Agile SEO for Google

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How can an SEO cope with the endless changes that Google makes to its search algorithm and technology?An agile SEO approach (in the sense of "nimble") can be used to identify opportunities to improve search engine visibility in Google, respond to dramatic increases or decreases in search traffic, and to anticipate future changes that Google might make.

Transcript of Agile SEO for Google

  • 1. Agile SEO for Google Aaron BradleyInternet Marketer, InfoMine Inc.

2. Why an agile approach to Google is importantBest practices are fluid, resources are finite, and SEO ROI is relative Best practices are transitory What works today may not work tomorrow, so you need to be prepared to continually adopt just as Google does Resources are limited Your ability to respond to Googles changes will be limited if your resources are tied up in big projects reserve capacity SEO rewards are relative The potential impact of pursuing opportunities must be weighed against the value of work that must be deferred 3. Agile SEO working approachesBe knowledgeable, seize opportunities, respond forcefully, and think ahead Seek out good intelligence from multiple sources Actively seek out and exploit opportunities Respond in an organized and timely fashion toGoogle changes that have a demonstrably negativeor positive impact on your search visibility Anticipate Googles next likely moves by observingtrends across the web 4. Sources of information for the agile SEOFavor the many over the few, and embrace new sources as they emerge 5. Agile leveraging of information about GoogleAn agile SEO is bold but not reckless 6. Identifying and seizing opportunitiesEmbrace new Google initiatives when an advantage is to be gained Google changes may solve an existing problem Google changes may alert you to a upcomingproblem that should be addressed now Google changes may represent an opportunity Any opportunity be weighed against a relative cost-benefit analysis of the time spent pursuing it 7. Seizing opportunities some examplesAvoiding future problems, solving existing problems, and getting ahead 8. Responsive agile SEO a blow from GoogleResponding to changes from Google that have had a negative impact 9. Responsive agile SEO an exampleAn agile SEO response to a potential search traffic apocalypse 10. Responsive agile SEO a gift from GoogleResponding to changes from Google that have had a positive impact 11. Anticipatory agile SEOAnticipating what things Google might soon reward or discount 12. Anticipatory agile SEO some examplesSocial and mobile trends: no-brainers past and present 13. The agile SEO paradoxEmploying standard technologies provide you with greater flexibility 14. Thanks!Hope you enjoyed the presentation please say in touch! Twitter: @aaranged Web: