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    06/04BedienungsanleitungInstruction Leaflet

    Jagd Repetierer der Serie1400/1500Hunting repeaters of the series1400/1500

    Bitte sorgfCiltig lesen, bevor Siedieses Gewehr zusammenbauenoder benutzen.Please read carefully before youassemble or operate this rifle. DIE M E IS T E R M A C H E R

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    I n d e xDefinitions. . p.03Preface . p.19Safety instructions . p.19General handling of rifles and pistols. . p.20Ear and eye pro tection. . p.22Lows . p.22product related safety instructions. . p.22Liability . p.23Technical data . p.23Before first shooting . p.24Cocking, loading and safety operation. .. p.24Unloading. . p.25Magazine. . p.25Bolt . p.25Trigger . p.25Two and single stage triggers. .. p.26Double set hunting trigger.. . p.28Trigger chart. . p.30Sight set p.31Cleaning, care , maintenance, lubrication.. p .31Accessories. . p.32Warranty... . p.32Copyright . p.32Warranty cord. . p.33


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    Begriffsbestimmungen / Definitions2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    16 15 11 13 12 11 10 91 Schaftbacke2 Kammergriff3 Sicherung4 Schloss5 Verschlusshulse6 Patronenauswurfbereich7 Visierung8 Lauf9 Mundung10 Riemenbugel11 Fischhaut12 Magazin13 Abzugsbugel14 Abzug15 Schaft16 Schaftkappe

    1 Cheek piece2 Bolt handle3 Safety4 Bolt5 Acti on6 Ejection area7 S ight set8 Barrel9 Muzzle10 Sling swivel11 Checkering12 Magazine13 Trigger guard14 Trigger15 Stock16 Butt p late


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    P r e f a c eDear Friends of ANSCHUTZ,You have made a good choice, now thatyou have decided to buy an ANSCHUTZproduct. The many great results obtainedwith ANSCHUTZ rifles by shooters,participants in th e O lymp ic Games as wellas in W orld and European championshipsthroughout the world made your choiceeasy, as your rifle has benefited from ourgreat experience of m aking fin e sportingand target rifles since 1856. World-wide,ANSCHUTZ rifles are respected becauseof their fine accuracy , im peccable designand immaculate workmanship. Should youstill be unaw are, they include:The famous ANSCHUTZ small bore targetrifles, target air rifles and target air pistols,small b ore biath lon rifles, hunting rifles andshotguns in diverse calibers, small bo re sin-gle loaders and repeaters, Flobert rifles,silhouette pistols, silhouette rifles andVarmint r if les.

    Safety in stru ction s

    .& .Attention:Please read carefully the follow ing articlesbefore using this rifle. It is extremelyimportant that you become thoroughlyfamiliar with this rifle and its operatingcharacteristics by carefully reading andundersta nd ing th e in stru ctio ns in th is bookletbefore you attempt any use of it w ithammunition. A lways remember thesequence of disassembly. Should you stillhave problems with the safe usage and

    correct handling of your rifle or should youhave additional questions, please do nothesitate to contact a competent gunsmithor dealer or our factory directly. Thisinstruction leaflet is extraordinarilyimportant. Make sure that it is always withthe rifle especially when it is sold, lent orotherwise given to a third person.Only use a s fo llow s:ANSCH UTZ manufactures precisionproducts which, depending on the modeltype, are exclusively meant for civiliantarget shooting and hunting.Combat and defense shooting andcompetitions in which the shooter moveswhile shooting, must not be shot w ithANSCHUTZ rifles and pistols. It isespecially not allowed to aim and shoot atpeople. The rifle, pistol or the stock mustnot be used to beat somebody. Please alsosee the chapter "The Ten Commandmen tsof Firearms Safety" as well as the chapter"G eneral handling of rifles and pistols".Additional copies of this booklet can beordered.ThisANSCHUTZ firearm has been carefullytest fired and inspected before shipmentfrom the factory. The mechanism of thisfirearm has been properly designed, testedand fitted w ith the utmost attention to safety.However, any mechanical device can failand no such device can prevent accidentscaused by carelessness or thoughtlesshandling. ANSCHUTZ cannot control thehandling of each firearm once they haveleft the factory. Please take the time toinspect the firearm carefully before use.


