plate. Pour carefully into two pint

    jars. Refrigerate once mixture cools. Enjoy!

    By Liz Hilt

    Age: Counselor

    Step 1: Put on rain boots

    Step 2: Put lipstick on your arm

    Step 3: Take a relative’s favorite shirt and put it in the sink

    Step 4: Jump on the couch

    Step 5: Eat some cereal

    Step 6: Pour water on your head

    Step 7: Drink root beer

    Step 8: Stand on a table

    Step 9: Scream your name as loud as you can

    Step 10: Roll on the floor

    Step 11: Dance

    Step 12: Don’t do this at home or anywhere

    How to Dance

    By Jenna Herman

    Age: 11


    By Matthew Weiner

    Age: 9

    Hull is a really good town by the water. The

    sand is soft and fun to dig in. Once, I made a

    hot tub but it got flooded over. Go to a Hull

    beach and have fun!

    Jennie Finch was an Olympic softball player.

    She played on the US team and was a gold

    medalist in the Olympics of 2004. She was

    also a silver medalist in the 2008 Olympics in

    Beijing. Jennie was born in 1980 in Califor-

    nia. She started playing softball at the age of

    five and started pitching at the age of 8. Her

    dad was her pitching coach. She went to col-

    lege at the University of Arizona and pitched

    and played 1st base for their softball team.

    After college she pitched for the US Olympic

    softball team, leading them to a 2-0 victory in

    the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Her pitching

    lead the US to another near win in 2008. She

    then decided that she needed to spend more

    time with her family. So on July 20th 2010

    Jennie Finch retired. Jennie Finch is a very

    important person to me because we both

    play first base and pitcher.

    Jenny Finch

    Dear all,

    Hope you have a great rest of the summer. I

    will miss you all and Derby.

    From, Matthew

    By Matthew Weiner

    Age: 9

    Letter to All

  • Page 7 Page 14

    Super Issue

    By Olivia Pace

    Age: 8

    Mind Trick

    By Reid Hosp

    Age: 12

    This is how you do a mind trick that I’m sure

    will work.

    1. Ask someone to give you their money

    2. They won’t give it

    3. Hit them on the head with a bat

    4. They fall

    5. They wake up

    6. Tell them that they’re your butler, and to

    give money to you

    7. If this goes wrong, run for your life

    8. Pay Reid 135 dollars. I’m broke

    I am saying a big secret: I sleep with a stuffed

    bear every night. I cannot sleep without her.

    Her name is Beary. She is always is on the

    floor when I wake up in the morning. She

    eats breakfast with me. She eats chicken

    soup. She is a brown bear with a red bow she

    is so quiet. They say that it is babyish but it is

    not. When I am sad Beary cheers me up. And

    that is my big secret.

    My Bear

    By Anonymous

    Age: unknown

    In the far edge of space there is a planet

    called Koppai. Due to its blooming popula-

    tion, the people over used their soil and it is

    no longer good for the crops. Just like the

    Potato Fanon. So Koppai sent pods all

    around the Universe. Just as they were about

    to give up they found a planet blooming with

    edible matter. Koppai sent 3 brave explorers

    to the planet they called PNF-404 (AKA

    Earth or Planet of the Pikmin.) This Planet

    relies on Alph, Britney, and Captain Charlie

    to save their hungry home planet. But, just as

    they were to apply the landing, something

    terrible happened. They were all ejected from

    their ship. They all landed in different places.

    Alph was lucky, the ship crashed where he

    was. He then discovers red Pikmin. At the

    end of the day he gets a call from Britney and

    she says she’s in a different area. In the new

    area called The Garden of Hope, Alph finds

    the rock Pikmin. He then later finds Britney.

    They battle the

    Armored Maw-

    dad. Buy Pikmin

    3 to find out what

    happens next

    (Only for Wii U.)


