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this is a simple presentation that i did for my (Academic debate) lecture in College of Dentistry

Transcript of Air Pollution

  • Any visible or invisible particle or gas found in the air that is not part of the original, normal composition.
  • Natural: forest fires, pollen, dust storm -Unnatural: man-made; coal, wood and other fuels used in cars, homes and factories for energy
  • 5 Major Pollutants: 1.) Carbon Monoxide 2.) Sulfur Dioxide 3.) Nitrogen Dioxide 4.) Particulate Matter 5.) Ground Level Ozone
  • Limits visibility Decreases UV radiation Causes respiratory problems and bronchial related deaths
  • it can kill trees and harm animals, fish, and other wildlife.
  • Few number of Trees Too many Cars Smoke of Factories Absense of Recycling Not having education about Air Pollution
  • Recycling materials instead of Burning them Switch off lights, fan, heat, etc. when you leave the room Give more education about Air Pollution Ride the school bus Ride bikes instead of Cars Plant Trees