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Aircraft Colours of the Soviet Air ForceWorld War II colour matches have been based on the material from Modeling the Aircraft of the Soviet VVS, 1930-45 site ( Colour names are arbitrary. Those from the WWII period conform to names originally used by Erik A. Pilawskij in his book The Aircraft and Markings of the Soviet Air Forces of the Great Patriotic War. This chart has been last revised in September 2006

World War II VVS colours Colour name CommentBrilliant Medium Blue



Tamiya Xtracolor

Polly Gunze S Sangyo

Model Master

Underside standard colour used throughout the war period FS:25466 1937-1945. Upper surface overall colour, used throughout the war. Also used together with Dark Green in two-tone green scheme. The paint darkened with age to to FS:34151. 6*Hu:83 + 2*Hu:80 + 3*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:99 (151) 7*Hu:88 + 3*Hu:190 + 2*Hu:32 + 2*Hu:34

Olive Green


Medium Forest Factory-applied overall top colour, typical for Petlyakov, Green Tupolev and MiG aircraft between 1940-1942 "Tractor" Bright Green Camouflage Black Dark Green Used together with Camouflage Black in the oftpublicised "tractor" scheme. 1941-1943 Used together with "Tractor" Bright Green in the oftpublicised "tractor" scheme. 1941-1943



FS:14524 FS:27038 Hu:85 (33) 4*Hu:3 + 1*Hu:131 (3) 6*Hu:83 + 2*Hu:80 + 3*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:99 Hu:70 T:X-09 T:X-18 GS:H2

Alternate colour to "Tractor" bright green in the greenFS:24062 and-black scheme. Also used together with Olive Green in (24524) two-tone green schemetroughout the war. A variation of Olive Green used in Black-and-olive scheme on on early Il-2s etc. 1940-1943. Also part of 3tone scheme with Ochre Brown and Light Sand-Brown, alternatively Dark Earth Grey-Brown. Used with Olive Green 2 in standard Il-2 factory camouflage from 1943. Also part of the later Southern Front standard scheme.


Olive Green 2


Ochre Brown


Dark Earth Grey-Brown

Used with Olive Green 2 in alternate Il-2 factory camouflage from 1943


8*Hu:110 + 2*Hu:113 + 1*Hu:33

Light SandBrown

Used together with Camouflage Black in standard scheme for the Southern Front 1941-44. Later (1943-45) also used FS:30480 together with Ochre Brown, or in 3-tone scheme with Ochre Brown and Olive Green 2. Part of standard topside scheme for all single-seat fighters from 1944 onwards. FS:26493 9*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:28 + 1*Hu:156 1*Hu:156 + 1*Hu:34 Hu:34 X:X214

Medium Grey

Dark Sea Grey

Part of standard topside scheme for all single-seat fighters from 1944 onwards. Also used for single-colour winter FS:26270 schemes on fighters from late 1943 onwards. Also used as primer colour. Standard winter upper colour throughout the War Standard metal primer colour used from the 30's until mid-50's. FS:20000 FS:24585 (24664)


Winter White Medium BlueGreen Primer

USA, pre-World War II to Modern Aircraft ColoursThe main chart covers aircraft colours of the pre-World War II and War period. Camouflage schemes of the post-war era (Vietnam onwards) were as a rule built around Federal Standard system. For the description of the FS codes and matching paint numbers, see the FS colour chart. This chart has been last revised in September 2006 pre-1939 Colour name Silver Gray Chrome Yellow Olive Drab Purple Comment Main overall colour for Navy aircraft Upper wing surfaces of Navy aircraft FS FS:36622 FS:13538 FS:30227 FS:30313 Humbrol Hu:28 Hu:188 6*Hu:100 + 3*Hu:121 + 1*Hu:113 + 1*Hu:34 Hu:250 Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master

Bottle Green Forest Green Light Blue White Aluminum 1939-1945 Colour name Zinc Chromate Primer ANA 601 Insignia White ANA 603 Sea Grey (neutral) ANA 606 SemiGloss Sea Blue ANA 607 NonSpecular Sea Blue ANA 608 Intermediate Blue ANA 609 Azure Blue ANA 611 Interior Green ANA 613 Olive Drab ANA 616 Sand Top wing surfaces of USN aircraft after 1942 Top fuselage surfaces of USN aircraft after 1942 Fuselage sides of USN aircraft after 1942 Lower surfaces of aicraft from African campaign Standard lower colour of USN aircraft, and aircraft operating over the Atlantic. Comment Overall standard colour of metal-covered aircraft

FS:34058 FS:34102 FS:35109 FS:37722 FS:17178

7*Hu:88 + 3*Hu:190 + 2*Hu:32 + 2*Hu:34 Hu:117 8*Hu:109 + 1*Hu:25 + 1*Hu:88 + 1*Hu:89 16*Hu:34 + 3*Hu:72 + 1*Hu:28 Hu:191


Humbrol Hu:81


Xtracolor Polly S

Gunze Sangyo

Model Master


6*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:41 4*Hu:77 + 3*Hu:70 + 2*Hu:34 + T:XF2*Hu:25 (Hu:125) 24 12*Hu:21 + 10*Hu:15 + 4*Hu:68 + 3*Hu:22 (Hu:134) 12*Hu:21 + 10*Hu:15 + 4*Hu:68 + 3*Hu:22 (Hu:181, 1*Hu:189 + T:X-03 1*Hu:182) Hu:144 39*Hu:34 + 12*Hu:25 + 1*Hu:60 T:X(14*Hu:34 + 13*Hu:25 + 14? 1*Hu:68 + 1*Hu:109) T:XF04? 3*Hu:163 + 4*Hu:108 + 3*Hu:33 T:XF62? X:X121 P:PCA803 GS:H35

FS:36118 FS:25042 FS:35042 (35045) FS:35164










FS:24151 Topside of USAAF aircraft after FS:34084 1943 Upper surfaces of aicraft from African campaign FS:30279

P:PCA802 P:PCA808 P:PCA812/810 GS:346

Hu:250 (4*Hu:121 + 2*Hu:118 + T:XF1*Hu:110) 59?