    By David Ansaldi

    Age: 9

    The title of my article sounds a bit scary, but

    this actually involves stuffed animals. I have

    discovered that stuffed animals can come to

    life! I know everyone has to at least have one

    or two stuffed animals in their house, so

    what I am about to explain, happens every

    Friday night at your house while you are

    sleeping. I have set up high tech camouflaged

    infer red light cameras up around my room.

    My family had just moved back into our

    house from a huge project (redoing our

    kitchen) and I had cleaned out my room. I

    have bags of stuffed animal I don’t need and

    I’m giving them away to children who do. So

    I have been checking my cameras (last week)

    to see if there were signs of any movement

    from the bags of stuffed animals, none…

    until Friday. On Saturday morning, I got out

    of bed and the first thing that caught my eye

    was that the bag of stuffed animals was

    tipped over. I grabbed my cameras off of

    their perch on my bookshelf and played back

    the video. At first, I saw nothing, my eager-

    ness slipping away, but wait, what was that?!

    A small fluffy looking image climbed slowly

    out of the trash bag and looked around. I

    recognized it as a panda stuffed animal from

    webkinz, a website I used to be obsessed

    with. It looked as if he was making sure no

    one was around. He called out the other

    stuffed animals and they had a party! I can’t

    believe I didn’t even hear anything! Well now

    that you are prepared, you can see your

    stuffed animals come to life.

    While You’re Sleeping

    By Callie Habegger

    Age: 12

    Club penguin is now Monsters University

    from the movie. You can get prizes from the

    scare games by getting a loud scream. But

    club penguin is not just that. There are also

    pets called puffles which you can get in al-

    most every color. There is also a rainbow

    puffle for members.

    Club Penguin

    By Andrew Jones

    Age: 10

  • Page 8 Page 13

    The Super Issue

    By Claire Ackerman

    Age: 9

    What is this?

    By Matthew Weiner

    Age: 9

    William Penn was an English real estate en-

    trepreneur, philosopher, and the founder of

    the Providence of Pennsylvania. William

    Penn lived from 14 October 1644 – 30 July

    1718. Mr. Penn was born in London, Eng-

    land. He died in Berkshire, England. William

    Penn’s religion was Quakerism (Religious

    Society of Friends). William was married to

    Gulielma Maria Springett and Hannah Mar-

    garet Callowhill. William’s children’s names

    were William Penn Jr., John Penn (“The

    American”), Thomas Penn, Richard Penn,

    Sr., Letitia Penn, Margaret Penn, Dennis

    Penn and Hannah Penn. His parents were

    Admiral Sir William Penn and Margaret Jas-

    per. He was one of the first people to realize

    that democracy and religious freedom is

    good. He was given the land of what now is

    Pennsylvania and Delaware from King

    Charles II because the king needed to satisfy

    the debt he owed to Mr. Penn’s father. The

    city of Philadelphia was planned and devel-

    oped by Mr. Penn.

    First person to guess right

    gets a prize.

    William Penn

    By Jenna Herman

    Age: 11


    By Andrew Levy and

    Trevor Bady

    Age: 8 and 10

    They are animating.

    Some of the movie was

    in the noontime show.

    Yesterday after camp I decided to write an-

    other article. The only problem was I needed

    a topic. My mom decided to stop at Shoe

    Market kids to get my little brothers foot

    measured. On the car ride there I was think-

    ing about what a good topic would be. After

    a while we arrived at the store and I still did-

    n’t have an idea. We got out of the car and

    walked to the sidewalk. My mom held the

    door for me and I walked in. At first I

    thought it was a dream house, shoes, clothes

    and jewelry were surrounding me. Now im-

    agine over 30 of your favorite shoe brands

    stacked neatly in piles on shelves. They sell

    ballet shoes to wedged sneakers. In the right

    corner of the room is a playroom. Are you

    looking for “cool” shoes on sale? Over 100

    pairs of shoes are on sale. If you’re looking

    for them they’re on the right wall. If you

    need help finding anything just ask there

    amazing employees. All three of them run

    the store by themselves. If you need anything

    I can assure you they’ll be there to help. You

    better believe me because it’s true, Shoe Mar-

    ket Kids is the best shoe store ever!

