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  • 1. Networking as the way we do businessaround here- a Wood Group PSN case studyAlan Thompson, Global Knowledge Manager

2. Content Background to the Oil & Gas industry Infusing a knowledge sharing culture in a globally expandingorganisation Achieving a networking culture where people share as part ofnormal business Issues of mutual trust, personal awareness of skills andresource investments Examples of where clients have benefited from networking And finallysome points for you to consider 3. Business environment An environment of intense competition, with achanged reward mechanism. PSN merger with Wood Group, increasing theorganisation from 8,500 to 23,000 people. Factors which drove our KM strategy. People to people People to solutions 4. How we are organised and why ?LearningWhat we used to do curve direct hire contract hireor the PMs SecretWeapon, the LBHRP* *Little book of highly reliable people 5. How we do businessnow In-sourced, Not out-sourced 6. Development of mutual trust He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me. Jefferson (1813) 7. How does the matrix structurebenefit our clients? To ask one is to ask many Collaboration, not silos Networking, not outsourcing 8. Wallys Delusion Its MY knowledge - my power! 9. And finally...a few questions toconsiderFirstlythanks for listening What are the 3 top motivators to sharing? How might one predict what triggers the take-off pointin My Site uptake? Whats the impact of adverse demographics on yourorganisation? How do you balance ask an expert with the wisdomof crowds? 10. What do we mean by context?Report No. xx-yy-zz: Review of Mooring Systems in the UKCSBy Joe BloggsMarch 2011100 pages, including 5 pages of References----------------------------------------------------------------------------But Joe Bloggs is an undergraduate intern, and this is his workplacement Report. Can I use it?............