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~ 6N21(A)L ATTACHED SERVICE MANUAL for the ENGINE AIR STARTERS YANMAR SERVICE NETWORKS INSPECTION INSTRUCTIONS FOR MODEL 45MA AIR STARTER CONTROL MODULE 1. Before Inspection Be sure to release the air pressure of the system before setting about the inspection. When the starting power voltage of the air starter 45MA is 24VDC, refer to Fig.1.below. When the voltage is lOOVDC refer to Fig.2. Control Module for 24VDC: Part Number 2-24775-005/ Yanmar Part No. 146673-77191 Control Module for 100VDC: Part Number 2-24775-005-1/Yanmar Part No.146673-77211 2. Inspection. 2-1. Trouble: The air starter does not start even with the application of the normal air pressure. Measure: It is possible that no power is supplied to the control module. Remove the screws at the input and output connectors (see Fig.2 below) and pull them out from the control module body. Check that the power voltage is supplied to the input side connector lead wire. 2-2. Trouble: Solenoid valve does not open even when the power is supplied to the control module. Measure: CD Check the control module body: Impress the power voltage to the plus (+) and minus (-) poles of the input terminal and measure the voltage of the output terminal. The function is normal when the power voltage as impressed appears. @ Check the solenoid valve: Supply O.2MPa (2kg/cm2) air pressure to the NC (normal closed) piping of the solenoid valve removed from the control module. Impress DC12V between the terminals (no polarity) of the solenoid valve, open it and check for the function. If the solenoid valve is normal, replace the control module. @ When the function of the solenoid valve is not normal: YANMAA CO.,LTD. 2006. 2. 13R Remove the elbow, loosen two nuts of the solenoid valve, turn the coil housing (with sealed in black resin) counterclockwise for loosening and remove it from the (aluminum) valve body. Loosen the three screws and check that the valve port is not clogged with impurities. If it is clogged, clean the port and check the function of the valve again according to the instruction of ~ above. INPUT OUTPUT INPUT OUTPUT Fig.1 Module for 24DVC Power Fig.2 Module for lOODVC Power 2006.2.13R PageATT-2 MODEL 45MA AIR MOTOR SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS FOR YANMAR DIESEL ENGINE MODELS, 6N18(L), 6 & 8N21(A) ENGINES Cautions for Disassembly CD The dimensions of this air motor are represented in the inch unit. @ All bolts come with six holes. Apply LOCKTIGHT (screw bonding agent) to the threads. @ Lube oil is sealed in the sealing type bearing and the starter drive. Do not wash these items. @ Feed 80g specialized grease inside the reduction gear for lubrication. For O-rings and other items, use AEROSHELL #6 or equivalent gease. The air motor can be disassembled largely into the drive housing (81), gear box housing (66), ring gear (49), contained ring (18) and inlet housing (5). Mark alignment marks on each part before disassembly. TDI TURBOSTART 1WOThl From TECH DEVELOPMENT 66 THREADED INLET CONNECTION P8 AN9139008 Figure 8. Mode/45M Pans Key Numbers Publication 45-723, Edition 1 November, 1991 From TECH DEVELOPMENT INC. SECTiON 7.0 PARTS liST KEY r NO. DESCRIPTION PIN 1 t Socket Head Cap Screw (4). inlet flange 10 inlel housing I I F-43814-024 2 SAE 6I Inlet Flange 2-25461 2/\ Thfe::dcd Inlol F!;::::go, 1 1/4 2-25101 2A Threaded Inlet Flange, 1 NPT. 2-25101-001 2A Threadoo Inlel Flange, 314 NPT 2-2510 I -002 2A Threadod Inlel r-Iange. 1-112 NPT 2-25101003 3t O-Ring 9-90001-222 4 Hex Plug 9-93501-002 5 Inlot Housing I 225095 6t Sockel Head Cap Screw (5). inlat housing to valve seat 1I F-1 9024-008 7+ Socket Head Cap Screw (4), inlet housing to containmont ring 11F-25028-016 8 ORing 9-90002-218 9 Shock Dampener 2-25107 10 Comprossion Spring 9-90435 11 O-Ring Cap 12 Spool Valve 2-25099 13 t O-Ring 9-90002-325 14 t O-Ring 9-90002-221 15 t O-Ring 9-90001-041 16 Nozzle I Valve LH 2-2509B-06L 16 Noule I Valve Seat, RH 2-25098-'723, Ecition 1 November, 1991 KEY PIN 44 '1'DESCRIPTION NO, 225235 45 t Grease Cup (6) 9-91412 46 Needle Bearing, Stage One (6) 2-25204 47 Stage One PlanEl! Gear (3) 2P24834 48 '1'Stage One Goar Camer O-Ring I 9-90001-044 49 2-24768 50 '1'Ring Gear 990oo1-{)45 51 t O-Ring 993079-001 52 t Gear Spaoer, Stage Two (6) 991413 53 Needle Bearing (3) Stage Two Planet Gear (3) I 224763 54 2-25206 55 Stage Two Planet Gear Shatt (3) Carrier I Output Shall 2P-25207 56 Magnet Cap I 2-25208 57 t Bunon Head Screw (3), magnet cap 10 gear carrier 31;:- I 9032-006 58 '1' 9,91405 59 Oil Impregnated Bronze Searing 1P-23G48-CXl6 60 Hose, inlo! 10 solonoid 1P-24775 61 t Controller I...iodulo Sockel Head Screw (7), control module to gearbox housing 1IF-l 1240012 62t Socket Hoad Screw (3), solenoid valve to gearbox housing l1F-19024018 63 2-25299 Solenoid Valve Socket Head Screw (4), bearing hub 10 gearbox housing 64t , IF-19024-012 65 t 9-90001-010 66 O-ring Gearbox Housing 67 t Socket Head Screw (7), gearbox II11 F-25028-o48 housing to contain'T'9nt ring 9-9000\-035 69 O-Ring 58t 2-24114 70 t Bearing Hub 9-9000 2-331 71 t O-Ring 2-23810 72'1' Lip Seal 9-93085 73 Thrust Washer (2) 99200 1-025 74 t Retainer Ring 9-90002-336 75 O-Ring 2-24644-{) Piston 9-90002-234 77 O-Ring 76 t 2-23419 78 Splil Ring (2) 2-22956 78 Starter Drive, LH, 5I8P, I 1T 2-23372 78 Staner Drive. LH, 6110P. 12T 2-22956 78 Starter Drive, RH, 3M. J 1T 222955 79 Starter Drive, RH, 8/1 OP, 12T 9-90430 60 '1'Compression Spring 99000 I 81 O-Ring. 2-25303 81 Drive_ Housing, SAE 1 2-24127-001 82 Drive Housing, SAE 3 9-91408 83 t Roller Boaring Socket Head Screw (12), drivo housing to goarbox housing l1F-25020- . 1:0"",.ny Tel: [513) 898-9600 Fax: [513) 898-8431 '10 In USA 1191 Pub 45-7Zl E