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INSTANT NOODLESDried or precooked noodles fused with oil and often sold with a packet of flavoring. Dried noodles are usually eaten after being cooked or soaked in boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes while precooked noodles can be reheated or eaten straight from the packet. Instant noodles appear to have originated in Japan in the 1950s and, today, are produced in over 80 countries worldwide.

In 2001, over 1 million MT of instant noodles were produced in China, about 700,000 MT in both Japan and Indonesia,270,000 MT in South Korea, 200,000 MT in Vietnam, 80,000 MT in Thailand, 50,000MT in Taiwan, and 40,000 MT in the Philippines Convenience and affordability are important factors contributing to its increasing popularity Instant noodles are commercially available in two packaged forms - in a cup with the seasoning sprinkled over the noodles or in a packet with the seasoning provided in a sachet inside the pouch

INSTANT NOODLES MARKET IN INDIAThe instant noodles market in India is valued around 1300 crore. The category is growing 20% annually Noodles are a commodity which is consumed by everyone, right from kids and teenagers to retirees. In fact, India consumes a little less than 90,000 tones of noodles every year. The market has some aggressive competitors, namely Nestl, Hindustan Unilever and GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. They operate under the brand names of Maggi, Knorr Soupy Noodles and Foodles, respectively.

Maggi is the market leader with a share of over 70% The large size of the category and its growth rate presents an attractive opportunity for brands. "Category penetration of 40%+ indicates noodles widespread acceptance as a regular grocery item for many Indians Noodles have become accepted by Indians it can be seen in its various avatars as street food and food you serve to guests, give your children to take to school etc."

SOME OF THE MAJOR COMPANIES PRODUCING NOODLES IN INDIA: Nestle (Maggi)Nissin (Top Ramen) Capital Foods Ltd (Chings Secret) Future Group (Tasty Treat) Aditya Birla Retail (Feasters) GlaxoSmithKline (Horlicks Foodles) Hindustan Unilever (Knorr) ITC (Sunfeast)

TRENDS IN FOOD INDUSTRYThe demand for convenience food was increasing in India in early 2000s. Survey revealed that the market for branded food products was growing at a healthy rate of around 15* in early 2000s. Changing lifestyles & eating habits of Indian consumers & increasing purchasing power of growing middle income group were thought to be reasons behind the growth. Young generation increasingly associates noodles with home cooking & doesn't see it as foreign food.

Noodles manufacturers offer readymade indian flavours to encourage this notion. In a time-conscious, instant results-craving world, consumers choose convenience even if it means compromising a little on nutrition sometimes. Noodles are a commodity which is consumed by everyone, right from kids & teenagers to retirees.

PRODUCT ATTRIBUTESA product, service, or brand can have many attributes including cost, value for money, prestige, taste, usability, liking ("affect") and a wide range of image or personality attributes. Product ready to cook meal, variants for different segments Price- on the basis of different packaging range start from 10 rs Tasteful & wide range of flavours Brand image easy to prepare snacks. Liked by everyone. Maggi has pioneering advantage.

STPDSegmentation: age, lifestyle, eating habits of urban families Targeting: kids, youth, office goers, working women. Positioning: easy to cook snacks. Differentiation: taste, flavors, packaging.

MAGGI 2-MINUTE Noodles is one of the largest & most loved snack food brands that defines the Instant Noodles category in India. Nestle introduced maggi brand in India in 1982. Being the first mover, NIL successfully managed to retain its leadership in instant noodles category. Recently launched two new flavors in the short space of two months Thrillin Curry & Tricky Tomato Noodles. Blending Emotions with ingredients , the two new flavors deliver strongly on Taste Bhi Health Bhi. It is now available in 5 delectable flavors: Masala, Chicken, Tricky Tomato, Thrillin Curry and Romantic Capsica.

brands appropriate realization of target segment, effective positioning and effective promotion and sales made Maggi the most-loved noodle brand in India. Maggis share of instant noodles, on an all-India basis, across urban markets, has slipped consistently between December 09 (90.7%) and July 10 (86.5%) Each Pack of MAGGI Noodles also provide Protein & Calcium which are essential nutrients for you at all stages of life. 90g of MAGGI Noodles meets 20% RDA* of Protein for children (14% for adults) and 23% RDA* of Calcium for both children and adults.