    Shoe Market Kids

    By Abbey Buffington

    Age: 10

    I asked 5 people in a room, and they all

    agreed that blue is up high on the list of

    their favorite colors. But the question is,

    WHY? Some could turn to neurology. Oth-

    er might use philosophy. I, however, like to

    use the basic visual of blue. It is a very

    calming color. Baby’s rooms often are

    painted blue as it is a calming color. There-

    fore, people may enjoy the color blue be-

    cause it calms them. If you feel stressed,

    you should look at the color blue.

    Everyone Loves Blue

    By Sam Vita

    Age: CIT

  • Page 9 Page 12

    By Andreea Robu

    Age: 14

    My Dream Bedroom

    By Olivia Pace

    Age: 8

    “When I first got to DSA, I thought…

    … later, I realized…“

    When I first got to Derby Summer Arts I

    thought a little bit afraid because all that I

    had in my had was: “I`ll stay here 4 weeks

    with new people and I`ll speak another lan-


    Later, I realized that I don`t have any reason

    to be afraid because the counselors are really

    friendly and helpful and all the children are

    very happy and friendly too. I like all the

    classes at Derby Summer Arts because all of

    these are funny and interesting. Now, I am

    really happy to be here because I met a lot of

    people and I made a lot of friends.

    When I first got to derby summer arts I

    thought that this might be good. Then a

    week later, this is becoming to be a good

    start. This is a good camp. Then on the sec-

    ond to last week it was wonderful. I took the

    classes I wanted. My brother wanted to go to

    this camp really badly too.

    By Aizza Chase

    Age: 8

    When I first came to DSA I thought it was

    too tough to handle. My friend Eliza asked

    me if I wanted to join her at DSA. I’m actu-

    ally kind of shy. Most people think I’m a

    chatter box. (Especially my brother and sis-

    ter.) But when it comes to people above 45

    I’m pretty shy. I knew it was going to be fun

    if she thought it was fun. Because she’s awe-

    some! DSA is where I met my friend Betsy. I

    was really awesome at all my periods. Now I

    think this is the best option for camps. It’s a

    pretty good school, even though I don’t go

    here. Have a great summer! Even though it’s

    not over! BYE!

    By Emma Haney

    Age: 8 Alex gave us a boring assignment. We had to

    write about our first day at Derby Summer

    Arts. It was so boring that my brother, Sam-

    my (he’s a dog) howled so much he passed

    out. Well I think I should show you the Arti-

    cle now…

    On my first day at Derby, I was okay, I

    guess. I knew it would be fun.

    WAIT! I forgot what happened on my first

    day at Derby. I can’t remember that my mom

    and grandfather dropped me off and I had a

    blast. I can’t remember anything. I can’t even

    remember breakfast yesterday, too. Sorry!

    “Heh heh!”

    By David Ansaldi

    Age: 8

    My dream bedroom would have a bunk bed

    with a canapé. A brave night light. A chair

    and a TV. A dog bed. It would have a bath-

    room and secret club house attached to it.

    (See picture below)

    Bad Things

    By Jenna Herman

    Age: 11

    There are many things that people consider “bad”. To be bad, may also mean that you are awesome. Another strange thing about being bad is that some good people decide to do bad things. Most good people that decide to bad things do these bad things because something bad happens to them such as a death in the family or a divorce.

    Bad List:

    Power outages

    Bad food

    Bad weather

    Bruins losing the Stanley Cup

    Getting in trouble

    Failing in class

    Warm drink of water on a hot day

    Melted ice cream







    Missing Summer Arts for school

    Tangled hair

    Death Valley


  • Page 10 Page 11

    “After all these years at DSA, I’ve figured out…”

    By Callie Habegger

    Age: 12

    By Kaitlyn Patterson

    Age: 12

    After all these years at Derby Summer Arts, I’ve figured out how lucky I am to be able to come to this superb camp every day until the end of July. When I began coming to camp here in 2006, I was a junior. Now I have been at Derby every summer for seven years, this being my seventh. Throughout my years here, I realized that every camper should stop and thank all the CIT’s, councilors, and staff for what they have done for us each year. They do all they can to have us campers have the time of our lives each and every day. They are always making sure that we are wearing smiles on our faces no matter what the circumstances are. They are obviously succeeding.

