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AESuniversity Program Setup Page Refresher. What is required? What comes from Web Tool Program Requirements Activity Requirements Questions & Answers. Program Setup Page. Session Outline:. Session Overview. Session Goals: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of AESuniversity Program Setup Page Refresher

Program Setup

AESuniversity Program Setup PageRefresher

Adsystech, Inc.What is required?What comes from Web ToolProgram RequirementsActivity RequirementsQuestions & AnswersSession Outline:2Program Setup PageAdsystech, Inc.Session Overview

Session Goals:This session will cover the requirements for setting up Programs, Components and Activities using the Program Setup page.Importance:Many reports have requirements for Programs and Activity setup; if items are not set up correctly, the report may not produce accurate information. Some fields do not need to be filled in if the specific report is not used by that Program.3Adsystech, Inc.Terms and Definitions:Program is a program within the Organization (Transitional Housing, Emergency Assistance); it will include one or more Program Components, Milestones and ActivitiesProgram Component A sub level of a Program with a more narrowly focused process; it includes unique Activities and MilestonesStaff Activities Staff performed services to assist clients in completing milestones (case management, assessment, home visit)Activity Type Determines on which page the Activity will be recordedStandard Name organize Staff Activities into Standard Categories for reporting purposes or for billing functionsMilestone Interim Client results or Outcomes; they are often linked to Statewide or Funder Investor Goals and Performance Measures

4Adsystech, Inc.Program SectionPrograms are created in Security Manager or with the Program Development ToolBoth Active and De-activated Programs appear on this pageQuestions Codes are created here for questions to appear on Entry pageQuestions are created on the Question Template pageCentral Intake program questions appear on Central Intake Profile/Eligibility pageStandard Name is required for some ProgramsActive checkbox will show status, but cannot be changed hereAuto Create = Swipe Cards may enroll Client into Program as well as record services5Adsystech, Inc.

Program sectionProgram Setup: Use checkbox to view only Active ProgramsAll Programs show in GridButtons open popup windows to supply additional setup detailsQuestion Code determines questions that will appear on Entry page

12364Adsystech, Inc.Program Details Category can be used for Rules, ReportsAuto Create Mode determines who will be entered into ProgramIndividual, Household, FamilyFocus Code determines who will be counted in Snapshot and on specific ReportsProgram Start & End Date determine Program datesTarget Population can be used for Rules, ReportsProject Name & Program Description required for APRDuration is used with Closeout ModePoverty Level Type determines poverty calculationsGEO Code fills in automaticallyComments for your own use

7Adsystech, Inc.

Details popup window123Details setup:Top sectionAuto Create Mode Focus CodeStart & End DatesCloseout Mode & DateReferral Categories and ContactsUse PREV or NEXT buttons to scroll to other Programs

84Adsystech, Inc.Details: Closeout ModeExit = Client will be exited from Program on Closeout DateOnGoing = Client will continue in the Program on Closeout DateTheir application is pushed to new Operation YearNightly job finds Clients; needs to be set up by Tech Support

9Adsystech, Inc.Closeout Mode Take 2Job finds Program with todays Closeout DateFinds Program Start & End DateIf Closeout Date is same as End Date, job will runIf Closeout Date is earlier than End Date, job will not runFinds all applications tied to the ProgramUses Year of Closeout Date to determine Operation Year of applicationsFinds all applications with that Operation YearIf Exit exits those client applicationsIf OnGoing keeps client in Program, changes Client Operation Year to new year

10Adsystech, Inc.Details: Categories for ReferralsOnly required for internal referralsCategories and STDNames must be created first in System LibraryLink all categories that should be used with this Program for possible referralsWhen Users select this Category for a referral, this Program will be a choiceMultiple Categories may be linked to a Program

11Adsystech, Inc.Details: Contacts for ReferralsOnly required for internal referralsLink all Contacts that should be used with this Program for possible referralsMultiple Contacts may be linked to a ProgramAll Location/Contact combination created on Locations page will show here

12Adsystech, Inc.Program Location Link windowLocations must be linked to a Program for HMIS Programs and Head StartFor HMIS only a Location may be linked to only one ProgramPopup window will show all Locations created for Agency

13Adsystech, Inc.

Locations popup windowLink Locations to Program: Use button to open popupAll Locations appear in GridUse Right arrow to link Location to active ProgramLocations linked to selected Program appear here


For HMIS Programs: Locations may be linked to only ONE ProgramA Program may have multiple LocationsAdsystech, Inc.HUD Parameters windowRequired for HMIS Programs doing AHAR reportDates required only if multiple records existDates cannot overlapProgram Type Code determines Program typeTracking MethodProgram entry & exit date comparison counts 1 stay for each night between datesBed Management Model counts bed servicesTarget Population A determines Family or Individual Bed typeWill also set Focus CodeTarget Population B DV, HIV, VET, NADirect Service Code - Yes

15Adsystech, Inc.

HUD ParametersSet HUD Parameters: Use button to open popup windowDates only required if multiple records existTracking Method determines how bed nights are countedTarget Population A determines Individual or Family Bed Type


Adsystech, Inc.Program ComponentsEach Program must have at least one Program ComponentSome Program Components have required Standard NameAuto Create checkbox = Component will be created automatically when Client is entered into ProgramActive = Component will appear in dropdown on Services pageComponent may be deleted only when no Activities exist

17Adsystech, Inc.

Program Components12Create Program Components: Every Program must have a Program ComponentUse Auto Create to have Component created automatically at EntryComponents may be deleted only when no Activities exist18Program Component will not be generated for Client unless there are current MilestonesAdsystech, Inc.Activity Required Fields4 required fields:Activity Name is what Uses will see in Activity dropdownActivity Type determines on which page Activity appearsService, Case, Profile, Session, Bed, etc.Standard Name organizes Activities into categories for reporting purposesHMIS Programs have HUD Data StandardsHead Start has specific requirementsFunding Code determines which Contract(s) pay for Activity

19Adsystech, Inc.Activity TypesService = Services page Case = Case Notes page Sessions = Sessions pageProfile = Profile (Activity Detail, Additional Questions)Encounter = Encounter Entry Log pageEnergy = Energy page and HPRP pageBed= Bed Assignments pageClass, EnrollProfile, Health Screening, HealthTreatment, HSFamilyServices, Permission, Other = Head Start pages

20Adsystech, Inc.

Activities12Creating Activities: Blue Fields are required Activity NameActivity TypeStandard NameFunding Code2134Adsystech, Inc.Activity FieldsUnits = default value (User may change) and Unit Type that appears for Activity (Unit, Minute, Day, Cost)Unit Cost = cost for unit of ActivityQuestion Code = set of questions that appear for Profile ActivityQuestions are created on Question Template page, but Code must be entered or selected here firstBilling = YES indicates it will use billing module & batch processEstimated Time = default time when scheduling Activity in Resource ManagerClient Daily Limit = maximum activities Client may receive when using Swipe CardDaily Limit = maximum activities that can be provided by the Program in one day when using Swipe CardCategory = used for Reports (NPI); values must match Performance Measure Index (6.2A, 6.2B, etc.)Complete = will cause linked Milestone to change Status to Complete when recorded for a Client

22Adsystech, Inc.Activity Checkboxes Active = will be available in dropdownAuto Create = created automatically for Client when Program Component is createdSwipe = can be used on Swipe pageCan be turned on/off on Swipe page by UserScan = will be included on Smart Form for Daily ServicesShow in RSM = will appear in Queue to be scheduled in Resource ManagerKit/Bed = this Activity should count as Bed Activity

23Adsystech, Inc.Activity buttonsAdd Referral Activity = creates an Activity for Referral page from existing ActivityThis will appear in Activity dropdown in Service Location window on Referral pages when referring to this ProgramSchedule Session = active only when Type = Session and Auto Create is checkedAllows an Activity to be scheduled on a recurring basis for all new Clients in ProgramDelete = Activity can be deleted only if it has not been recorded for any Client

24Adsystech, Inc.

Setting up Referral Activity1Set up Referral Activity:Select the Activity to use For Referrals in the Activity GridClick ADD REFERRAL ACTIVITY buttonActivity Name and Standard Name appear automatically and are the same as the original ActivityActivity Type = ReferralSelect Funding Code


23YES will appear in Has Referral? column after the Activity is createdAdsystech, Inc.

Setting up Auto schedule Take 31Set up Activity TypeFor any new or existing Services:Activity Type = SESSIONCheck Auto CreateClick Schedule Session buttonIn the popup window:Select FrequencyStart and End DatesSelect Days of WeekClick UPDATE SCHEDULE2632

654An overnight job must be scheduled by tech supportAdsystech, Inc.Additional Activity RequirementsActivity appears in Encounter ifPro