American Kennel Club

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American Kennel Club. By Sloane proto. Summary. This is about dog kennels Or getting your dog into shows There’s even summary’s about previous winners . Appropriateness. The site is all on topic Has some good links The words can sometimes be challenging. Details. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of American Kennel Club

American Kennel Club

American Kennel ClubBy Sloane proto.

SummaryThis is about dog kennelsOr getting your dog into showsTheres even summarys about previous winners

This site is all about dogs and dog shows and how to show your dog2AppropriatenessThe site is all on topic Has some good links The words can sometimes be challenging

This site is good but the words can be challenging sometimes and its all on topic3DetailsEasy to reach homepageGives info on different kinds of breedsGives minute meeting notes Lots of details on dog shows

The site is easy to use and give good information and lots of details 4It doest say when it was made but it was updated in 2012

Currency This site was Updated this year!:05Authority This site was made and sponsored by the Humane fund

Akc is sponsored by the humane fund6BiasThis site doest really sway youIt does say that you should register your dog

This site just says to register your dog and doesnt sway you7Hoax Or Real?

Do you think this is hoax or real?!?!8REAL!

This site is

It gives good informationIt gives previous winner articles And it gives a letter from the meeting minutes.

Its real because AKC gives good info and 9ConclusionThis site is real because it gives good information, It gives meeting minutes, and previous winner articlesI would recommend this site for anyone whos into dog shows

I would recommend this to anyone who likes dogs or dog shows

10Photo Gallery