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  • Source: Repucom Sports DNA *middle East figure is an

    estimation based on Saudi Arabia weighting (500

    respondents compared with 1000 for all other nations)


  • Source: Repucom Sports DNA *middle East figure is an

    estimation based on Saudi Arabia weighting (500

    respondents compared with 1000 for all other nations)

    The interest of the US is still very low, but with a potential for big growth.

  • Source: Repucom. Unruly media, Facebook & Twitter


    In Brazil there is a perfect union between Soccer and Social Media. Content production for this category is very large. Meet Brazil's largest channel about football.


  • MLS soccer attracts a young and well-educated audience.

    Source: Scarborough USA Plus Research, Au14-Oct15, Total Survey Area, Adults 18+ Target: Sports watch cab TV

    pst yr : Major League Soccer (MLS) Population: 245,403,097 Qualitative Population: 11,905,855

    64% are homeowners

    63% have a college


    55% are married


    23% 22%19%






    18-24 25-34 35-44Age Base: Adults 18+

    Men 68%

    Women 32%


  • The Walking Dead2015 MTV Video Music Awards

    First TakeAt Midnight with

    Chris Hardwick

    Pretty Little Liars WWE SmackDown

    ESPN drove Twitter activity throughout their 16 game season with 366k tweets in 2015 and ESPN2 logged a further 315k tweets for their 25 game coverage.

    MLS attracts a younger audience with 33.2% falling in the M18-24 demographic for a ESPN2 sample of social game ratings.

    ESPN aired the MLS Cup on December 6, 2015 and garnered over 123k tweets and over 19 million impressions.

    48% of people who tweeted about MLS on these networks also tweeted about other TV programs, of which 87% were on cable.

    Savvy marketing plans leverage the engagement of the social audience by extending their message into complementary programming.

    1. Source: Millward Brown Digital + Twitter, December 2013

    Source: SocialGuide Inc. Affinity Report: Jan 20145 Dec 2015 MLS Soccer Pulled 2/4/16.



    People who tweeted about MLS also tweeted about these:








    Sports Talk

    Programming with a strong social presence increases ad recall by up to 33%.1


  • Source: Google Trends Jun 2016.

    Philadelphia Union is a club with less demand on Google, low relevance of searches. The search result is very near to the number of the biggest clubs in searches.

  • Source: SimilarWeb Jun 2016.

    Great results in number of visits, need to improve the permanency of time on the site.

    Great opportunity to work this audience that seeks team information.

  • Source: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube Jun 2016.

    It makes a consistent work within the constraints of number of users.

    165K is a basic followers very low numbers. With very little engagement. Media content number of 3 per day.

    84K is a basic followers very low numbers. With very small number of tweets. Media content number of 3 per day.

    33K It is a base with reasonable number of followers. With large number of posts.

    3K It is a very small base of followers. Low number of video viewing. Low number of posts new videos, one week on average.

  • Source: SimilarWeb Jun 2016.

  • Working well a brand in the sports

    1. There are other forms of sponsorship and exposure master?2. We can offer specific activations for other brands, and the

    fixed sponsors?

    1. Which activations developed by the club to activate the Bimbo brand?

    2. Which marketing campaigns that brand used the team as image?

    3. How many times the club released a product brand in social networks?

    4. Activation is only based on the shirt and exhibition site?5. How to increase the master sponsoring brand exposure

    return, beyond the simple exposure shirt master?



  • Get closer to their fans.Develop your own social network where athletes can register and share your profile, achievements, scouts, and other interests. In this way Philadelphia Union could have direct access to athletes and great talents.

  • Resume

    Experience in the marketing and communication, 6 years of marketing project management experience and 6 years experience in brand marketing. Leadership in innovation projects, product launches and advertising campaigns.Advanced knowledge in Digital Strategy with social media planning, content production, apps development coordination, online customer services process, data analysis in web analytics tools and KPI's definitions. Planning and branding focused on highly competitive segments. Extensive knowledge of current interactive technologies and industry's best practices. Good understanding of all aspects of digital marketing, including: SEO/SEM strategies, analytics, digital campaigns, email marketing, social media, e-retail strategies.

    Efficient team management skills, good communication and interpersonal skills. Well organized and detail oriented.

    Experience in Sports: Organized Volvo Ocean Race

    2015 Team SCA in Brazil. Work with Palmeiras, Santos,

    Coritiba marketing actions. First Elderly Run in Brazil 2014 -

    Copacabana. Sponsorship team, Palmeiras,

    Santos, Coritiba e ABC Football (RN) 2010 - Brand Biofral.

    Owner of the first social media with focus in sports 2015: Sportt.

    28 anosSo Paulo

    Marketing and Communication

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