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aIRbrushShauna O’Hurley

Nate Pfister

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Overview of Project

Project Details

Lessons Learned

Future Improvements

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Introductions & Video

Team Members

Shauna O’Hurley

Nate Pfister


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The Project

Vision To develop an artistic tracing product that is intuitive, fun,

and practical. By utilizing available technology in addition to self-created solutions the product could be utilized as a teaching tool to make notes from a distance, a toy for children of nearly any age to play with, and a platform for hobbyists to use for any related purpose.

Target Audience Children


Artistic hobbyists


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Design Architecture

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Raspberry Pi

Benefits Inexpensive

Small form factor

Debian Linux


Non-CPU intensive

“Fast enough”

ARM Processor – Overclocked at 800 MHz

Cons Despite being “fast enough”, could be faster

Some noticeable lag

Sampling rate for IR sensor too low (Software issue, mainly)

Requires a bit of set up in order to be functional

An image of the RPi created after each working code change

Requires at least a Class 10 SD card to run efficiently

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Infrared LED Pen


Pushbutton Switch

1.5V AA Battery

Expo Marker

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Software Written exclusively in python

Original open source software originally created by Stephane Duchesneau of MIT

Outdated and incomplete, but usable after a lot of trial-and-error

Majority of modifications made in the GUI

Uses GTK and wxPython for the GUI libraries, framework, etc.

Requires several packages in order to run

Will remain open source

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Project Management

JIRA, Confluence and Tortoise SVN were primarily used

Dropbox, email, text and verbal communication also used rather extensively

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Doing it Over Again?

Only major roadblock was Bluetooth connectivity, so getting that working earlier on would be a HUGE benefit

Focus on software development earlier on so more could be implemented

Work on documentation throughout the quarter instead of the majority at the end (stay on top of JIRA updates)

Keep Confluence (or a similar blog) updated regularly; it’s interesting to us, so it should be interesting to someone else!

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Future Goals

Increase sampling rate

Modify GUI to remove unnecessary functions

Allowing tracing over background

Alternatives for IR sensor

More graphical choices for pen Effects that “follow” the cursor, change the cursor itself,


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Special Thanks to:

Antonio Mondragon

Skrum master

Geoff Bastian

Skills in the machine shop

Johnny Lee

Initial idea for the project