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ERIAFF Conference 11th June 2014 Arja Sarre Project Manager Seinäjoki Region Business Development Centre


ERIAFF Conference 2014 Seinäjoki, Finland Arja Sarre, Project Manager Seinäjoki Region Business Development Centre (SEEK) "Food Province - Building platform for the future innovations in food"

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ERIAFF Conference 11th June 2014

Arja Sarre

Project Manager

Seinäjoki Region Business Development Centre

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Agenda today

• What is the Food World of the Future

• Key activities

• Future is here !

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Food World of the Future

is an internationally known

research and development platform with large networks in the field of

food and food systems

The aim is to contribute to the development of customer-oriented,

profitable and sustainable


that increase people’s wellbeing

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Food World of the Future – an investment in the future food

– Food Province House – a landmark of the

Food Province – 9000m2 office and laboratory facilities

– Pilot factory n. 2500 m2 , pilot production and start up companies

– Future restaurant and shop - a research and development platform for food and food related innovations

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Benchmark: Food Valley, Wageningen, NL ”Restaurant of the Future”

• R&D organisation for innovation in healthy and sustainable food and biobased products

• Working with industry, governmental authorities and other knowledge institutes

• Building on the science of Wageningen University

• Chosen for professionalism, innovative market oriented solutions and high scientific standing

• Applied research lines around food technology, consumer science, food logistics, information management, health and sustainability

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• Traditional research methods (focus groups, on line and telephone research panels) affect on peoples opinions, attitudes and choices

Real life observation and non intrusive methods

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People are observed in their everyday life and environment and their behaviour is studied by combining the traditional and new (observational) research methods

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The Restaurant of the Future

50 cameras in the ceiling

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Cashier data

Card reader identifies the customers

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Areas of consumer research

• Products, packages, concepts, service models, pricing, promotions, presentation

The influence of e.g. enviroment and

information on the behaviour

Buying behaviour

Consumption behaviour

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Future is here !