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Analysis Of Documentary Posters

Analysis Of Documentary PostersFAHIM ZEB


The title is place right In front of the astronaut. It clearly matches the coloursof space. The bold font reinforces the seriousness ofthe documentary , thus bringing the target audiences attention Tagline:

One Man`s part in mankind's greatest adventures- This confirms the reality of whatThe viewers will about to see.Background:

The image of the astronautAnd the moon in the background.Reassures the target audience ofThe legitimacy of the documentaryInstitutional information:

At the bottom middle part of the poster. There is a billing block , however the logos of the awards that the documentary has received has a huge impact on the poster as it draws huge attention. This will mean that the target audience would flock to watch it.

Main image:

Although the title reads The last man on the moon there is a reflection of some fellow astronaut. This indicates to the target audience that their will be some form of life loss.

Main Image:

The main image features a dark figure who is a man with a hat with a top hat and a bird standing on it. Also the mysterious figure has bid poo on his right or left shoulder. Which again reinforces the mysterious element of the documentary. The bird poo indicates to the target audience that this documentary will be comedic. This particular poster is similar to a movie poster.Background:

The background features a silhouette of a theme park. This gives the target audience a hint of where this documentary is set.Furthermore it reinforces a friendly look.Title:

The title is in thin font and the colour matches the outline of the poster. The title reads IS THIS A JOKE?. Which again reinforces the comedic aura that the main image is presenting. The target audience will also create these links and realise that the juxtaposing image and title has some form of relevance.Colour scheme:

The colours used in the poster are black blue and red. The blue and red are used for effect. However the black is the colour which portrays mystery. Due to the lack of colour the audience are left wondering and will have to interpret the poster in their own way


The background features a man with the colours of the French flag overplayed upon his face. This indicates that this documentary will be set in FranceTitle:

The title is in a very simple font and is small. It indicates that the documentary is about an individual or family.Tag line:

The tagline is positioned at the top is very noticeable as the colour of the font contrasts with the background. It hints at what the audience will see. The institution has given the audience something to process in their mindsMain image:

The main image is of the man. More specifically his eyes. It seems that he is staring from a window as there is some cloth hiding a bit of his face. This indicates to the audience that this individual is hiding. Thus enforcing what type of documentary this could be e.g mystery. Institutional information:

Unlike the first poster. The billing block in this one is considerably smaller and does not feature any badges of awards. It is quite plain and normal. This will allow the audience to focus on other things on the poster rather than the boring billing block.