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    = Warning:This rifle can be dangerous if it is not usedcorrectly or if this instruction leaflet is notobserved. The privilege of ownership andsafe use of your rifle carries a personalresponsibility that no one should take lightly.R ifle accidents would not occur if thefollowing rules of shooting safety wereobserved.The Ten Commandm ents of FirearmsSafety.Learn the mechanical and handling

    characteristics of the firearm you areusing..Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safedirection..Pistols should be unloaded when notin use..Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructionsbefore using..Be sure of your target before you shoot..Wear shooting glasses and ear protectionwhen you shoot..Never climb a tree or fence with a loadedfirearm..Don't shoot at a hard surface or atwater..Never transport a loaded firearm ..Avoid alcoholic beverages or drugs anddon't smoke when shooting or handlinga gun or a pistol.


    Please note:There is no substitute for personalresponsibility and common sense in thehandling, use and storage of pistols.Securely store your unloaded guns awayfrom access by children or unauthorizedadults.

    G e n e r a l h a n d l in g o f r i f l e s a n dp i s t o l sAlthough it can be assumed that shootersare familiar with the follow ing rules wewould like to emphasize them once againfor reasons of safety. A ll pistols arehazardous objects. Extraordinary care hasto be dedicated to their use and storage.1. T reat every rifle as though itwas loaded.Do not take anyone's word or automaticallyassume it is not loaded. Check your riflepersonally each time you handle it. The safeand courteous way to carry a rifle whenyou are with others is to leave the bolt openso that they can easily see that the riflecannot be fired. Make sure that the rifle isnot loaded when you stop shooting. Makesure your rifle is unloaded before everytransport. Never pick up your rifle with yourfinger on the trigger or the trigger guard.2. Whenever you pick up your rifle, pointthe muzzle at the ground. Always point themuzzle of the barrel in a safe direction.Never pull a rifle towards you by the muzzle.

    3. Only use your rifle in approved shootingranges. Shoot your rifle only under goodvisibility and daylight conditions. If you use

  • 8/14/2019 Anschutz 1400


    your rifle in an indoors range, make sure itis adequately ventilated. Make sure thatthere is a safe bullet trap which can be seenfrom all sides and that there is no one inthe vicinity of your target. Be absolutely sureof a safe backstop and target. Never fireat a hard, smooth surface or water. Nevershoot at a skyline target or into the air. Donot shoot at anything from which a bulletm ight ricochet. Never fire your rifle with themuzzle in the water or against any othermaterial to avoid an accident or damageof your rifle.

    4. Be sure that you use the correct am-munition. The correct caliber can be seenon your rifle. Load your rifle only when youare at the range and ready to shoot. Useonly genuine ANSCHUTZ magazines. Donot exceed the stated magazine capacity.Alterations to the rifle or the use of non-ANSCHUTZ magazines and accessoriesm ay cause m alfunctions.5. Always keep your rifle clean. Be surethe bore is not obstructed by dirt, water,grease or any other foreign materials.Never try to shoot out any obstruction. If ashot has not been released when the triggerhas been pulled, direct the barrel in a safedirection, activate the safety, open theaction and carefully remove the bullet.6. Serious injury and damage can resultfrom the use of the wrong ammunition,bore obstructions, or incorrect cartridgecomponents.

    7. Place the safety fully into "S " or "F "position - never inbetween. Always keepsafety in full "safe" position until ready to

    fire. Do not put your finger on the triggerwhen operating the safety orwheneveryouare not ready to shoot.8. When not in use your rifle should bestored in a locked and secure placeaccessible only to you. Check first to makesure it is unloaded. Store the rifle withuncocked trigger. Store ammunition in aseparate and secure place. It is your specialresponsibility to make sure that at all timesand especially when you are not presentyour rifle is well secured, out of any reachof children and other unauthorized personsand in no way accessible to them. For thesafe storage of your rifle even in a lockedcabinet or safe the use of an additionaltrigger lock is recommended. Even if youuse such a device, your rifle always mustbe unloaded when not being used.Only give your rifle to authorized persons.Never let your rifle be used by anyone whois not fam iliar w ith the safe handling of arifle and these instructions. This rifle mustonly be used by a responsible adult orunder his or her supervision.9. Watch for any change in the operationof your rifle which m ight impair its sa fety.Thesafety is only guaranteed as long as thefirearm is in faultless condition. If yoususpect or note a defect or malfunction, stopusing it immediately, unload the rifle, makesure that it is not under pressure and send itto a competent gunsm ith, the factory or itsrecommended repair station for inspection.Note: Apart from normal cleaning the riflemust only be disassembled by anauthorized gunsm ith.Please note that yourfirearm must also be checked by anauthorized gunsm ith when it has been

    2 1

  • 8/14/2019 Anschutz 1400


    impaired by external conditions such ascorrosion etc. or when it dropped. Whenyou assemble or disassemble your firearm ,never try to do it by force. Unqualifiedhandling or disassembly can cause injuriesor irreparable damage of the rifle.10. Your rifle should always be handledwith extreme care. Make sure that it is neverdropped or placed in such a way that itcan fall. For transport purposes your rifleshould be dry and clean. We recommendan approved protective gun case.

    11. You must be in good physical conditionand m ental health and not under the influenceof any substance (drugs, alcohol) which m ightimpair vision, dexterity or judgement. Do notuse your rifle when you are tired. Tirednessmay result in a loss of control.12. C lean your hands carefully aftershooting and cleaning your ANSCHUTZproduct. Residues of bullets, powder or oilm ight impair the health of your skin.

    13. Your ANSCHUTZ rifle has beencarefully built and inspected by skilledtechnicians to provide m axim um efficiency.The service life depends on the owner'scare and on cleaning following thisin stru ction leafle t.

    Ear and eye protectionYou should always use approved hearingprotection and approved shatterproof eyeprotection while shooting. Please rem em berpersons near you to also wear hearingprotection and approved shatterproof eyeprotection.22

    LawsPlease observe the correspondingregulations and laws for the use of pistolsin your country. P lease also observe thecorresponding safety rules of sportsshooting.

    Product related safetyinstructionsImportant note for the handling ofrifles:1. Unload your rifle immediately if you donot intend to continue shooting. Remove thebolt or leave it open at least. In the case ofa repeater remove the magazine as well.Make sure there is no cartridge left in thechamber.

    2. Make sure there is nobody in the areaof case ejection.3. If you store the rifle remove the bolt andstore the bolt uncocked in a separate place.

    Important note for the handling ofammunition:1. Exclusively use clean, factory loaded andnew ammunition in the caliber approvedfor your rifle and which corresponds to theregulations of C.I.P. and SMMI.2. Be aware that the range of a bulletstarting from cal. .17 HM2 or cal. .22 I.r.m ight be 1.6 km or even longer. Thereforealso be sure of the safety of the impact area.

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    1416Caliber: .22I.r.Barrel length: 58 cm / 23"Total length: 105 cm/ 41"Weight app rox.: 2.5 kg /5.5 IbsMagazine: 5-shot1417Caliber: .22I.r.Barrel length: 35 cm / 14"Total length: 83 cm /32.5"We ight app rox.: 2.4 kg /5.2 IbsMagazine: 5-shot1502Caliber: .17HM2Barrel length: 58 cm / 23"Total length: 105 cm / 41"Weight app rox.: 2.7 kg / 6.0 IbsMagazine: 5-shot1516Caliber: .22 W in. Mag. R.F.Barrel length: 58 cm / 23"Total length: 105 cm /41 "We ight app rox.: 2.5 kg /5.5 IbsMagazine: 4-shot1517Caliber: .17HMRBarrel length: 58 cm / 23"Total length: 105 cm/ 41"Weight app rox.: 2.5 kg /5.5 IbsMagazine: 4-shot

