Apartment Bedroom Decorating: 6 Ideas

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Living in a small space is tough, especially when your decorating options are limited by rental rules and landlord laws. Let these ideas inspire you to make the home (and space) you want.

Transcript of Apartment Bedroom Decorating: 6 Ideas

  • 6IDEAS

    Evaluate Your Space

    Colors for Small


    Double Duty for Small


    Choosing Furniture for a

    Small Bedroom

    Texture Light

    Decorating a Small Bedroom

    In a small bedroom, you might

    need to be especially creative

    when arranging furniture. In

    this bedroom, placing the bed in

    front of windows makes it easier

    to maneuver around the space.

    Ocher pattern on the pillows

    reads as a color but is simply a

    more saturated version of the

    creamy linens on the bed and

    the wood tones used elsewhere in

    the room.

    The nightstand in this bedroom

    is a DIY nesting table: a

    smaller cube slips under the taller

    table and can be pulled out for

    an extra tabletop surface as


    Take advantage of vertical space

    with tall pieces of furniture. Consider

    using two tall, slender cabinets and

    placing a bench or dressing table between

    the two. You can get the same amount

    of storage without the visual bulk of a

    large armoire.

    large armoire.

    The beaded light fixture in the bedroom

    shown above serves as a visual

    representation of texture, while the linens

    are a smooth respite.

    Determine where you want to place

    color, texture, and other decorative

    elements. Using lighter colors on the

    wall will make the room feel lighter.