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  • 1. Ansel Adams 1902-1984 Working with Nature In Black and White

2. Adams was born in San Francisco.Through playing in the sand dunes of the Golden Gate, he learned of his appreciation for nature. In addition to the preservation of nature, his photos demonstrate a strong understanding of the art elements and how they relate to one another. 3. Shape. 4. These sand dunes are so simplified into basic shapes, it seems that this isnt a photograph at all, but rather an abstracted painting. 5. 6. Line. 7. What other elements beyond line are demonstrated in this photograph? 8. Does this photo follow the composition rules? 9. Texture This photograph is a good example of filling the frame 10. 11. 12. Value and FormAs a general rule, you cant have form without value. What other elements are in this photo? 13. The value contrast makes this photo interesting.What else strikes your eye? 14. 15. Space 16. Remember, space is not opennessSpace is depth; foreground, middle ground, and background. 17. 18. 19. Your Assignment:

  • Pick an element randomly.That element will be your focus element.
  • Capture at least 14 photographs that demonstrate your element.
  • Edit your photographs, as needed.
  • Print 6-8 photographs and arrange them on paper or poster board in an interesting way.

20. Things to remember

  • It is nearly impossible to isolate one element and still have a successful photograph.Usually one element depends on another.
  • Remember composition rules, filling the frame, balance, positive and negative shapes.
  • Be as creative as possible.Finding a standard solution will not give you an A.I want you to strive to think outside the box.