    L i a b i l i t y1. ANSCHUTZ does not assume anyresponsibility or payment of damage claimsfor damages of any kind resulting from thed isre ga rd o f th ese in stru ctio ns, n on -q ua lifie dtreatment or repair, the use of non-originalANSCHUTZ spare parts, incorrect handlingor care, negligence, removal of the knotvarnish or unauthorized m odifications.2. The wood of the stock or grip as well asthe PRO grip equipment have been verycarefully checked by factory inspectorspriorto shipment and has been determinedto be free of defects. Certain kinds of abuse,such as a dropping or falling down cancause damage to the wood for which theowner is solely responsible. We alsoassum e no responsibility for defects resultingfrom inappropriate transportation (mail,plane, etc.). Please immediately contactyour forwarder in such a case.3. Changes, alterations or manipulations tothis product or any of its parts are prohibitedand might infringe pistols regulations. Suchchanges or alterations can significantlyimpair the safe use of our product and canlead to accidents involving severe or evenfatal bodily injuries. Any product warrantywill automatically lapse in case changes oralterations are implemented. Users arerequested to carefully inspect the productwith regard to possible changes andalterations before use. In case of doubt youshould contact us for further information.

    H u n t i n g Repeaters of theSeries 1400 and 1500(Match 64)Techn ical data :Please find the model type on the barreland the serial number on the receiver.

    Heavy Barrel rifles are approx. 0.2 kg /0.5 Ibs heavier.23

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    Before f i r s t s h o o tin g.Wipe away excess oil from the surfaceof the barreled action and the rifle..Pull a cleaning patch through the barrelfrom the chamber towards the muzzleseveral tim es.

    C o c k in g , lo a d in g a n d s a f e t yoperation.Degrease the bolt and the interior of the

    barrel w ithout leaving lint..Open the reinserted bolt and pull it backto the stop..Now push the bolt forward to close thebreech. A cartridge from the magazineis fed into the chamber of the barrel. Nowpush the bolt handle completely down-wards. The bolt is now cocked, the rifle isready for shooting.

    .After firing, lift the bolt handle and pullthe bolt fully to the rear. This will cockthe bolt again and eject the empty case.The lateral safety can be operated incocked condition.The rifle is

    .safe when the red dot on the receiver iscovered (fig. 1).

    .ready for shooting when the red dot onthe receiver is visible (fig. 2).

    Please note:The safety lever must latch properly in oneof the two positions. The lever must neverbe situated between the two. When thesafety wing is actuated, the trigger must notbe touched. The trigger must not bereleased either when the safety wing is inthe "safe" position.

    Safety:The safety at the receiver locks the trigger.W ith regard to safety aspects the safetyadvertently is hard to move. Nevertheless,the bolt can be opened also in the "safe"position, for example to remove a cartridgefrom the case.You can only operate the safety lever whenthe bolt is cocked.

    f i g . !


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    UnloadingFor safety reasons the rifle m ust immediatelybe unloaded if you intend to stop shooting.Remove the magazine and open the bolt.This will eject the cartridge. P lease also seesafety instructions for the handling of riflesand fire arms.

    Magazine.Remove the magazine from the magazinewell..Push the cartridges with the head first intoth e magazin e..Push the magazine into the magazine welluntil you hear that the magazine holderhas caught the magazine..Now open the bolt completely, push itforward and lock it. Thus the first cartridgeof the magazine is fed into the barrel, thefiring pin is cocked. The rifle is now readyfo r shooting.

    B o l tThe ANSCHUTZ b o l tThe ANSCHUTZ bolt is designed to be ex-tra strong and reliable and is manufacturedto the closest tolerances. Bolt and came arelapped to assure very smooth operation.To disassemble t h e bolt.Disengage the trigger by pulling the safety


    .Pull the trigger guard and sim ultaneouslypress the left lever (for right handve rsio ns ) fo rw ard .

    .Let the trigger guard go and remove thebolt over the released lock.

    T o r e - < : ls s e m b le t h e boltFollow the disassembly procedure inreverse order. Make sure when inserting thebolt that the pin on the bolt head is in linewith the groove of the chamber.

    TriggerThe trigger has been pre-set by the factoryin an optimum way and guarantees utmostsafety.

    G Warning:Your ANSCHUTZ trigger offers you avariety of individual adjustm ent possibilities.Please note that your rifle always must beunloaded when any adjustment is carriedout.Please see the adjusting range for thereferring model from the trigger chart. Itm ight be necessary to remove the stock fromthe barreled action for adjustments at thetrigger.Trigger adjustments must only be carriedout by an authorized gunsm ith.Modifications at factory-set triggers m ightcause severe injuries or death.Please also see the chapter "General Hand-ling of R ifles and firearms".


