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November 1, 2013 (PMI Chicagoland Development Day) Change is never easy and introducing change to a large organization feels daunting, if not impossible. Companies are recognizing however, they must change to remain nimble and competitive and many of them are turning to Agile transformations to drive this change. Through stories and experiences, this session will cover 5 topics crucial for instilling lasting and meaningful change as you introduce Agile to your organization: The Transformation Journey – Begin shifting your organization into a new way of collaborating through a structured and proven approach Your Agility Framework – Learn how to establish and inspect and adapt framework based on roles, relationships, behaviors, and activities Building an Agile Eco-System – Engage your workplace through the use of communities and connections Leadership Engagement – Ask your leadership for more than just “buy-in”…ask how they will need to change as well Finding Catalysts – Discover how the Scrum Master or Agile Project Manager role should play an important role in improving your culture

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Len Lagestee@lagestee

Agile: Nuts and Bolts

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Engage and Energize

Experience and Elaborate

Evolve and Embody

Leadership& Culture

Leadership & Culture

Agility Culture TransformationCommunityCoaching

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Leadership Engagement Model

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“I’ll just observe” “I’ll be an encouragement”

“I’m skeptical” “I’m committed”

A Leadership Journey

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Become a

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Len Lagestee

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