Maggi Noodles came with a tantalizing promise -- ready to eat in just two minutes. The combination of convenience and taste proved to be potent. What Xerox is to photocopier and Colgate to toothpaste, Maggi is to noodles in India. -The Economic Times, a prominent newspaper in India, in 2003. "Maggi has managed to enter Indian homes to change the traditional food habits of Indian children on their promise of convenience. This brand has understood the psychology of Indian mothers and positioned itself for mother-child indulgence."3 - Business Week, a prominent business magazine, in 2006

Top Ramen is the SECOND LARGEST NOODLES brand in India trying hard for the past 18 years to beat Maggi Noodles. Top Ramen is a global brand from Nissin. Launched in 1991, Top Ramen has been trying all possible marketing tool to dethrone Maggi. The versatility of Top Ramen makes it a true family favorite. It's a soup, it's ramen noodles, and it's the best value you'll ever find in the grocery store. With so many ways to enjoy Top Ramen, it's one meal that always stirs the appetite.

Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Healthcare, a Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company has entered the market with the product named as Foodles under its already popular brand name Horlicks which acts as an endorsing brand for the product Foodles. Launched in dec 2009 Foodles is positioned as a healthy noodles. The brand has launched two variants of noodles. - Regular and Multi-grain. The main USP of Foodles is the " Health Maker" sachet which comes along with the noodles pack. The health maker sachet contains the essentials of 5 vitamins.

This is one brand extension Has taken away share from Maggi mainly in the South and East riding on the equity of Horlicks and its well-entrenched distribution in the regions. In order to breach the numero Uno position of the Maggis stronghold in the market of usual processed flour noodles; Horlicks Foodles seems to have, rightly, attempted to grab a share of this larger pie by sticking to its ever-green mantra of providing ~HEALTH AND NUTRITIOUS food products. Target to capture 10% of the estimated Rs1,300-crore organized noodles market within a year.

In September 2010 , the brand launched its noodles brand extension- Sunfeast Yippee In the branding of noodles, Sunfeast has adopted an endorsing structure where Sunfeast brand will endorse the Noodle brand "Yippee " . The look of the brand says that it is going to be positioned as a happy, vibrant, fun loving brand.

Knorr Soupy Noodles, for the first time in India brings together the fun of noodles with the health and goodness of soups. It is loved by the kids and provides mothers a tasty healthy afternoon snacking option for their children. It comes with 100% real vegetables and carries the ~HEALTHY CHOICE' STAMP. It is currently available in three variants: Mast Masala, Tomato Chatpata and Chinese chow. idea is to promote the product as a fun-filled, healthy snack."

All Knorr products are healthy, completely preservative free and low on sodium and cholesterol content.

INGREDIENTS OF THE PACKNOODLES: Atta, wheat floor, refined vegetable oil, saltand guar gum.

MASALA MAKER: Sugar, noodle power mixed spices,hydrolyzed groundnut protein ,onion powder,colour,salt,refined vegetableoil,garlic powder,dehydrated vegetables(carrot,toasted onion,peas,coriander leaves)Flavour enhancer. Permitted color. To be used before nine months.



TOP RAMEN 4-5 Less liked




Variants/ flavors Taste Brand image

More than 15 Indian & more liked Strong

2 liked growing

Positioning Taste bhi health bhi


Noodles w/o NO= foodles

Fun noodles & healthy soup X

Happy, vibrant &fun loving brand X low Very low

Healthy Advertisem Heavy ents advtg Brand recall highest

X Not much high Heavy advtg moderate

low low


Top ramen 3rd 2nd largest


Knorr soupy noodles 4th Low mrkt share than others low

Sunfeast yippee 5th Just entered

Customer prefrence Market leader & share Brand awareness

1st prefernce Leader with more than 80% share Very high

2nd 3-4%



Very low

CONCLUSIONMaggi is a synonym for noodles & has first mover advantage & highest market share. Brand awareness & recall is exceptionally high for maggi & consumer prefer maggi over other brand. Maggi has undergone brand extension & enjoyed the brand image & brand equity of maggi for their extensions. It has modified its flavors & ingredients according to competitors & need of customers.

Brand identity of maggi: Attitude- mothers & children have very strong positive brand association with maggi & they find it fulfilling to satisfy hunger. Attributes- easy to cook, tasty & healthy. Personality- fast & satisfactory Sources of brand equity of maggi are brand awareness, brand image, brand association & brand recall.