    After all these years at DSA, I’ve figured out that being different is okay. No one will laugh at you no matter how weird you are. Even if you mess up you can fix it. If you do something weird people will compliment you not say something mean. Just be yourself. Just be who YOU want to be. You don’t have to do what everybody else does. Every-body has a talent and everybody should use it. And DSA has so many activities where you can express your talents. That is some of what I’ve learned during the past years at Derby.

    By Claire Ackerman

    Age: 9

    After all these years at DSA I figured out that it‘s fun . Also everyone is so nice. You can make new friends. And there are lots of good classes. At the end there is always next year! The food is savory [tasty]. The noon time show is so funny. I love Derby!

    By Olivia Pace

    Age: 8

    After all these years at Derby Summer Arts I have figured out that Summer Arts is a safe community, you can be yourself and never have to worry about anyone making fun of you. Derby Summer Arts has helped me come out of my shell. Up until second grade, my first year at Summer Arts, I was the quiet-est kid in the grade and I never talked. Dur-ing my experience at Derby I have made new friends and had new opportunities that have helped me “come out of my shell”. People also tell me “what happened, you used to be the quietest person ever and now you are one of the most outgoing people I know”. I am glad that my experiences and friends at Sum-mer Arts has helped me come out of my shell, but I am often told that I am too loud and I should go back into my shell of shy-ness. One example is as I am writing this Alex is telling me to “shhhhhh” and not talk.

    By Calli Bianchi

    Age: 12

    After all these years at Derby Summer Arts I figured out how it is important to try new things. Whether it’s a new hobby or a new food, Derby offers a wide variety of ways to discover yourself. Trying out new things is important because to be successful, you have to start somewhere. I’ve also learned that with the many classes at Derby, it is easy to make new friends interested in the same kinds of things. I enjoy coming to camp eve-ry day because of all the friends I’ve made over the past five years. Derby has taught me about being yourself and making new friends because at Derby you are accepted no matter who you are.

    After all these years at derby I’ve figured out that Derby Summer Arts is awesome and always will be. I love that all of the classes are so great. The food is so delicious and all of the staff are extraordinary and the noontime show is so cool and grand every day. That’s what I figured out over all the years!

    By Jamie Chiles

    Age: 9

    After all these years at Derby Summer Arts, I’ve figured out that, at DSA, you have to be yourself because DSA is a very accepting place of all personalities. You also have to try new things and know that even if you do not succeed, no one will make fun of you of laugh at you. People will support you no mat-ter what. I also figured out that DSA has such a wide selection of classes and activities; it makes it so much easier to do something new and do something that you love. This year, I tried three new classes. I am in weath-ervane for the first time, I am in the big mu-sical for the first time, and I am in mini-musical tech for the first time, but I stuck with tap and jazz advanced because it has been my favorite class for a very long time. When I tried new classes, I made new friends because I wasn’t with the same people as the year before. Also, when trying a new class, you can meet a person with similar interests, which makes a better friendship. Those are some things that I have figured out over the five years I have been here.

    By Jenna Herman

    Age: 11

    After all these years at Derby Summer Arts I’ve figured out, that everyone can come to this camp to be at peace and in a happy state of mind. During the wonderful days of Der-by, people are allowed to connect with friends, play many games, create many mas-terpieces and stay happy. When you walk in-to the camp on a bright sunny day, you see smiling faces left and right which makes you feel at home. During the years of Derby, I have made many clay bowls, cups etc. but I am very proud of my first bowl on the wheel that I have created. DSA has gave me a place to be myself without any regrets.

    By Lauren Kearns

    Age: 12