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INTRODUCTIONThis Capillary Training Guide is part of a training program intended for those who work with our beauty solutions at the purchase points. With this program, we are conveying knowledge in order to create a better performance of the professionals involved, increasing the partnership Client / Embelleze.

HAIR PRODUCTSOur products are developed seeking to serve the most diverse types of hair, bringing beauty solutions that recognize and value Brazilian women. Hair dyeing products Dyes 3 physical types - Cream, liquid, powder Transformation products Relaxing, Straightening and Curling. Products for hair washing and hygiene Shampoos Products that disentangle and condition your hair- Conditioners, lotions Products for Treatment and Nutrition Nourishment Products for finishing and final touch Finishers





Pilousebaceous Unit

Sudoriferous Gland Sudorpara


The hair shaft is made from the inside out by three main parts: Cuticle, Cortex and Marrow.Cuticle Cutcula

Marrow Medula

Crtex Cortex

HAIR CYCLEIts the process that occurs with the hair since its sprouting until its fall. There are 3 specific phases of the Follicular Cycle:Anagenetic Catagenetic Anagentica Catagentica (Growth) (Repose) (Crescimento) (Repouso)3 to 6 anos 3 a 6 years

Telogenetic Telogentica (Loss) (Queda)

33ato 4semanas 4 weeks

3 3 to 4meses a 4 months

LOSS TYPES Temporary Loss Its an abnormal, albeit temporary, loss of hair, caused by stress, medicines, etc. Definitive Loss Its an abnormal and definitive hair loss caused by infections, psoriasis, alopecia, etc. Daily Loss Its a normal hair loss which occurs due to the renovation of the strands through the follicular cycle which is the sprouting of 80 to 100 strands per cm2 and the daily growth of 0,035 cm, the diameter of which varies from 0,03 to 0,15 mm. From 100 to 120 strands of hair can fall in a day.

Hair CurvatureAccording to the opening of the Pilous Follicle, hair can vary according to race: Curvature may indicate whether is straight, curly or crisped.Straight Curly



TREATMENTSThe nutrition and finish of the strands are essential so as to preserve hair health. Hair Health = Natural shine, softness, malleability, resistance and silkiness. Hair suffers daily wear: By the action of external agents (sun, wind, dust, pollution, chlorine in water...). By the action of the transformation agents (straighteners and coloring...). By the action of physical agents (hair dryer, straightener...). See on the pictures below the state in which the strands are according to their condition:

Strand Conditions

Treated hair

Damaged hair

Totally damaged hair

Embelleze has a wide line of products for treatment and maintenance, with high technology nutrition agents which allow to restore damaged strands and preserve hair health.


HYGIENIZING AND TREATMENT EMBELLEZE TREATMENT PRODUCTS - NOVEX PROFESSIONAL FOOD THERAPYOver 40 years, Embelleze has been the precursor in transforming Brazilian women, offering everything that makes women more beautiful, relaxing, hydrating, dyeing, and modifying their hair. No one understands more about Brazilian womens hair than Embelleze. Therefore, who better than Embelleze to develop the right product in order to nourish and bring your hair back to life? PROFESSIONAL FOOD THERAPY Loved by beauty professionals, they work their customers self esteem with Novex, making them feel beautiful, treated, and well cared for. Ready to receive many compliments at parties, on a date, even at home. Real nourishment for your hair. Besides, the product can be used up to 42 times, an excellent yield, and it also maintains a pleasant smell in your hair for a very long time. Its consistency is extraordinary! HAIR FOOD HAIR NOURISHMENT Verb: NOURISH Women who use Novex have nourished, perfumed hair with a special touch, since their hair becomes much softer. Novex is the treatment that brings life for changed, dyed, dry and lifeless hair. It changes womens life by bringing shine and life to their hair, and making them feel beautiful about themselves. All that with an amazing perfume and a velvety touch! Beauty creates life and therefore it has to be always cared for. In order to do so, nothing better than Novex, which brings your hair back to life.


The treatment segment represents 38% of the post-shampoo category in liters and 26% in value. Embelleze treatment represents 70% of the category in liters and 69% in value. Distribution Novex is the fifth ranked company in the market in numeric distribution:


JA07 15 15 9 14 3

JA08 15 15 13 13 6

And the third ranked brand in the market in the weighted distribution:

NIELY SEDA NOVEX KANECHONM SKALAWhy sell Novex? 1. 2. 3. 4. applications.

