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PERTEMUAN 2. ANALISIS PROSES BISNIS. Objective. Covers the concepts of business process modeling Describes the use of BPMN as a standard in providing a consistent, process vocabulary to any business. Describes the essential components of BPMN using some examples. BPMN Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



ANALISIS PROSES BISNISPERTEMUAN 21ObjectiveCovers the concepts of business process modelingDescribes the use of BPMN as a standard in providing a consistent, process vocabulary to any business. Describes the essential components of BPMN using some examples

2BPMN Introduction3BPMN Process Diagram

4BPMN merupakan kepanjangan dari Business Process Model and Notation, yaitu sebuah standar untuk menggambarkan proses bisnis yang dikeluarkan oleh Open Management Group ( \BPMN versi terakhir hingga artikel ditulis adalah BPMN 2.0.1 yang dirilis pada bulan September 2013. BPMN akan sangat powerfull digunakan untuk menjembatani perbedaan yang sering terjadi antara System Analyst dan programmer dalam mendesain dan membuat aplikasi. PMN tidak hanya dibutuhkan oleh BA, SA atau programmer saja, namun bisa juga digunakan oleh pihak-pihak lain yang bahkan tidak terkait dengan dunia IT sama sekali

BPMI StandardsBusiness Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)

Business Process Modeling Language (BPML)

Business Process Query Language (BPQL)

Business Process Semantic Model (BPSM)

Business Process Extension Layers (BPEL)

7BPMI Protocol StackWeb Services Stack:W3C, WSDL, OASIS, UDDIChoreography:W3C WD-CDLExecution:OASIS BPELBAM:BPMI BPQLBPEL Extensions:BPMI BPXLOMG BPDM interchangeable Model:BPMI BPSMVisual Design: BPMI BPMN8Use of BPMNBPMN visual design toolImport frommetamodelExport to metamodelExport to BPELSave BPDs9BPM ArchitectureRuntime engine - BPELExternal processAdministration and monitoring consoleGraphical editor - BPMNExporter (BPMN to BPELmapping)WS-CDL toolkit: Code generatorcompliance validatorInternal system, inlinecodeHuman worklist applicationDeploymentMgt languageWeb servicesStandard worklistinterfaceStandard worklistinterfaceXML, web services,J2EE, .NET, Java C#Generates,validates10BPMN Elements11BPMN Symbols

12EventsAn event is something that happens during the process

Events affect the flow of the process and usually have a cause and/or impact

Events are classified as either start, intermediate or end

13Sample EventsEvent diklasifikasikan sebagai awal, peristiwa menengah atau akhir.

Start events have single borders, intermediate events have double borders and end events have thick borders.

14ActivityActivity adalah langkah proses yang melakukan pekerjaan Activities are either atomic or compound (subprocess)Compound activities have their own activities, events, gateways, etc.Processes are hierarchicalActivities within a compound activity can also be a compound activity


16Sequence Flow

17GatewaysGateways are controllers that split or join sequence flows

18Pools and Lanes

Pools represent differentbusiness processes, organizations, functionalarea, application, location,etc.

The process in only one pool is normally shown ata time.

Other pools are treated asblack boxesLanes are subdivisions of pools that normally showdifferent roles with the process.19Messages

Only messages are allowed between pools20Data Objects

21Process Pattern22Basic process structure

Start EventSequence of activitiesEnd event23Intermediate event

24Variables and propertiesObjects in diagrams can have properties and decisions can be made based on the values assigned to them25Exception handling and compensation

Exception occurs insubprocessExpanded subprocess26Compensation

Compensation is used to undo the effects of previous activitiesThis..causes this tofire27Parallel Split

AND Gateway28Multi-Choice

Inclusive OR29Exclusive Choice

XOR gateway30Multi-Merge

31Discriminator and N-Out-of-M Join

32Deferred Choice

Wait for response33Cancel Case

34EvaluasiJelaskan dengan singkat mengapa perlu membuat analisis proses bisnis ?Ada berapa banyak komponen utama modelling proses bisnis dengan BPMN ?Analisis dan modelkan proses bisnis penerimaan mahasiswa baru dengan BPMN.35Pertanyaan dan diskusi..??36+









Collapsed subprocess



Multiple instances

Ad Hoc subprocess

Looping Ad Hoc subprocess

Sequence Flow

Conditional Flow

Default Flow

Send partner response

Handle request

Partner request

Insert Comment Here


Send Msg to partner

Wait for partner response

Send partner ACK

Could be a receive task


Enroll customer

Enroll customer

Check credit

Check credit



Send welcome package



Reserve hotel

Customer calls to cancel

CompensateReserve Hotel

Cancel reservation

Reserve hotel

Get Itenerary

Book airline

Book hotel

Book car

Send confirmation

Evaluate damage

Contact fire department

Contact insurance company

Submit report

Structural damage

>$1000 damage

Get approved

Send welcome package

Send rejection letter

Record an audit trail

Audit application

Process application

Close case

Submit report

Submit report

Submit report

Submit report

Submit report

Submit request

Send welcome package

Send rejection letter



Main flow


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3