Air duct Cleaning Sales Playbook


Transcript of Air duct Cleaning Sales Playbook

Table of Contents

Why Offer Air Duct Cleaning? 2

Market Potential for Air Duct Cleaning 3

Value Proposition

Franchisees 4

Customers 5

Target Markets 6

Marketing Opportunities 7

Duct Cleaning Pricing Guidance 8

Considerations for Commercial 9

Identifying Needs 10

Setting Customer Expectations 11

Features Versus Benefits 12

Offering Solutions 13

Overcoming Objections 14-15

Closing the Sale 16

Wrapping Up the Sale 17

Bringing the Customer Back 18

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Page 1 Table of Contents

Why offer air duct cleaning?

The people most susceptible to indoor air pollution are children,

pregnant women and the elderly according to the National Safety


Contaminated central air handling systems can become breeding

grounds for mold, mildew and other sources of biological contami-

nants according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

On average, people spend 90% of their time in doors

(Environmental Protection Agency).

In a report on asthma and indoor air quality, the National Academy

of Sciences (NAS)/Institute of Medicine confirmed that dust mites

and other allergens, microorganisms, and some chemicals found

indoors are triggers for asthma.

Page 2 Why Offer Duct Cleaning?

Market Potential for Duct Cleaning

Buildings in the United States


Homes –125 Million


Does not include industrial or commercial facilities

Duct Cleaning Companies

1,000 National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) members

7,000 Duct Cleaning companies nationwide

Who does air duct cleaning?

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning contractors

Fire, Water & Restoration companies

Carpet Maintenance and Janitorial companies

Chimney Sweep companies

Independent Duct Cleaning companies

Page 3 Market Potential for Air Duct Cleaning

Value Proposition—Franchisees

Excellent Profit Margins

Customers are willing to pay for security and protect

their investment-their home, health and family.

Another revenue stream

Customers must hire a trained professional – not a Do-It–

Yourself project!

Easy ancillary service to sell-people are more environmentally

& health conscious today than ever!

Better job security for your workforce

Great additional service offering for fire, smoke, water and

restoration customers

Free training program and support with our vendor

Value Proposition–Franchisees Page 4

Value Proposition—Customers

Reduces energy costs

Reduces potential for mold and bacteria growth

Improves indoor air quality

Increases system performance & air circulation

Lengthens system’s lifespan

Multiple services in one visit—carpet cleaning, wood floors,

upholstery and other services!

Value Proposition –Customers Page 5

Target Markets

Page 6 Target Markets

Target Market Audience Value Lead Source


Existing Residential Custom-


Residential Home Owners


New Home Owners

Lower energy costs

longer system lifespan

Improved indoor air quality

healthier home

Existing customer


List procurement


Lost opportunities



Fire Water Restoration Con-


Maid Services

Mechanical Contractors

HVAC contractors

Janitorial & Cleaning Com-


Filtration Contractors

Another service offering to


Add more value to end-

users and enhance their

overall customer experience

Create a win-win situation

for all

List procurement

sources Web


Directory listings





Multi-Unit Operations

Financial Institutions


Potential for increased pro-


Potential for reduced absen-


Improved indoor air quality

Reduced potential for mold,

pollutants and bacteria


Industry trade



Current customers

Lost bids/Missed


List procurement


Real Estate

Property Mgmt Firms

Home Inspection Firms

Property Owners/Landlords

Real estate Agents

Insurance Companies

Healthier buildings

Improved indoor air quality

for tenants and clients

Happier customers

Directory listings

Chamber of Com-


List procurement


Current customers


Marketing Opportunities

Page 7 Marketing Opportunities

Marketing Materials

Sales Slicks

Post Cards


Web Page Content

Social Media Content

Email Marketing Templates

Technical Manual

Sales Strategy & Manual

Direct Mail & Val-Pak

Other Marketing Opportunities

Non -ServiceMaster® Carpet Cleaning contractors

Janitorial & Floor Care contractors not willing to perform air duct services

HVAC companies

Chimney Sweeps

Filter Maintenance & Supply companies

Mechanical contractors

Home Inspectors

Duct Cleaning Pricing Guidance

Page 8 Duct Cleaning Pricing Guidance

Residential Pricing

Please note that this pricing includes cleaning of the ductwork and vents only. If a customer requests additional

pricing for cleaning the blower section and AC coils, it is highly recommended that you refer them to an HVAC

contractor with the proper certifications and licensing. The prices recommended above are recommendations

only and not a requirement that these prices are competitive in any particular market. The recommended pricing

is not a promise of financial success or profit. Franchisees should establish pricing for services at their discretion.