JA07 61 79 31 53 48

JA08 76 72 54 48 47

Nourishes and Cares. Only Novex offers an ultra-deep hair treatment. Novex is a total success among beauty professionals. Excellent yield, which is important for hairstylists: the 1kg pot yields 42


5. The only treatment conditioner available in the market in 1kg and 400g, in order to meet all the needs of consumers and professionals. 6. Novex is approved by consumers all over Brazil. 7. Product of high versatility: besides treatment, it can also be used as conditioner. 8. We actually have no competitors: we work with dyeing, transformation, and in the end we bring treatment as a solution. 9. All Novex treatment conditioners are enriched with Vitamin E, responsible for avoiding capillary dehydration. 10. Second ranked brand of the market in value and fourth ranked in volume, with 7,1% (Nielsen JA08). 11. Novex is growing more and more: 1,9% of increase in volume share in the last period and 3,6% in the last year (Nielsen JA08). 12. Best categorys cycle. The categorys cycle is 53 days, while Novexs is 30 days (Nielsen JA08). 13. Increase of 248% in units from 2006 to 2008 (Jan-Nov accrued amount). 14. Strong appearance in the media! a. We announce Novex in the following Brazilian magazines: Ana Maria, Tititi, Viva, Minha Novela and Selees.

How to use Novexs treatment creams? The first step to take in a treatment is to evaluate the quality of your hair root (where hair produces all the nutrition for the strands). Secondly, you must check what is the softness of your hair and the reasons that may have led to the damages. Next, you choose which Treatment Cream you will use, following the indication for the hair type contained on the package. In order to do a deep hydration, after washing, apply this cream on slightly dry hair. Massage your hair. Leave on for 25 minutes, if using a laminated hood, or 15 minutes, if using a professional hood dryer. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Use also as a daily conditioner for a continuous treatment.


Which is the price positioning? In liters: Fructis 31.19 Elseve: 37,44 Dove: 31,94 Fructis 31.19

NOVEX: 13,18 Palmolive Nat: 12,94 Seda: 11,87 Categoria: 10,61

Skala: 4,28 Kanechomn: 4,19

How Novex should be displayed at the Point of Purchase?


Protection and Hydration:

GUIDANCE ON HOW TO DISPLAY Never put Novex on the floor, always on the shelves. Place it next to Dove brand products, since Novex has a high added value and may be used as a conditioner. Place the 400g creams next to the popular brands, such as Skala, Kanechomn. Put all the 1kg creams together and then put the 400g conditioners in a row in blocks. In the case of the 1kg and 400g items that we have, follow the same order of the 1kg to 400g creams. In the sequence of treatment creams, also include other products: Combing cream and serum. Place the Protection and Hydration Kit next to Nielys Kit. GUIDANCES ON THE REGISTRATION OF 1Kg and 400g PRODUCTS Introduce 400g Novex besides the 1kg cream where we have competitors with low prices and also in stores of high purchasing power. Gradually introduce Novex 400g and never take out the registry of 1kg Novex.


1kg CreamsCODE Cdigo 2191 1466 2189 1463 1112 3521 3550 3522 3612 3568 3915 3914 4071 3579 3680

Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex Novex

1 KG CREAMS Cremes de 1kg Argila Cr. Trat. 1kg Manteiga de Cacau Cr. Trat. 1kg Manteiga de Karit Cr. Trat. 1kg Mix Restaurador Cr. Trat. 1kg Lanolina Cr. Trat. 1kg Chocolate Cr. Trat. 1kg Ch. Branco Cr. Trat. 1kg Gloss Cr. Trat. 1kg Frutas Vermelhas Cr. Trat 1kg 10 em 1 Cr. Trat. 1kg Azeite de Oliva Cr. Trat. 1kg Repositor de Massa Cr. De Trat. 1kg Beleza Pura 12 em 1 Cr. Trat. 1kg Gold Cr. Trat. 1kg Ch. Gold Cr. Trat. 1kg

DISTRIBUTION FOCUS Foco de distribuio

1. PERFUMERIES 2. Total varejo. 2. WHOLESALER.

1. Perfumarias

BRANDS STRONG POINTS Pontos fortes da marca * Alimento para cabelo. * Marca reconhecida *NOURISHMENT FOR HAIR. *BRAND por sua qualidadeFOR ITS profissionais de beleza ACKNOWLEDGED entre QUALITY AMONG eBEAUTY PROFESSIONALS AND CONSUMERS. consumidores* Diversificao - tratamentos *DIVERSIFICATION TREATMENTS WITH com concentrao SEVERAL ACTIVES AND com CONCENTRATION OF de diversos ativos e WITH SPECIAL ACTIVES. WOMENque usa Novex ativos especiais. A mulher THAT USE NOVEX HAVE PERFUMED HAIR, WITH A SPECIAL possui cabelos cheirosos e com um toque TOUCH, BECAUSE THEIR HAIR BECOMES EVEN especial, pois seus cabelos ficamBLOW mais MORE SOFT. USED WITH OR WITHOUT muito DRYERER. IT MAY BE ou sem CONDITIONER. macios. Usado com USED AS Aescova. Pode ser usado como condicionador. PontosKG creams strong points 1 fo