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Most news writers publish only one story per day. Yet half of them get pitched over twenty times per day. How do you cut through the clutter with your story? Here are 6 tips for sending better email pitches.

Transcript of Anatomy of an email pitch

  • Most news writers publish only one story per day
  • Yet half of them get pitched over twenty times per day
  • How do you cut through the clutter with your story?
  • Not via the S.O.S approach
  • Sending Out Stuff
  • What do news writers say about it?
  • Make sure its relevant dont pitch for the sake of pitching. I get so many that I have to be pretty ruthless. Mail Online
  • Find out what I cover and send stuff that falls in my purview. Find out my point of view and look for items that I would find persuasive. Chicago Tribune
  • From: A specific from line 1 Frederik from Prezly This tells you who the email is coming from, as well as which company I work for all before you even open my email.
  • Subject: A short and clear subject line 2 Relevant, timely & inspire curiosity 33% open email based on subject line alone. Keep it to 50 characters or less. list of best practices drawn from analysing 200 million emails
  • Body: A brief & relevant introduction 3 I saw your tweet about Gen Y employees and thought you might like to learn the surprising results of a new study. Who you are and why youre reaching out. Tie it to something personal.
  • Body: A value proposition 4 Your latest article about Gen Y got a lot of buzz. Sharing the results of this study could be a great follow-up for your readers. Whats in it for them?
  • Body: Multimedia previews 5 News with multimedia gets viewed up to 10 times more source
  • I begged, begged, PR professionals to send video and multiple photos with their news releases. Clay Morgan, Former editor, The Daily News Journal source
  • source 9.7x 7.4x+ + + 4.3x 1.8x = Attachments, soundbites, charts, interactive, Press releases with multimedia get viewed a lot more Tweet this
  • Body: A clear next step 6 Id love to answer any questions you have about the study. Can we talk for 15 minutes sometime next week? ++320472656889 All contact info
  • Learn all about your contact Do your research before pitching. Look at the social profiles of your contacts before crafting your email to learn what they care about.
  • Rapportive is a simple Gmail add-on that automatically shows you important social data from people who email you, helping you to create a relevant response based on where they live, what theyre tweeting about, and any other recent online activity. The information appears right in your inbox.
  • Track who responds to your emails If you send a lot of pitch emails, tracking them manually gets tricky in a hurry. Its easy, though time-consuming, to keep a spreadsheet of everyone who writes you back, but for those who dont respond, how do you know whether theyre reading your emails or ignoring them?
  • Yesware is a Gmail add-on that was originally designed for sales professionals. Use it to monitor opens, clicks, and responses for every email you send to influencers. You can also create templates to automate your outreach and track which messages resonate best.
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