Angular meteor for angular devs


Transcript of Angular meteor for angular devs


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1. Write AngularJS applications with Meteor.

2. Use your existing applications and all 3rd party libraries

3. Angular works natively on Meteor

4. You should check out Meteor

AngularJS devs need !a better stack solution

• REST is not optimal

• Realtime Server solution

• solutions and services vs. full stack

Then I saw

Easy On-boarding

• Existing knowledge

• Existing applications

• Migration path - easy path for learning new technology

3rd Party Libraries


So Try It!Google: “angular meteor”

Tutorial / API Reference

What is Meteor?

• Open source platform for building web and mobile apps in JavaScript

• Your infrastructure team

• How the big guys are doing it

• Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Asana

• Dedicated internal team

• Custom frameworks

Modern Apps are more than client-server Ajax calls

Modern Apps are more then client-server Ajax calls

• Meteor’s Goal: Gmail-quality apps without Google’s money

Building this is expensive

“We’ve bled all over it.” -Brett Kiefer



• 2 developers

• 2 countries

• 2 months


• Over 150 meetup groups around the world –

• Over 4000 community-authored packages -

• Ranked #11 on GitHub (just passed Backbone, will soon pass Rails)

Try The Tutorial!!

Let’s code!

Real-Time Data Service

Accounts, Security, OAuth

Tutorial Step 8

• Packges + UI

• Simple rules

• Open for additions


• angular-meteor 1.0

• Angular 2.0

• Server Side AngularJS

• Learnings on both frameworks

Team and top supporters

How to start


API Reference




How are we doing it?

Data Sync Solution

• Local-DB as one source of truth

• Observing Angular changes

• Watch vs. Observe

• Observing Meteor changes

Data Sync Solution

Data Sync Solution