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Transcript of ARGYLL & BUTE CHP COMMITTEE MEETING - NHS Highland · PDF file 16. Partnership Working...

  • Wednesday 19 December 2012

    Queens Hall, Dunoon

    12.30pm to 1pm Lunch

    1pm - Meeting


    1. Chairman’s Welcome Robin Creelman

    2. Apologies Robin Creelman 3. Conflicts of Interests Robin Creelman 4. Minutes from Previous Meeting 4.1 Minute of Previous Meeting – 31 October 2012 (attached) Robin Creelman 5. Matters Arising 6. NHS Highland Organisational Issues

    6.1 Draft Minute of Highland NHS Board – 4 December 2012 (to be tabled) Robin Creelman 6.2 NHSH Annual Review 2012 – Scottish Government Summary (attached) Derek Leslie

    7. Clinical Governance 7.1 Clinical Governance & Risk Management Report (attached) Pat Tyrrell 7.2 Infection Control Report (attached) Pat Tyrrell


    10.30am - 12.30pm – Committee Members Development Session

    � Charter of Patient Rights & Responsibilities – Jane Davies, NES � Argyll & Bute Adult Protection Committee Biennial R eport April 2012 - March 2012

    - Bill Brackenridge, Chair, A&B APC, Rebecca Barr, Area Manager – Adult Protection, A&B Council

    � Public Health - Director of Public Health Annual Report 201 2 – Elaine Garman, Public Health Specialist, Hugh McLean, Chair, Healthy Options

  • 3.30pm – 4pm - Public Meeting

    8. Financial Governance 8.1 Finance Report (attached) George Morrison 9. Staff Governance

    9.1 Argyll & Bute CHP Partnership Forum – Draft Minutes of 15-11-12 (attached) David Logue/ Dawn Gilles/Liz McMillan

    9.2 PDP/R and eKSF Implementation (attached) David Logue

    10. Director of Public Health Annual Report 2012 (attached) Elaine Garman

    11. Director of Operations Report (verbal) Derek Leslie 12. Review of Management Structure – Cowal & Bute/Helensburgh & Lomond (attached) Viv Smith 13. Renal Dialysis (attached) Stephen Whiston 14. Cowal 24/7 Report (attached) Stephen Whiston 15. Mental Health Modernisation Update (attached) Derek Leslie 16. Partnership Working

    16.1 Argyll & Bute Public Partnership Forum Draft Notes – 27-11-12 (attached) Duncan Martin

    17. Performance Management 17.1 Delayed Discharge (attached) Derek Leslie

    18. Papers for Noting: 18.1 Argyll & Bute CHP eHealth Steering Group Draft Minute – 07-11-12 (attached)

    19. AOCB*

    20. Date, Time & Venue for Next Meeting

    Wednesday 20 February 2013 at 10.30am in Rooms J03- J07, Mid Argyll Community Hospital & Integrated Care Cen tre, Lochgilphead

    * to be notified to Chairman in advance of meeting

    The Committee meeting will be followed by:

  • Argyll & Bute CHP Committee Date of Meeting : 19 December 2012

    Agenda item : 4.1


    Argyll & Bute Community Health Partnership Aros Lochgilphead Argyll PA31 8LB

    Mid Argyll Community Hospital & Integrated Care Centre


    31 October 2012

    Present Mr Robin Creelman, Chairman, Argyll & Bute CHP

    Mr Derek Leslie, Director of Operations, Argyll & Bute CHP Dr Michael Hall, Clinical Director, Argyll & Bute CHP Ms Pat Tyrrell, Lead Nurse, Argyll & Bute CHP Ms Elaine Garman, Public Health Representative, Argyll & Bute CHP Ms Mary Wilson, AHP Representative, Argyll & Bute CHP Mr David Ritchie, Communications Manager, Argyll & Bute CHP Ms Tricia Morrison, CVO Representative, Argyll & Bute CHP Ms Elizabeth Reilly, Area Dental Committee Representative Mr Duncan Martin, Chairman, Public Partnership Forum Mr Michael Roberts, Vice Chair, Public Partnership Forum Ms Glenn Heritage, CVO Representative Ms Liz McMillan, Staffside Representative Councillor Elaine Robertson, Argyll & Bute Council Representative (by VC)