Pricing for QRV program work may be limited by insurers through Xactimate or a similar program.

One Furnace Two Furnaces Three Furnaces


(first 10 vents)


(first 10 vents)


(first 10 vents)

$15 / each additional vent $15 /each additional vent $15 / each additional vent

$125—dryer vent cleaning $125—dryer vent cleaning $125—dryer vent cleaning

Considerations for Commercial Duct


Page 9 Considerations for Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning

You may be considering Commercial Duct Cleaning as you consider expanding this service offering. This is a

natural progression as you begin to add light commercial projects. There are some differences; however, that

you first need to be aware of before moving into the commercial arena.

Work Time—Residential jobs are typically completed during the daytime while Commercial jobs are

handled at night usually 4PM to midnight.

Duct Cleaning Systems—Residential duct cleaning systems are fairly simple to understand and modest

in size. Commercial Duct Cleaning and HVAC Systems are larger and more complex in scale. There will

be many more elements like inline coils, fire dampers, and turning valves that require special certifica-

tions that vary by individual states.

Average Revenues—Residential can range from $300 to $700 depending on the size of the job. Com-

mercial jobs can range from $1,000 to $1,000,000 or more depending if it is program work.

Payment Terms —Residential work is great for cash flow because you are paid at the time of service.

Commercial usually involves terms that can be 30, 60, or 90 days and might require a line of business

credit to meet payroll and business needs.

Work Specifications—Residential work usually doesn’t involve a scope of work or cleaning specifica-

tions. You must satisfy the homeowners’ expectations. Commercial jobs have specs regarding experi-

ence, certification, insurance, bonding, cleanliness, verification, and what HVAC components must be


Certifications—Most residential jobs don’t require certifications but they are a great sales tool. More

commercial specs are requiring commercial contractors to be to be a member of the National Air Duct

Cleaners Association (NADCA) and have at least one Air Systems Cleaning Specialists (ASCS) bid on the


Marketing—For residential, you will be marketing to the homeowner, while for commercial jobs you

are marketing to a wide variety of audiences—mechanical contractors, insurance agents, real estate

agents & property managers, and other commercial entities.

Commercial Duct Cleaning can be a profitable revenue stream; however, good planning and preparation are vi-


Identifying Needs

Page 10 Identifying Needs

Begin the problem identification process by being observant of all the possible reasons you can identify that the

customer might need your services. Facility Managers or homeowners usually have a hot button. Find out the

reason for that hot button. Look for evidence! In other instances, their needs may not be apparent and it will

take some probing to discover their needs. Here is a list of the most common reasons for air duct cleaning.

Dust trails—Residential & Commercial

Dirty vent covers in the home or commercial facility

Overall cleanliness of the home or commercial facility

Pets are present—Residential Only

Recent Remodeling or Construction

Recent fire, smoke or damage restoration work performed

Smokers present

Ask at least 3 open-ended questions that start with words like—what, why, when, how, which, etc. In this case,

the customer will be unable to respond with a simple yes or no.

What are your current challenges with employee absenteeism and loss of production?

What are your thoughts on Indoor Air Quality Improvement Initiatives?

How do you decide when your ductwork needs to be cleaned?

What do you see as the advantages in hiring a professional to clean your ductwork?

What criteria do you use for when you are choosing a professional to clean your ductwork?

Did you know that poor indoor air quality is one of the top five environmental risks for public health as

stated by the EPA—what if you could take measure to improve your family’s safety and health?

How important is indoor air quality and the health of your family?

Setting Customer Expectations

Page 11 Setting Customer Expectations

One of the most critical pieces of the sales process is setting realistic expectations with the customer regarding

outcomes. Let’s review the expected outcomes of duct cleaning.

Duct Cleaning

Please note this system will NOT:

Clean your entire HVAC system

Clean the coils or blower system

Remove all dirt, debris, and contaminants if done improperly

Eliminate odors unless it is growing on particulate matter in the ductwork

Fix or eliminate any HVAC maintenance issues

Please note this system will:

Thoroughly clean your ductwork

Improve the indoor air quality in your home and facility

Reduce energy costs

Increase system performance, circulation, and lifespan Reduce the potential for mold, particulate and bacterial growth

Features versus Benefits

Page 12 Features versus Benefits

It is important for your salespersons and marketers to be able to speak intelligently about the Duct Cleaning

processes, relate benefits and value in terms that decision makers understand and answer any questions.