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    T w o a n d s in g le s t a g e t r ig g e r s


    1. Trigger weightAdjust the trigger weight w ith set screwNo.2:

    .if you turn it to the right (clockwise):trigger weight is increased (+).if you turn it to the left (counter-clockw ise):trigger weight is decreased (-)

    Trigger weight and first stage weightdepend on each other with regard to themechanic mechanism. If one of them ischanged there will always be a corres-ponding change of the other as well.2. Sear engagementThe sear engagement is the distance bet-ween the second stage and the release ofthe trigge r.Important note:To protect your precise trigger and to26

    guarantee perfect operation you shouldalways close the action carefully. If the searengagement of single stage triggers is too smalland the trigger weight is too low or if the firststage of two-stage triggers is too short, thetrigger m ight release inadvertently by a suddenimpact or too powerful closing of the action ifthe gun is loaded and notin the "safe" position.Adjustment of the sear engagement forassembled two-stage triggers with setscrew No.1:.if you turn it to the left (counter-clockw ise):

    sear engagement is shortened.if you turn it to the right (clockwise):sear engagement is extendedAdjustm ent of an optim um sear engagem ent:Make sure your rifle is not loaded. Cockyour rifle and release the trigger. Check ifthe trigger releases as desired.The sear engagement is too long:There is a small distance between thesecond stage and the release of the trigger.

    'Turn set screw No.1 counter-clockw iseafter cocking and releasing (approxi-mately l/B turn each)..Repeat this process until you do not feelthe second stage anymore. Then turn1/4 turn back to the right. Thus theoptimum sear engagement is adjusted.

    The sear engagement is too short:There is no second stage. The triggerreleases un-defined w ithout second stage.

    .Turn set screw No.1 clockwise for at least1/4 turn after cocking. Then release thetrigger and check if there is a second

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    stage. If not, repeat this procedure untilyou feel a second stage..As soon as you feel a second stageproceed according to the points of theparagraph "The sear engagement is toolong" to obtain an optimum sear engage-ment.

    Adjustment of the optimum searengagement for assembled single stagetriggers with set screw No.1:.Cock the rifle..Turn set screw No.1 (first stage) as long

    to the right until the trigger releases..Turn set screw No.1 from this positionapprox. 1/4 turn to the left.G Warning:Single stage triggers are very sensitive andmust be operated w ith special care.The sear engagement of 5/100 mm is ob-tained after the action is closed. Incombination with a m inimum trigger weightthere m ight be a malfunction and anincreased risk (independent shotrelease).

    3. Malfunctions of the trigger due towrong adjustment procedureIf the trigger is not adjusted correctly mal-functions may occur, tampering w ith thetrigger adjustments will not result in anysuccess. Therefore proceed as follows:After every change the function of thetrigger must be checked. When themalfunction is removed check the desiredtrigger values and adjust them again ifnecessary.

    The trigger catches the cocking piston orfiring pin, but the trigger does not release:.Make sure that the safety of the trigger is

    released.The trigger does not catch the cockingpiston or firing pin:.The first stage trigger is adjusted too

    tightly..Turn set screw No.1 approx. 1-2 turns tothe left. Procede according to par. 2.

    4. S afetyThere is a safety lever at the right side ofthe trigger. Please see chapter "Cocking,loading and safety operation".5 . Ma in tenancePlease see chapter "Cleaning, mainte-nance, care, oils".


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    D o u b le s e t h u n t in g t r ig g e r

    T n e m o d e ls o f th eseries 1400 ST and 1500 STare equipped with a double set huntingtrigger. The purpose of this trigger is to firethe shot with a m inimum of trigger pressure(hair trigger). The double set trigger isoperated as follows:.Pull the rear trigger towards you until it

    engages with on audible click. The triggeris now cocked. CAUTION: If the releasepressure of the double-set trigger is ad-justed too low, the shot could go off byvibration. The release pressure is adjustedwith the set screw (see picture). Turncounter-clockwise for higher pressure,clockw ise for lower pressure. The doubleset trigger must only be adjusted by onauthorized gunsm ith..Once the trigger has been cocked theround can be fired by merely touchingthe front trigger (first trigger). Do nottouchthis trigger unless you really do wish to fire.

