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    Tirana, June 29th, 2011

  • 8/2/2019 AIDA _IsraelAlbForum


    Why Albania? Fast reforming country with focus on the ease of doing


    Improving infrastructure Improving legal framework

    FTA with countries of the region giving access to abigger market

    Dynamic and educated workforce

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    Why Albania? Protection of Private and Intellectual Property.

    One-Stop-Shop for licensing and registration for

    companies. Online system for tax filing and payments.

    Low tax burden

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    Albania in numbersAn average annual GDP growth of 6% in the 2000

    2009 period.

    Positive GDP growth of 3.3 % even during the financialcrisis

    On starting a business, Albania ranked 68th in 2009,moved to 46th in 2010 and 45th in 2011 in the global

    ranking. (Doing Business Report by WB) On getting credit and protecting investors Albania

    ranks 15th out of 183 countries in 2011 putting Albaniaamong the top reformer countries (Doing Business

    2011 by WB)

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    Liberal FDI Legal Framework

    No prior government authorization is needed and no sectoris closed to foreign investment.

    No limitation on the percentage share of foreign

    participation in companies - 100 percent foreign ownershipis possible Foreign investment may not be expropriated or

    nationalized directly or indirectly, Foreign investors have the right to expatriate all funds and

    contribution in kind of investments. No distinction is made between foreign and domesticinvestors

    State protection on legal disputes for investments over 10Million Euro

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    Registering a business in Albania

    Registration through the National Registration Centeris possible:

    1 day

    100 Leke (ALL) (1 USD)

    In the Tirana offices or at 31 service windows located inall municipalities and Tirana and Durres Chambers ofCommerce

    Fast transparent procedures easily verifiable online(

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    Does you business in Albania need a

    license? Licensing through the One stop shop model by the

    National Licensing Center

    Only a limited number of business activities need alicense or permit before operations start (46categories)

    100 Leke (ALL) (1 USD)

    Fast transparent procedures easily verifiable online(

    Application can be done in the Tirana headquarters of9 regional services windows in major municipalities

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    Investment potentials

    Attractive economic sectors

    Energy Sector


    Agriculture and Food Processing Industry

    Construction and Infrastructure

    Mining Industry

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    Energy Sector Government policy oriented towards development

    through the Public Private Partnership model

    Unexploited potential in renewable energy production(hydro, solar and wind)

    Favorable legal framework

    Single Service window for licenses and permits for

    energy project (National Licensing Center)

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    Information Technology Sector Facts

    A fast growing sector in Albania

    96 providers of internet service in 2010 (AKEP) 100,000 families have internet or 12.5% of all families


    10,000 businesses (AKEP)

    Number of broadband lines is estimated at 3.4%compared to 2.5% in 2009 (AKEP)

    60,000 entities use ADSL offered by Albtelecom (7%businesses and the rest families)

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    Alternative providers Albtelecom TOTAL

    DSL (over a copper line)19029 59567 78596

    Combination of fiber, coaxial

    cable, copper line15000 5373 18527

    Internet access speed256 kbit/s- 20 Mbit/s 2 Mbit/s-12 Mbit/s

    Most used speed 1 Mbit/s 2 Mbit/s

    Users with integrated access0 59621 59621

    TV and Internet 215 0 215

    Internet and telephone

    TV and Telephone 0 0 0

    TV, Internet, telephone125 0 125

    IT Sector Statistics

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    Software development

    Financial services

    Hospitals Clothing

    Shoes, and more

    Internet providers

    Website developer and service provider for web-based applications

    Service providers of integrated systems

    Hardware distributor and sales

    ICT Sector potential

  • 8/2/2019 AIDA _IsraelAlbForum


    The Albanian Investment

    Development Agency

    The newest National Agency focused on investmentpromotion and proactive support to businesses foreignand domestic

    Management Board chaired by the Prime Minister

    The next step in a long track of successful Governmentreforms aimed at improving the business climate inthe country

  • 8/2/2019 AIDA _IsraelAlbForum


    What we will do? facilitate and support direct investment in Albania, through the

    identification and promotion of investment opportunities,offering services and support to existing or potential investors;

    increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sizedenterprises, enabling the renewal and improvement of productsand services and the technology they use, offering mechanismsto increase their technical capacity and skills renovation;

    promote and support exports of goods and services by providingsupport services and financial assistance to exportingcompanies, and export promotion.

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    What we will do? Serve as a one-stop-shop for inward investors to ensure

    faster and efficient services

    The agency will conduct all activities and takes allnecessary initiatives to support private sectordevelopment and improve the business climate

    Intermediate between investors and state authorities.

    Investor servicing and support at all stages of theinvestment cycle.

  • 8/2/2019 AIDA _IsraelAlbForum


    How we can help? Implementation of policies and strategies for the private sector

    development Studies, research on the business climate Information about business conditions and opportunities in

    Albania Contacts within national and regional government agencies Detailed statistical and survey data about Albania and its key

    sectors Identification of sites and buildings Project management support throughout the investment cycle Links with potential partners

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    Let AIDA help

    you make

    Albania yourInvestment


    Contact Information

    Address: Blvd Gjergj Fishta

    Pall Shallvare

    Tirana, Albania

    Tel: +355 42251001

    [email protected]