Features Benefits

Indoor Air Quality Reduces airborne particulate and allergens

Reduces the potential for growth of mold, fungi and bacteria—

cleaner environment!

Potential for reduced absenteeism and higher productivity in the


Reduced Energy Costs Lowers the heating and cooling bill

Extends the life of the HVAC system and increases performance

High Efficiency Particulate Arrest-

ing (HEPA) Filtration Equipment

Captures 99.97% of all particulate matter down to .3 micron level

= captures mold spores, bacteria or other pollutants and irritants

in the air

Cleaner & healthier environment for families and employees

NADCA Standards Follows Industry standards of approved method to clean duct-


Fully Trained & Supported Techni-


Properly trained to do the job right ensuring customer satisfac-


Satisfaction Guarantee If customer is not happy, we will return at no charge to remedy

the issue

Offering Solutions

Page 13 Offering Solutions

We are in the business of providing solutions to needs we have identified during our initial sales visit. Remem-

ber, timing is everything, and you must “strike while the iron is hot!”

One of the biggest reasons we do not get a sale is because we fail to translate features into benefits. The heart of

communicating value is translating our internal terminology into language that connects with the customer. As a

salesperson, you may sound very knowledgeable and charismatic about Duct Cleaning but that does not mean

the customer or facility manager understands the direct value you are trying to communicate to him or her.

Drop “I” from your statements. “Speak from the customer’s perspective of “You”

Listen more than you talk

Tailor your conversation to the hot-button issues they have raised. This should not be difficult if you

have asked a series of open-ended questions to help identify the hot-button issues around their duct

cleaning and HVAC needs

Be assertive, but not aggressive. No one likes a pushy, used-car-salesman type

Be sincere and honest. The facility manager (or home owner) will quickly sense if you are just pushing a


Suggested Scripting

Here are a few examples of how to set customer expectations while also offering Duct Cleaning solutions.

“Just imagine the potential improvements in reduced absenteeism and productivity by having your

ductwork cleaned. Of course, this will not eliminate absenteeism all together, but it will significantly im-

prove the indoor air quality which is one of the top five environmental risks to public health according

to the American Lung Association.”

“Based on your desire to have improved system performance and lower energy costs, we believe you

will be more than satisfied with our Duct Cleaning solutions.”

“Avoid the costs and pain of poor indoor quality, by simply having your ductwork cleaned, you can help

protect your workforce (and family) against harmful threats like strep, salmonella, Legionnaire's disease

and other airborne pollutants.”

"Improving indoor air quality and sustainable building programs are a priority for progressive building

managers. Let us help you achieve your goals by improving your indoor air quality, reducing energy

costs and improving workforce productivity.”

“ According to a report by the EPA, Americans on average spend 90% of their time indoors. We want to

ensure that you and your family have a happy, healthy home by simply cleaning your ductwork!”

Overcoming Objections

Page 14 Overcoming Objections

When a customer is presented with the benefits of cleaning their ductwork, objections can be greatly reduced.

However, you will still encounter them and need to be prepared to address them. In addressing concerns, it is

important that the customer not feel coerced, pushed, or threatened. One of the most important things to re-

member is that if a customer is reluctant, negative responses don’t necessarily mean NO. It may simply mean a

request for more information.

Before deciding that a prospective sale is a lost cause, address the customer’s top objections. Below are exam-

ples of how you can ask and respond to customer objections in a positive, nonthreatening manner.

Q—Have you ever had your air ducts professionally cleaned?

No, it costs too much.

Professionally cleaning your ductwork can extend the life of your air handler, lower energy costs, and

help you to avoid having to replace your HVAC system early—which can be even more costly.

As far back as 1989, the US EPA recognized that poor air quality could have an adverse impact on

productivity and attendance which could affect your bottom line. Cleaning your ductwork can help

improve the indoor air quality and provide tremendous savings in the long run!

Yes, and we were dissatisfied the last time.

As a company who prides themselves on quality of their work, we would be happy to offer you a list

of references. We stand behind our work! (Be sure to get the customer’s permission to use them as a


I completely understand your position. That is why we follow the National Air Duct Cleaners Associa-

tion's (NADCA) standards for proper source removal of contaminants and cleaning processes. We

also have a satisfaction guarantee—we will come back and remedy the issue if you are not satisfied!

