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After WorldCat Selection Bonna J. Boettcher MLA 2016

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WCS - MLA presentationMLA 2016
ITSO: Index view (slide reproduced by permission of Scott Wicks)
ITSO: Selector view, detail (slide reproduced by permission of Scott Wicks)
ITSO: Selector view, preferences (slide reproduced by permission of Scott Wicks)
What next?
General requirements • User-friendly, intuitive interface • Customizable display • Easy connection to OCLC to view holdings • Logins tied to selector profiles • Individual records may be assigned to multiple selectors • Multiple preset and intuitive filters and views • Ability to forward records easily • Handles multiple funds for individual selectors
General requirements, cont.
• Integrate print and electronic formats in single displays • Free-text fields for communicating with technical services • Ability to de-dup records in selector displays: titles; series’ titles; IS_Ns; OCLC number • Robust EDI component
So what?
• Scott Wicks, Associate University Librarian for Technical Services, Harvard University • Fred Muratori, Reference and Instruction Librarian and Bibliographer for English-language Literature, Theatre, and Film • Jesse Koennecke, Director of Acquisitions and E-Resource Licensing • Adam Chandler, Technical Services Automation and User Experience Specialist