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Helpful hints to help your business get the exposure you want.

Transcript of Are You Media Worthy

  • 1. Helpful hints to help you get the exposure you want.
  • 2. Television Radio Newspapers Magazines Online media outlets- i.e. Patch, DailyVoice,, trade sites Blogs
  • 3. Will they find you relevant?Will it help you reach your target market?
  • 4. What are the deadlines of the media outlet?Do you have a direct contact at that company?
  • 5. NewsFeatures
  • 6. News articles are based on events, issues or happenings that tend to be fast paced and time-sensitive.You can be a source or an expert.
  • 7. Tend to be light-heartedFocus on human interestBusiness profiles are common
  • 8. If you are not passionate about it, how are you going to get us interested in it?Persistence overcomes resistance
  • 9. A concise subject line that indicates what the email is about. Put at least a summary of a press release in the body of the email.
  • 10. Keep pre-event press releases toa three paragraph maximum.Include the who, what, where, when and why in the first paragraphGive details in the second paragraphProvide a boiler plate in the third paragraph
  • 11. Post-event press releaseshould a summary as to whathappened.Facts pertaining to the issueQuotesInclude a photo or a video clip
  • 12. Be AccessibleThe Right Place at the Right Time is Key
  • 13. Are you using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.? Are you connected to any journalists/media outlets? Are you keeping track of trends that matter to you?
  • 14. Re-tweet/share postsReply to a post- add to the conversationPost interesting things on your own
  • 15. Reasons why advertising helps:1. You already have a relationship with the company.2. You are showing that you support the outlet.3. You have someone who is on the inside going to bat for you
  • 16. Event calendars Patch & The Daily Voice Columns Letters to the Editor Blog Press Release Services
  • 17.