    ~ Attention:Do not shake the rifle or expose it tovibrations once the trigger has beencocked. Stay at the place you wish to firefrom because otherwise the round could befired inadvertently. If y ou do not fire, uncockthe trigger immediately. Never walk about


    with the trigger cocked. Before you loadthe rifle check that the trigger really d o e soperate properly.You should be able to fire a round in thesefollowing three ways:.Pull the front trigger until the rifle fires..Push the rear trigger forwards towards the

    muzzle until the rifle fires..Normal way as described before underthe description of the operation of thedouble set trigger.

    Unclocking the double-settrigger whenthe rifle is loaded:Extreme care must be exercised onuncocking the double-set trigger..Set the safety by pressing down the w ing

    of the w ing safety being located at theend of the bolt..Press it down until it comes to a stop. Thegraduated line must be straight in line with"S " (safe). Hold the rifle in such a positionthat no damage or injury is caused if around is fired inadvertently..Undock the double-set trigger by pullingthe front trigger.

    There is a further, silent m ethod of uncockingthe double-set trigger. Here, too, the safetylever must be set to prevent the rifle fromfiring..Pull the rear (second) trigger towards you

    with your m iddle finger to the stop andkeep the trigger in this position..Now pull the front (first) trigger towardsyou with your index finger to the stop and

  • 8/14/2019 Anschutz 1400


    h o l d itthere until you have slowly releasedthe rear trigger and it has returned to itsnormal position..Afterwards slowly release the front triggerin the same manner.

    Note:In both cases the bolt remains cocked. Thetrigger can be cocked again if desired.

    ~ Attention:Exercise the greatest care when perform ingthe foregoing actions. Practise several tim eswith an unloaded rifle until you havethoroughly mastered the procedure andalways ensure that the rifle is pointed in asafe direction at any time.After firing, the empty case is ejected byopening the bolt. A new cartridge is loadedinto the chamber by closing the bolt. Yourrifle is now ready to fire the next round.


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    .. .. cGI GI 0 CCD CD -; ; 0CD CD .. -V i.. -.5 GI -.5 ~..GI~.J:I GI CD i .e "'tl WIE CD .e UI "'tI C "'tl 1i:J .e li t .. GI ! 0 C "'tIC 1i lit ~& Ji tit ..c 0 0E "'tI :J .:E ..c E0 g'CD :J~0 ~0 :0 CD .:t: ..~iii-.5

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    S i g h t setFolding rear sight and tangent rearsight1. Elevation of folding rear sight:.Loosen slightly both screws atthe rear sight.Shots are too low:R aise the slide.The shots are too high:L ow er the slide

    2. Elevation of tangent rear sight:.Shots are too low:R aise rear s igh t e leva to r.The shots are too high:Lower rear sight elevator

    3. Windage of folding and tangentrear sight

    To adjust windage to left or right tap thebase of the rear sight in the oppositedirection of the desired change of impact,using a soft metal such as alum inum or brasspunch.Scope m ounts:Ill ANSCHUTZ rifles have a grooved,11 mm ra il to a ccep t mounts fo r a te le scopicsight.

    Cleaning, M aintenance, Care,LubricationEven after considerable use, yourANSCHUTZ small bore match rifle w ill notrequire m uch attention

    -a tribute to its solid

    design, first class materials, well provenANSCHUTZ workmanship and precision.If you follow the recommendations below,you will help maintain the excellentperformance of your rifle for a long time.Regular care after every shooting:

    .Please only use resin and acid free oils..Remove any residues from the barrel.C lean with a lint-free cloth or pull cleaningcords several times through the barrelfrom chamber to muzzle to removedeposits. Subsequently pull a slightlyoiled, lint-free cloth or cleaning cordsthrough the barrel to avoid corrosion..Clean the bolt and the loading tray witha slightly oiled cloth..Make sure that the metal parts of yourrifle are protected against corrosion by aslight oil film . Do not use exessive oil..Remove the oil film with a dry cloth orcleaning cords before you shoot again..Some ammunition leaves corrosive parti-cles in the barrel. Therefore you shouldthoroughly clean and oil the barrel eachtime immediately after shooting to avoidcorrosion.


