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  • 5/28/2018 Amul Internship Project















    (KHAN aamir hasrat)


  • 5/28/2018 Amul Internship Project



  • 5/28/2018 Amul Internship Project



    I would like to express my sincere appreciation to area manager Harshal Yawale under whose

    guidance I have completed this project. The every stage his high perception, valuable ideasand guidance enlightened my mind and helped me to complete my work making this project

    successful endeavour.

    Along with guidance me to the right course of action. I was also given adequate freedom,

    which enables me to apply management and leadership principle, which had been a part our


    I extend my thanks to Our Director Dr. LUKMAN PATEL for giving me the valuables

    suggestions and appraisal of my work.

  • 5/28/2018 Amul Internship Project



    AMUL is the pride not only of Gujarat but also of entire country. I have great pleasure in

    preparing this project of such organization. A person aspiring to enter in management

    profession must have practical knowledge of the subject. The objective of industrial training

    is to develop practical knowledge in student as a supplement to the theoretical study of

    management in general as well as industrial. It provides foundation to students intending to

    pursue a career in this field. The industrial training is the most exciting experience of theeducation. Every person needs some changes from the routine education. For this training

    industry is selected by me and fetch information about different products of AMUL and its

    activities. But I concentrated more on taking information about Marketing for AMUL

    Chocolates to promote AMUL Chocolates. As I am student of management and the future

    Manager the training play vital role in my education. Because of the industrial training I have

    knowledge of industrial environment and I felt hat this would be the part of my life. I become

    conscious that I am the manager of future and I should also learn how to solve managerial

    problem and fulfil others requirement at the time. I have tried my best to represent all

    relevant data and information relating to my project work. I hope this report will serve the

    purpose of the readers.

  • 5/28/2018 Amul Internship Project


    Project title

    The objective of this project is to evaluate the pattern of Market research on Amul curd.

    This topic has been selected by me to know the whole process involved in the distribution

    and placement in that particular area at Mumbai. This also involved meeting with different

    retail outlets individuals. This has given me exposure in the real market and to analyses the

    real market situation. Another reason is to find out the opportunities that exist in this

    segment. To accomplish these objectives as whole it involves meeting with different retailers

    and customers and collecting feedback from retailers.

  • 5/28/2018 Amul Internship Project


    Scope of the project

    The project will extend its periphery in proving information about present practices

    capabilities, and future directions of Amuls. It also helps in understanding the market of

    Mumbai city.

    Understanding domestic marketing and product strategies along with the study of capabilities

    of competitors and prices quoted by them. Quality, service, and pricing and scheme etc.

    factor of products are also an important part of the study.

  • 5/28/2018 Amul Internship Project


    Objective of project

    To find out Amul curd position in the south Mumbai market.

    To find out Amul sales volume.

    To find out competitor sales.

    Why doesnt more sales compare to competitors.

    To study the competitor market offering.

    To study the service provider to retailer.

  • 5/28/2018 Amul Internship Project



    Amul(Hindi: , Gujarati: ) is the name of a dairycooperative in India. Derived

    from the Sanskrit word "Amulya," Amulmeinvaluable.]Formed in 1946, it is abrand

    name managed by an Indian co operative organization, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing

    Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), which today is jointly owned by 3.03 million milk producers

    in Gujarat, India.
  • 5/28/2018 Amul Internship Project



    Amul is based inAnand,Gujarat and has been a success of example cooperative

    organization. Amul spurred the Revolution in India which in turn made India the largest

    producer of milk and milk products in the world. It is also the world's largest vegetarian

    cheese brand. Amul is the largest food brand in India and world's largest pouched milk brand

    with an annual turnover of US $2.2 billion (2010-11). Currently Unions making up GCMMF

    have 3.1 million producer members with milk collection average of 9.10 million litres per

    day. Besides India, Amul has entered overseas markets

    suchMauritius,UAE,USA,Oman,Bangladesh,Australia,China,Singapore,Hong Kong and

    a fewSouth African countries. Its bid to enterJapanese market in 1994 did not succeed, but it

    plans to venture again. Dr.Verghese Kurien,former chairman of the GCMMF, is recognized

    as a key person behind the success of Amul. On 10 Aug 2006 Parthi Bhatol,chairman of the

    Banaskantha Union, was elected chairman of GCMMF.,_Gujarat,_Gujarat
  • 5/28/2018 Amul Internship Project


    The origin

    TheKaira District Co-operative Milk Producers' Union was registered on December 01, 1946

    as a response to exploitation of marginal milk producers by traders or agents of existing

    dairies in the small town namedAnand (inKaira District ofGujarat). Milk Producers had to

    travel long distances to deliver milk to the only dairy, thePolson Dairy in Anand. Often milk

    went sour as producers had to physically carry the milk in individual containers, especially in

    the summer season. The prices ofbuffalo and cow milk were arbitrarily determined.

    Moreover, the government at that time had given monopoly rights to Polson Dairy to collect

    milk from Anand and supply it to Bombay city in turn. Angered by the unfair and

    manipulative trade practices, the farmers of Kaira District approachedSardar Vallabhbhai

    Patel (who later became the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of free India)

    under the leadership of the local farmer leaderTribhuvandas Patel.Sardar Patel advised the

    farmers to form a Cooperative and supply milk directly to the Bombay Milk Scheme instead

    of selling it to Polson (who did the same but gave low prices to the producers). He

    sentMorarji Desai (who later became Prime Minister of India) to organize the farmers. In

    1946, the farmers of the area went on a milk strike refusing to be further oppressed. Thus the

    Kaira District Cooperative was established to collect and process milk in the District of Kaira

    in 1946. Milk collection was also decentralized, as most producers were marginal farmers

    who were in a position to deliver 1-2 litres of milk per day. Village level cooperatives were

    established to organize the marginal milk producers in each of these villages.

    The Cooperative was further developed and managed by Dr.Verghese Kurien along with Mr.

    H.M Dalaya. Dr.Kurien, aWorld Food Prize andMagsaysay Award winner, was the pioneer

    of this White Revolution. The first modern dairy of the Kaira Union was established at

    Anand. Indigenous research and development and technology development at the

    Cooperative had led to the successful production of skimmed milk powder from buffalo milk