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  1. 1. An Insiders Guide to KilkennyA Publication of
  2. 2. KILKENNY CASTLE Kilkenny Castle, an impressive Norman Citadel, overlooks the River Nore. The original building was constructed in 1172 in the wake of the Norman invasion of Ireland and was preserved by the Butler clan after its purchase in 1391. The family resided there until 1967 when it was given to the people, allowing the public to tour the halls and salons that showcase a fine collection of family portraits, ancient tapestries, and modern art.
  3. 3. THE BLACK ABBEY The Black Abbey, established in 1225, is one of the most beautiful standing medieval structures and is home to the largest stained glass window in Ireland.The Abbey is a rarity and is one of the few remaining churches that wasnt converted to Protestantism after the founding of the Church of England.
  4. 4. DUNMORE CAVES The Dunmore Caves are also a mustsee destination and are among the most interesting calcite formations in Ireland.Timeless tales and recent archaeological investigations reveal adventures of the mighty Vikings.
  5. 5. KYTELERS INN While in Kilkenny, no visit is complete without a trip to the oldest medieval inn, Kytelers Inn, which has been serving patrons since 1324. The establishment is the source of many colorful tales and characters, and serves the best Kilkenny Red Ale in town.
  6. 6. PLACES TO EAT If you make it out of Kytelers in one piece but still havent eaten, dont worry Kilkenny has a wealth of cheap yet wholesome eateries to choose from. Langtons Hotel has been a landmark since the 1940s and the Kilkenny Design Center Caf offer homemade goods and hearty meals.
  7. 7. See all These Sites and More in Our Kilkenny Day T