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Fraicheur et être ensemble - une analyse comparative.

Transcript of Aini 2012 coca cola international comparison

  • 1. Nr 1 beverage company 500 sparkling and still brands 15 billion dollar portfolio 200 countries 1.7 billion servings a day.

2. Coca Cola Advertising Story1900 3. Coca Cola strategy LOVEBRAND3 As AVAILABILITY Distribution network AFFORDABILITY Product pricing ACCEPTABILITY convincing the customer to buy 4. OUR ANALYSIS USA RUSSIA CHINA KENYA1. TYPES OF MEDIA MASS MEDIA NON MEDIA2. COPY STRATEGY Values Messages Casting 5. Coca Cola in the USA 6. Symbol of America 7. Medias for advertising ? Mass media Advertising Television Billboard Web Non media advertising Sponsoring Event promotion 8. ADVERTISINGSLOGANS1886 Drink Coca-Cola1900 Deliciously refreshing1904 Coca-Cola is a delightful, palatable, healthful beverage 2000 Coca-Cola Enjoy1982 The antidote for civilization Coke slogans for the past 100+ years 2009 Open Happiness1986 Like a Rock (Inspired by the Bob Seger song Like a Rock) 2011 Life Begins Here 1993 Taste it all. 1998 Thirsty for life? Drink Coca-Cola! 2001 Life tastes good 2010 Twist The Cap To Refreshment 9. The advertising messages. BillboardingThe american way of life 10. TV commercials The opposition between good and evilhttp://www.cultur oca-colavideogame 11. TV commercials Happiness, peace, enjoy deos/coca-cola-friendlyman 12. The advertising messages Sponsoring Va l u e s o f s p o r t ( te a m s p i r i t , fa i r p l ay, re s p e c t ) tch?v=S2nBBMbjS8w 13. Sponsoring online. Sponsoring health activities 14. Friends with COKE ? 15. Russia 16. PePsi is the official soft drink of the Soviet Union in the 1970s. 17. COCA-COLA IN THE NEW RUSSIA Ideological fetish The Coca-Cola Company entered Russia in 1992, only one year after the fall of the Soviet Union.In 1994, the country's first Coca-Cola plant opened in Moscow.Today, the Coca-Cola System in Russia owns and operates 15 bottling plants . 18. Represent the consumer within the act of consumption The focus from desire to identification.Develop the illusion of a personal relationship 19. Coca cola kiosk, Moscow, 2010Bus station, Moscow, 2010Bus, Moscow, 2010 20. The shops The streetsPromotionThe cinema 21. TV advertising Young peopleNew Year 22. Live Positively, Coca-Cola's Community Relations 3792 Coca-Cola fan pages on the VKONTAKTE server 23. SZETGRY 24. Russian consumer Coca-Cola comes into your homeHe is not rich.He almost never drinks cola at home.Never in the morning, extremely rarely in the afternoon, and sometimes in the evening in front of the television set. 25. Coca-cola in China Introduction: Coca-cola in China Advertisement Sponsoring Promotion 26. Coca-cola communication strategy: Advertisement Traditional Mdias: television/ newspaper/ Magazine New medias: outdoor billboards/ internet POP (point of purchase) : logo/ brand stickers/ posters/ price tags/ Cold drink equipment labels/ signboards 27. Coca-cola communication strategy Sponsoring Sponsoring sports events: Beijing Olympic Games National Football team ( official drink) 28. Sponsoring social welfare activities: more than 3000 millions RMB Hope Project: Save the Yellow River program: 29. Coca-cola communication strategy:Promotion Level 1: Wholesalers and retailers * Price reduction/ discount Level 2: Sales persons: commission 30. Level 3 : Consumers Free tasting/ special price/ Adding volume/ Gifts/ Corporation with the supermarkets or other companies ( i.e. : IT) Temporary promotion stands/ stages /quizes Joint promotion: Internet games/ Tencent/ Lenovo 31. Strategy Analysis Global strategy : Youth:Energy and fun, Sports spiritLocalization strategy : (cultural adaptation/Acceptability) Brand traslation: tasty and happy Celebrity effect of brand ambassadors Advertisement creation: Chinese cultural elements 32. Youth:Energy and fun 33. Sports spirit 34. Spring festival 35. Value of family 36. -Food and health - Criticism 37. Cokes last frontier 38. Coca Cola in Africa 39. Kenya Since 1948 Local bottling plant 200 ml bottle 30 Kenyan shillings (37 cents) Availability/distribution No Pepsi 40. Mass Media Advertising TV commercials Billboard Street furnitureNon-Media Advertising Point of sale Ad Special Offers (coupons) Event Promotion (sponsoring) Local style (painted houses) 41. Another way of advertising. -adaptation to distribution -branded rickshaw vans, tricycles and pushcarts 42. TV Advertising Brrhttp://www.y watch?v=RJ b1o8SJQnchttp://www.yout ?v=5bUfz7UgP DwCopa Coca Cola 43. Street furniture 44. Point of Sale Advertising 45. BILLBOARDINGDiscouraged by internet social medias WASHI KUWAHI 46. EVENT PROMOTION 47. Sponsoring: CHARITY Coca Cola FoundationAidsWomen 48. Typical affrican advertising 49. Coca Cola earrings 50. Adaptation of the message Global coca cola values: refresh, hapiness,etc Football the sport n.1 Youth: dance sing play drink Community life: children, women Social ResponsabilityHow lucky are Africans to have such a caring friend like Coca Cola, the continent's largest employer with 65,000 employees. 51. DANCE, SING PLAY, DRINK!! 52. Conclusion USAChinaRussiaAfricaMediaOnline advertisingTV CommercialStreet avdvertising/Pr omotionPoint of Sale AdvertisingLocal messageHappinessFamily/MealFreedom/YouthRefreshing/Com munitySport sponsoringSuper BowlNational Football team/ KungfuSochi 2014COPA Coca ColaSupporting social welthare activitiesAwarness campain for women healthYellow River program/Hope ProjectNew Names Charity FoundationThe Coca Cola RAIN Program