Annual Report 2019 - Konsolidator ... to generate inbound leads. It takes time to build content...

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Transcript of Annual Report 2019 - Konsolidator ... to generate inbound leads. It takes time to build content...

  • Company reg. 36078383

    Annual Report 2019 Financial consolidation and reporting made simple

  • “In Excel, it took me about two days to make the consolidation because I had to go back very often and check that everything was correct. Now I can do the consolidation for the whole group in one day. The process was more time consuming with Excel than with Konsolidator. ” OLIVER GFELLER Accounting Manager, at Zürich Flughafen AG.

    2 Annual Report 2019  KONSOLIDATOR

  • Contents

    4 Konsolidator at a glance

    5 Highlights

    6 Letter from Chairman and CEO

    8 Financial review

    10 Full year and fourth quarter 2019

    11 Financial highlights and key figures

    12 Outlook 2020

    13 Our business

    14 Business strategy

    15 Business model

    17 Markets and products

    20 Artificial Intelligence

    22 Customer case stories

    24 CASE: Flughafen Zürich AG cuts the consolidation time in half

    26 CASE: Vestergaard Company immediately eliminates errors

    28 Corporate matters

    30 Risk Management

    32 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

    34 Shareholder information

    36 Management

    37 Board of Directors

    38 Financial statements

    39 Income statement

    39 Cash flow statement

    40 Balance sheet

    41 Statement of changes in equity

    42 Notes

    48 Statement by the Board of Directors and Management on the annual report

    49 Independent auditor’s report

    51 Company information

    Page 9

    From our Customer day in Copenhagen in May

    Page 22

    Artificial Intelligence as one of the future cornerstones of

    Konsolidator’s strategy

    Page 24

    CASE: Flughafen Zürich AG cuts the

    consolidation time in half

    KONSOLIDATOR  Annual Report 2019 3


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    Konsolidator at a glance

    Konsolidator A/S is an international Software-as-a-Service company (SaaS) which provides software to the finance function. Konsolidator is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Denmark.

    Vision We make CFOs better We believe that finance functions all over the world will deliver higher strategic value to their shareholders if they can spend more time on finance business partnering and less time on gathering data, reconciling the data and producing financial reports. Technologies today make it possible to replace tedious manual tasks – Konsolidator’s vision is to make the CFOs better through simplicity.

    Mission We enable finance business partnering through simplicity Konsolidator eliminates manual, tedious tasks involved in data gathering, data processing and financial reporting. Konsolidator is faster, more reliable and less expensive than Excel spreadsheet consolidation and obsolete consolidation tools. By making a complex financial consolidation process more simple, we believe that finance functions will become more valuable to organizations by becoming finance business partners rather than number crunchers.

    WHY GROUPS CHOOSE KONSOLIDATORKonsolidator A/S has developed and sells a cloud-based consolidation and reporting tool which assists the finance function in preparing their monthly consolidation and reporting for internal and external purposes. Konsolidator is developed with a focus on simplicity.

    We live in a complex world and in order to deliver fast and trustworthy financial informa- tion to decisionmakers software tools have to be simple. If not, there is a risk that the finance function will stick to Excel, which is a manual and an error-prone method.

    Konsolidator is part of digitizing finance functions and focuses on groups which use Excel in their consolidation and reporting. With a standardized software groups will be able to save time and lower the risk of accounting errors. Furthermore, groups will be less depen- dent on internal and external IT-consultants.

    Konsolidator is present in 9 markets – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Malaysia and Singapore and expects to expand into new markets in 2020.

    4 Annual Report 2019  KONSOLIDATOR

    konsolidator at a glance

  • Highlights

    19.4m in gross proceeds from Konsolidator’s IPO (Initial Public Offering). Konsolidator was listed on Nas- daq First North Growth Market. The net proceeds were DKK 17.1 million.

    20 employees as of December 31, 2019. During 2019, Konsolidator hired 15 employees in order to be able to execute on the strategy.

    2 new subsidiaries established in UK and Sweden.

    33 groups have signed with Konsolidator in 2019.

    200,000 number of potential customers in Europe. DKK 12 billion is the market potential let alone in Europe.

    4.6m annual recurring revenue as per december 31, 2019.

    71 % increase in annual recurring revenue in 2019.

    405% increase in website visit in 2019. The digital marketing strategy was implemented in October 2019.

    81 customers at the end of 2019.

    KONSOLIDATOR  Annual Report 2019 5


  • Letter from Chairman and CEO 2019 has been the most exiting year in our relatively short existence. After 2018, where we proved to ourselves that Konsolidator has global potential and that our business model can be profitable, we decided to take a step towards our global potential through an IPO on the Danish stock exchange for the growth market – NASDAQ First North Growth Market™.

    Our IPO in May 2019 was a huge success, and we were excited about the positive cover- age in the media and the way potential share- holders talked about us on social media and at investor meetings during the IPO period. One of the goals of the NASDAQ listing was to get exposure to potential customers.

    We were oversubscribed by 141% and got almost 1,700 new shareholders who all together raised DKK 19.4 mio.

    After a successful IPO, Konsolidator has worked hard to follow the strategy presented

    during the IPO, which was to invest heavily in international growth and develop new, disrup- tive functionalities to the software.

    INTERNATIONAL GROWTH Before the IPO, Konsolidator had customers in Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. We had only one international partner in Switzerland.

    Our strategy was, and still is, to test Konso- lidator’s international capabilities in Sweden, England and DACH (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) through a mix of our own Sales representatives in Sweden, England and Germany and with partners mainly from the Big Four accounting firms (PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG). During the summer of 2019, a partner from Malaysia reached out to us and now covers Malaysia and Singapore.

    Our Swedish sales representative started Oc- tober 2019. We had hoped for an earlier start but wanted to ensure we got the best candi- date for the position in Sweden. Our UK sales representative was due to start in March 2020 but decided to nullify the contract just before starting. We have started to look for a new sales representative for the UK market.

    We have decided to wait bringing on a Ger- man sales representative until later in 2020.

    We believe we will be more successful if we have one or more Big Four partners to support us in Germany and Switzerland. We have also had promising meetings in Austria. When we have the signature of the first big four partner, we will start the process of find- ing a sales representative for DACH.

    Another important part of the IPO was to invest in digital marketing. With a product like Konsolidator, it is paramount that the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is low. We therefore aim to market Konsolidator through digital channels where the cost is relatively low and where we can measure the perfor- mance. We have increased our international marketing department from one to three employees and our Business Development department from one to three employees. These six employees are working on digital platforms to increase brand recognition and to generate inbound leads. It takes time to build content marketing, landing pages and digital marketing campaigns and therefore we have only seen the first results from Q4 2019. The results look promising, and all the customers from the UK and Germany have been generated through digital marketing.

    “Our IPO in May 2019 was a huge success and we were excited about the positive

    coverage in the media and the way potential shareholders talked about us on social

    media and at investor meetings during the IPO period. One

    of the goals for the NASDAQ listing was to get the exposure towards potential customers.”


    Chairman of the Board



    1,648 RAISED DKKM

    19.4 6 Annual Report 2019  KONSOLIDATOR

    letter from chairman and ceo

  • DEVELOP DISRUPTIVE FUNCTIONALITY Konsolidator is a strong product – make no mistake about that. We have ambitions for more and therefore part of the money from the IPO was allocated to IT developers. Being the only (or one of the few) truly cloud-based consolidation softwares, we are able to take the consolidation process to another level than on-premise and Excel solutions are able to.

    We have an ambitious roadmap for