Analyzing Environments

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Pictures of people close up and with their environment

Transcript of Analyzing Environments

  • 1. Interviews and photos. Bianca and Shu Mei Mrs Narsiman

2. Goh Leep Beng 3. Goh Leep Beng 4. Linda See 5. Linda See 6. Paz Molina Diaz 7. Paz Molina Diaz 8. Manickam s/o Krishnan (Sam)

  • The chef of Sams Snacks
  • Is from Perak
  • Is interested in cooking and likes to eat
  • Was a bar waiter for six months at the renaissance hotel and also as a chef
  • Wanted a restaurant
  • Studied how to cook and manage

9. Sam 10. Credits

  • Bianca Mak
  • Teh Shu Mei
  • Permission allowed