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    AccessoriesPlease ask for our catalog or take a look atour websites under www.anschuetz-spo rt.c om o r www .anschutz -spo rte rs .com .

    WarrantyA warranty of 2 years w ill be issued. Partswhich are subjected to wear are not part ofthis warranty. In the case of warranty wesubstitute the defective parts free of charge.Cases of warranty will only be accepted ifthe article in question and the corres-pondingpurchase receipt plus filled-in warranty cardare presented. Warranty will not beaccepted if changes or repair works havebeen carried out by persons who are notauthorized, if theANSCHUTZ product is notused correctly, if unlawful modifications ormanipulations have been carried out, if anyknotting has been damaged or if non-AN-S C H U T Z original parts were used.In addition a damage to your ANSCHUTZproduct is not subject to warranty if it is dueto an ignorance of this instruction leaflet orimproper care or treatment.We wish you much pleasure and successwith your ANSCHUTZ product and wouldbe pleased if you could let us have yourideas on our products and the design ofth is in stru ction le afle t.


    CopyrightProduct specifications, design and modelchanges are subject to change without priornotice. Dimensions and colors are subject tochange. W ith reservation of m isprints anderrors. Goods are subject to prior sale.Delivery subject to the presentation of thereferring license forthe purchase of firearm s.ANSCHUTZ, the ANSCHUTZ logo and theANSCHUTZ logo in connection w ith theslogan "Die Meister Macher" (also inmodified spelling) and "Soft-Link@" areprotected brands of J.G. ANSCHUTZGmbH & Co. KG, Ulm , Germany. Theunauthorized use of this brand name is notallowed and punishable.All rights of this instruction leaflet reserved.The use of the instruction leaflet, also inexcerpts, is not allowed without theperm ission of J.G. ANSCHUTZ GmbH &Co. KG and otherw ise is punishable. Thisis especially applicable for unauthorizedcopying, translations and read-ins inelectronic systems.

  • 8/14/2019 Anschutz 1400


    CD~~'" ..Q) (/)

    "lJ LL:J~e "8 .1:Z 'Q) ~.J::: 0),E""

    u ::;)(/)::;) LUO 0ZZ >;;, Lij~0 ~Q) c:l0i=O 00 I-~Z ",,0 ~E. ~--'- < Q). "" 0 :JQ) ~:=e ~~ ~o LU~DIEE IS TE R M A C HE R LL tI) :) :)

    "E,g'0'Q ;0-......E1

    ~~-0c : .......:g~c: -==0~ ~Q)","'""0Q) ::J-0 -0~ ~I a-5 E'" .-2': I. -:J~-0 0c: Q)::J"lJQjOc..c..E EQ) 0li5t;

  • 8/14/2019 Anschutz 1400


    GARANTIEC et article n'a ete m is en vente q u 'a p r e s u n e v e r i f ic a t i o nm i n u t i e u s e d es p ie ce s e t m a tie re s a taus les stades de 10fabricatian au apr"s avair subi un cantr61e de fiabilite etde bon fonc tionnemen t au bane d'epreuve. Nous 10 g aran-t i s s o n s p e n d a n t d e u x a n s c o n t r e to u t d e f a u t d e m a t i e r euvice de fabricatian (sauf cantre les bris de crasse au deressarts) dans la m esu re au il peutiH re prauve qu'un defautexistait deja au mament de I'achat de I'article. Naus nerepandans pas des defauts resultant d'une utilisatianincorrecte au de reparations. Nous n ou s r e s e r v o n s d'exe-cuter 10 garanti e s o i t par remise en etat s o i t par echange.Les d emande s e n dammages -in te riH s s an t irre ce va ble s q ue l-Ie que sa it la cause mise en avant. Veuillez faire remplire t s ig ne r cette carte p ar vo tre arm urier et nou s I 'adresseravec I 'a r ti cl e.J.G . ANSCHUTZ G mbH & Co. KG . Jagd- und SportwaflenlarbrikPost fach 1128 . D -89001 U lm /Ge l1T lcny.

