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my social studies project about King Tutankhamun

Transcript of Alicia 817 Egypt Project

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  • King Tuts tomb is even on display in Las Vegas in a museum called TOMB AND MUSEUM OF KING TUTANKHAMUN!

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  • King Tuts death mask was made of twenty-six pounds of solid gold and a blue stone called Lapis Lazuli.Other minerals that they used to make this were Quartz, Turquoise and colored glass.

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  • His tomb was discovered on November4, 1922 by English archaeologist,Howard Carterand it was reopened in 1923.


  • Carters partner in the discovery of Tuts tomb.He was the one who supplied the funds needed to continue Carters work.

13. But when we came to a golden shrine with doors closed and sealed, we realized that we were to witness a spectacle such as no other man in our time had been privileged to see. With intense excitement, I went forward and unbolted the inner door. They slowly swing open and there, filling the entire area within, stood an immense yellow quartzite sarcophagus. In a dead silence the huge lid weighing over a ton and a quarter was raised from its bed. Light shone into the sarcophagus. A gasp of wonderment escaped our lips, so gorgeous was the sight that met our eyes. A golden effigy of the young king of magnificent workmanship filled the whole of the interior, enclosing the model remains of young king Tutankhamun. Recording found at: 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. One of two statues of King Tut thatwere at both sides of the entrance. A golden bracelet found on the mummy. It is made of the same material as his death mask andin the center is a large scarabmade of Lapis Lazuli. A double perfume box made of god and silver pedestal. A golden throne.The wooden frames arewrapped in gold andsilver.The picture on the throne shows QueenAnkhesenamun anointing King Tut. 19. 20. 21.

  • The x-ray of King Tuts head showed a thickening of bone.Which would only have happened if there was a build-up of blood. Scientists suggest that he was left bleeding for a while before he actually died.


  • Scientists found a lump at the back of his head.They think it might be caused by a brain tumor.


  • King Tuts wife sent a message to the Syrian monarch telling him to tell one of his sons to marry her after her husband dies.Why did she all of a sudden want someone else to marry her?Did she know that Tut was going to die?Maybe she was part of the murder of King Tut.


  • Some people think that he might have been murdered by an official because only someone with great importance could get close enough to actually kill him.

25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Lord Carnarvons death started when he got a mosquito bite.He was shaving one morning, and cut it open.It soon became infected and he became very ill.It was just high fevers and chills.A doctor was sent to examine him but he came too late and he died. That night, the lights in Cairo also went out.Also, on that same night, at two AM, LordCarnarvons dog howled and dropped dead. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37.