    In Attendance Apologies

    Mr George Morrison, Head of Finance, Argyll & Bute CHP Mr David Logue, Head of HR, Argyll & Bute CHP Mr Stephen Whiston, Head of Planning Contracting & Performance, Argyll & Bute CHP Ms Sara Wedgwood, Chair of Clinical Governance Committee & Spiritual Care Committee, NHS Highland Mr John Dreghorn, Project Director, Mental Health Modernisation - (agenda item 14.1) Mrs Sheena Clark, PA to Director of Operations - Minute Secretary Councillor George Freeman, Argyll & Bute Council Representative Mr Cleland Sneddon, Argyll & Bute Council Representative Ms Dawn Gillies, Staffside Representative Mr Donald Barr, Area Optical Committee Representative Mr Neil Robinson, Area Pharmaceutical Committee Representative Ms Ann Gent, Director of HR, NHS Highland

    1. CHAIRMAN’S WELCOME The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the Mid Argyll Community Hospital & Integrated Care Centre, Lochgilphead. 2. APOLOGIES Apologies for absence were noted as above.

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    3. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST No conflicts of interest were declared. 4. MINUTE FROM PREVIOUS MEETING 4.1 Minute of Meeting held on 29 August 2012 Mr Michael Roberts asked that his apologies be recorded. With the above amendment the Minute of the meeting on 29 August 2012 was accepted as a complete and accurate record of the meeting. The Committee: • Approved the content of the Minute of the meeting on 29 August 2012. 4.2 Minute of Public Session – 29 August 2012 The Minute of the public session on 29 August 2012 was accepted as a complete and accurate record of the meeting. The Committee: • Approved the content of the Minute of the public session on 29 August 2012. 5. MATTERS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 29 August 2012 Page 4 – Helensburgh & Lomond Planning Group Ms Wedgwood requested clarification on the position regarding public engagement with Helensburgh & Lomond patients. Mr Leslie reaffirmed that the public should engage with the CHP through local Public Partnership Fora. There continued to be some challenges in establishing such a forum to cover the Helensburgh and Lomond locality however. Page 4 – Pressure Ulcer Prevention Ms Wedgwood commented on the reference to photographic data. Ms Tyrrell provided assurance that a clear policy is followed when obtaining this photographic evidence, which, Mr Creelman advised, verifies the grading of the ulcer and enables monitoring of healing. Mull PCC Mr Leslie reported on the public meeting in Mull on 16 October, attended by representatives of the CHP, Argyll & Bute Council and West Highland Housing, with an attendance of approximately 100 members of the public. The meeting addressed a number of predetermined questions relating to various areas of public concern, including outreach clinics, physiotherapy, transport, kitchen facilities. The Mull PCC Frequently Asked Questions information sheet will be updated to capture the detail of the questions and responses.

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    Open Days within the new unit have been arranged for 6 and 7 November 2012. A further public session has been arranged on Mull for 4 December 2012, when the model of care for older peoples’ services will be presented again and discussed and the public given the opportunity to seek clarity around all aspects of service provision. Ms Heritage advised that a meeting of the Transport Network Partnership Initiative is scheduled to take place on Saturday 3 November 2012 at the Loch Fyne Hotel, Inveraray, attended by the representatives of the Scottish Ambulance Service, the Red Cross and the Voluntary Sector. Ms Heritage suggested that representatives from the Mull Community Council may wish to link in to this meeting which would provide an opportunity to discuss transport concerns on Mull. Ms Tyrrell stated that she would contact Councillor Mary-Jean Devon to ensure that she was aware of the above event. 6. NHS Highland Organisational Issues 6.1 Meeting of Highland NHS Board Meeting – 2 Octob er 2012 The draft Minute was circulated for information. Mr Creelman highlighted details in the Minute particularly relevant to the CHP. 110 Audit Committee – Mr Creelman requested an update regarding the Service Level Agreement with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. 121 Patients Rights (Scotland) Act 2011 – Mr Creelman advised that the presentation referred to in the Minute was still to be given to the CHP. Jane Davies from NES will be attending the CHP Committee Development Session in December to discuss the work currently being undertaken from the perspective of preparing the NHS Scotland workforce for the Patient Rights Act and the forthcoming Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities. 122 Inequalities Action Plan - Ms Wedgwood reported on the initiatives and targeted work to reduce inequalities in poverty areas. The importance of early interventions is recognised throughout the Board area, i.e. Healthy Living Initiatives. Ms Garman reported that the Director of Public Health's Annual Report details the extensive work of the Keep Well project and on health inequalities within remote and rural settings. The report will be taken to the CHP Committee meeting in December. 123 NHS Highland Enga