    W ARRANTYA fter thraraugh testing af m aterials and finish ed parts thisitem has passed a rigid final inspectian as well as praafte stin g a r te st s ha atin g. If, d esp ite th es e p re ca utia ns, th ereis any failure due ta defective m aterials ar warkm anship(except bracken stacks and springs) w ithin twa years thenecessary r e p a i r s w ill b e c ar rie d o u t w it h o u t ch arge, in sofar as the item was evidently defective at the time afpurchase. Na claims under warranty can be accepted ifth e item h as b ee n s ub je cte d ta im pra pe r u se a r u na uth ariz edrepair. The item will be either repaired ar replaced at aurd is cr etian. C la ims fa r campensa tian - put farward far anylegal cause whatsaeve r - a re e xclu de d. T his w arra nty ca rd- campleted and stamped by yaur dealer - must bereturned w ith the item far rep airs.

    J .G . ANSCH UTZGm bH & Co. KG . Jagd- und SportwaflenlarbrikPost fach 1128 . D -89001 U lm /Ge l1Tl cny.

    ~I E M E I S TE R M A CH ER

  • 8/14/2019 Anschutz 1400


    W ARRANTYA fter throra ugh testing of m aterials and finished ports thisitem has passed a rigid final inspection as well as proofte stin g o r te st s ho otin g. If, d es pite th ese p re ca utio ns , th ereis any failure due to defective m aterials or workm anship(except bracken stocks and springs) within two yeors thenecessary r e p a i r s w ill b e c ar rie d o u t w it h o u t charge, in sofor as the item was evidently defective at the time ofpurchase. No claims under worranty can be accepted ifth e item h as b ee n su bje cte d to im pro pe r u se o r u na uth oriz edrepair. The item will be either repaired or replaced at ourd is cr etion. C la ims fo r compensa tion - put forword for anylega l couse whatsoeve r - o re e xc lu de d. T his w orra nty c ord- completed and stomped by your dealer - must bereturned w ith the item for repairs.

    E1"5 .1 :c: 0)u ~ ~0 0 ~

    "0 0 -02 ~ ~00> ~.IlL ~ ~ ~ ~~ Q ) .:E .ED IE M E IS TE R M A CH ER tI) :) I- tI)~


    J.G. ANSCHUTZ Gm bH & Co. KG . Jagd- und SportwaffenlarbrikPos tfa ch 1 12 8. D -8 90 01 U lm /Germany .

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    FACTORY SERVICE & REPAIR CENTERS USACongratulations on the purchase of one of the world's greatest pistols. To obtain service orrepair for your ANSCHUTZ product send the gun together with the filled-in worranty cordfreight prepaid to the Notional Service Center for ANSCHUTZ at the following address:GUNSMITHING, INC.30 W est Buchanon StreetColorado Springs, CO 80907P ho ne (7 19 ) 6 32 -3 79 5Fox (719) 632-3493

    lO -RING SERVICE, INC.2227 West Lou DriveJacksonville , FL32216P ho ne (9 04 ) 7 24 -7 41 9Fox (904) 724-7419

    J.G.ANSCHUrZ GMBH & C O .K GJAG O- UNO SPO RTW AFFENFABRIKP.O. Box 1128D -8 90 01 U lm /Germon yPhone ++49-731-4012-0F ox + +4 9-7 31 -4 01 2-7 00www.onschutz-sporters.comJGA -I nfo@onschuetz-sport .com

    ~I E M E I S TE R M A CH ER

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    F a b r . - N r . :S e r i a l N o . : . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .

    B it te h ie r e in t r a g e n . P le a s e f i l l in h e r e

    O r ig in a ls c h u s s b i ld I h r e s G e w e h r e s a u f 5 0 mO r ig in a l g r o u p o f y o u r r i f le a t 5 0 m5 5 y a r d s

    J .G . A N S C H U T Z G m b H & o . K GJ a g d - u n d S p o r tw a f fe n f a b r ikDaimlerstrasse 12D-89079 Ulm / GERMANYPostFach11 28D-89001 Ulm / GERMANYTeleFon(++49)-(0)-731-4012-0TeleFax(++49)-(0)