We have a portfolio of before and after shots of recent jobs completed for well-known companies in

the area. Please have a look and see the amazing difference for yourself. Imagine what the indoor

air quality will feel like after simply having your ductwork cleaned! (Be sure to get a written release

from the customer prior to displaying any photos.)

Nope, the HVAC system is brand new and installed just a couple of years ago.

Your brand new system could possibly be contaminated with particulates that still exist in the duct-

work. A simple cleaning of your ductwork will keep your system running efficiently for a long time.

Cleaning your ductwork can protect your investment and lower your energy costs. With annual in-

spections as advised by NADCA standards, most duct systems only have to be cleaned every 3-5


We do not have the time to shut-down.

We can schedule a time after hours that is convenient for your business operations (or when most

of your family or employees are not present). Depending on the size and complexity of the job, it

should only take a few hours.

Our highly skilled professionals are trained to get the job done as efficiently as possible and to your

satisfaction. We are happy to schedule at a time that is convenient for you and your employees.

Overcoming Objections

Page 15 Overcoming Objections

No, we are selling our house.

Cleaning the ductwork can help reduce odors especially if smokers are present, remove pet dander,

and increase efficiencies with the air conditioning. Doing all this can help you stage and present

your home in the most favorable light.

By cleaning your ductwork, you will be generating additional energy savings, increasing system per-

formance and improving the health of the home which will enhance the overall home value.

We do not know why we need that—that’s for the birds!

Cleaning your duct work can greatly improve the indoor air quality in your home. If any members of

your family suffer from allergies, Duct Cleaning can be a simple way to help reduce their allergy


Contaminated central HVAC systems, if left unattended, can be breeding grounds for mold, mildew

and other biological contaminants according to the EPA. Once mold and other contaminants de-

velop, mold mitigation can be very costly, and is sometimes not covered by your homeowners’ insur-

ance policy. A simple ductwork cleaning helps to prevent these conditions from developing.

Closing the Sale

Page 16 Closing the Sale

Too often, we do everything but ask for the customer’s business. The step most commonly omitted from the

sales process is asking for the business. At this point, the customer may already be asking you to do the work,

and you are not picking up on it. Remember, the customer’s time is valuable; you are already there to do one

job, an estimate, or presentation for another potential job.

Techniques to Close:

Assumptive close: “You would like us to clean your ductwork, correct?

– If you do not close at this point, you must continue the process of educating the customer.

– Briefly summarize your conversation with the customer. Remember to keep it customer-focused and

restate the benefits.

Direct close: “May we go ahead and schedule this service with you today?” “After reviewing our Duct

Cleaning program, is there any reason this would not be applicable in your facility (or home)?”

Indirect close: “Based on your needs we identified earlier, I would encourage a simple ductwork

cleaning for your HVAC system. Do you agree?” (Nod your head subtly in a positive manner.)

Wrapping Up the Sale

Page 17 Wrapping up the Sale

Do not forget…

Prior to leaving the customer’s home or facility, be sure the fol-

lowing takes place to bring the customer experience full circle.

Ensure the price on the proposal is agreeable to the cus-


Suggest some possible dates for services to be performed

Schedule the work and ensure date is agreeable to the cus-


If the customer needs more information from you before

scheduling, set up an appointment for follow up

If the customer needs to satisfy some internal requirement,

set up an appointment for a phone call or visit to finalize

plans for project start and completion

Bringing the Customer Back

Page 18 Bringing the Customer Back

To keep the top of mind awareness with your customers, here are some key points to consider once the job is


Ensure you push a Tell ServiceMaster survey to them within one week of completing the job.

Make sure the customer gets a slick with after care instructions on how to maintain their home after the

ductwork has been cleaned.

Be sure to scan the home and document other potential services to offer to the customer later

Follow up with the customer the next day via telephone to ensure they are satisfied with the job and

have everything they need.

Ensure the customer is aware of other services your business provides before leaving–UP SELL, UP SELL,


Take before-and-after photos of the job and post them on your social media sites. Ensure you ask per-

mission from the customer and get a written release to do so before publishing any job photos.

Ask the customer (if they are raving fans on Tell ServiceMaster) to recommend your services on Face-

book and Twitter (refer to the FaceBook integration guidelines on Service Connection or Marketing


Follow up with the customer within 3 months to find out additional needs, check in on them, and let

them know of any specials.

Include them in your direct mail and monthly email campaigns.

For any success stories, get customer permissions to use testimonials for blogs, social media, and build-

ing brand awareness.