ANA 621 Dark Gull Grey ANA 622 Jet ANA 623 Glossy Sea Blue 41 Olive Drab 42 Medium Green

Topside of aircraft operating over the Atlantic Overall colour of night aircraft Overall colour of USN aircraft after 1943

FS:36231 FS:17038 FS:15042

Hu:140 Hu:21 12*Hu:21 + 10*Hu:15 + 4*Hu:68 + 3*Hu:22 (Hu:181) Hu:66 (Hu:155) 31*Hu:80 + 14*Hu:33 + 11*Hu:25 + 10*Hu:34 (Hu:149) (50*Hu:94 + 30*Hu:25 + 4*Hu:60 + 2*Hu:34) 5*Hu:34 + 4*Hu:27 + 1*Hu:106 Hu:154 6*Hu:115 + 4*Hu:25 + 1*Hu:87 + 1*Hu:34 21*Hu:34 + 5*Hu:27 + 2*Hu:29 (Hu:129)






Topside of USAAF aircraft until FS:23070 1943 Used for blotches on Olive Drab FS:34092 background until 1942 Lower surfaces in Olive Drab schemes FS:36173 FS:33538 Topside of USN aircraft until 1942 Lower surfaces of USN aircraft until 1942 FS:35189 FS:36440 FS:34058



43 Neutral Gray 47 Orange Yellow M-485 Blue Gray M-495 Light Gray Sea green




Polish Air Force ColoursThis chart covers the colours of Polish Air Force between 1919 and 1939. Based on the book Modelarska Kolorystyka by Jaroslaw Pacewicz. During mid-thirties Polish Air Force standardised camouflage schemes on all of its aircraft. This could be practically implemented on all aircraft since 1937, as the last foreign types were giving place to the aircraft of local production. There were four basic schemes: 1. 2. 3. 4. Upper surfaces of wings and elevators and entire fuselage in Khaki. Lower wing and elevator surfaces in Light Blue. definitely the most popular scheme. Upper surfaces camouflaged in three colours: Light Olive, Dark Olive, Khaki. Lower surfaces Sliver or Light Blue for fighter aircraft. colour edges feathered or splintered. Trainer aircraft were painted overall Khaki. Overall Sliver or Ivory White where also common. Sea aircraft were painted Light Green-Grey on the upper and Silver on the lower surfaces and floats.

Generally all aircraft produced by PZL and LWS carried scheme no. 1. Scheme no. 2 was typical for Lublin R-XIII where at least 2 colour variations were applied on different aircraft. There is also some photographic evidence that scheme 2 was applied in splinter version to at least one P.11 machine.

This chart has been last revised in September 2006.

1939 CampaignColour name Light Khaki (Khaki jasny) Dark Khaki (Khaki ciemny) Light Olive (Jasnooliwkowy) Dark Green (Ciemnozielony) Ochre (Ochra) Light Blue (Jansnoblekitny) Light Blue-Grey (Szaroblekitny) Sea Grey (Szary morski) Silver (Srebrny) Comment Upper surfaces of fighter and reconnaissance aircraft. Also present in Lublin R-XIII camouflage Upper surfaces of bomber aircraft like PZL 37 Los Upper camouflage of R-XIII Upper camouflage of R-XIII Upper camouflage of R-XIII Lower surfaces of camouflaged R-XIII Lower surfaces of fighter and bomber aircraft Sea aircraft Lower surfaces of reconnaissance aircraft (even some R-XIII) and cockpit interiors. FS Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master

FS:30118 Hu:142 FS:30097 5*Hu:110 + 1*Hu:33 + 1*Hu:10 FS:34151 Hu:151 FS:34097 2*Hu:80 + 1*Hu:116 FS:33245 Hu:63 FS:35550 6*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:25 + 1*Hu:89 + 2*Hu:64 FS:36329 7*Hu:87 + 3*Hu:34 FS:34410 6*Hu:90 + 5*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:76 + 1*Hu:64 FS:17178 Hu:191

Royal Air Force Colours, Word War I to ModernWorld War II period examples: Munich crisis to initial war period 1941 onwards Desert scheme Night fighters Bombers Temperate Sea Scheme Dark Green / Dark Earth / Sky(or Black); Dark Green / Ocean Grey / Medium Sea Grey Middle Stone / Dark Earth / Azure Dark Green / Medium Sea Grey / (Smooth Black) Medium Sea Grey Dark Green / Dark Earth / Matt Black Extra Dark Sea Grey / Dark Slate Grey / Sky

1938-1945Colour name Comment Standard RAF camouflage until 1941, and mediterranean camouflage Standard RAF camouflage until 1941 Often reffered to as Sky Type S. Lower surfaces of RAF aircraft until 1941 FS Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo

Dark Earth

FS:30095 (30118)

Hu:29 (Hu:142)

T:XF-52 X:X2

P:PCE76 GS:H72

Dark Green

FS:34079 (34096,34064)

21*Hu:80 + 6*Hu:33 + 2*Hu:99 + 1*Hu:34 T:XF-61 X:X110 (Hu:116) 160*Hu:34 + 5*Hu:101 + 4*Hu:99 + 1*Hu:60 (5*Hu:90 + 4*Hu:65 , Hu:23, Hu:90)

P:PCE75 GS:H73?/309


FS:34583 (34504, 34672, 34424)