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  • Advertising Creatives

    Converse All-Star Studded Chuck Taylor Creative Brief

    Jenna Rosty, Alex Lessard, Abigail Banks, and Lindsey Rogers

    Sept. 11, 2013


    I. Competitive Analysis

    II. Target Audience

    III. Desired Brand Image

    IV. Single-minded Proposition

    V. Substantiation/Summary of Research

    Competitive analysis

    The Converse All-Star Studded Chuck Taylor


    Available in canvas, textile, and leather

    Studs available on the whole shoe or on parts of the shoe

    Studs available in varying lengths

    Portholes added to the side for added breathability

    Available in several colors and patterns

    Padded foot bed

    Flexible rubber sole

    Price: $85 to $170

    Direct competition


    Average price: $45 to $65


    o Arch support

    o Padded collar

    o Waffle sole with excellent grip


    o Verbal:

    The shoes have been described as the worlds first skateboard shoes.

    The shoes have been described as the number one skateboard shoe.

    During the 1980s and 1990s, the shoes were described as authentic. Many

    ads explained how to spot California natives and avoid posers.

  • More recent ads have equated the shoes with freedom, using taglines like

    ride the sky, off the wall, and the only shoes that never touch the


    o Visual:

    They are usually shown with skateboards.

    They are usually shown with graffiti.

    Bright colors are often emphasized.

    When colors are not emphasized, the ads run in black and white with red



    Average price: $50 to $100


    o Suede insole

    o Latex arch support

    o Durable fabric

    o Perforated insoles

    Added benefit:

    o For each pair bought, a pair goes to a child in need.


    o Verbal:

    Ads tend to emphasize the feel-good nature of helping others. This is

    accomplished by explaining the one-for-one concept and using taglines

    such as shoes for tomorrow and change begins with a single sole.

    Ads sometimes equate buying Toms with other feel good acts, such as

    voting and giving blood.

    Ads suggest that Toms shoes tell a story.

    o Visual:

    Ads often show children from around the world.

    Most ads focus on the style of the shoes and only show wearers from the

    knee down.

    Most ads show Toms that are new and clean, although a few ads show

    pairs that are ripped and ratty.

    Globe (Light-house slim):

    Average price: $40 to $60


    o Lightly padded

    o Lightweight outsole

  • o Stripe on bottom


    o Verbal

    The ads focus primarily on images to sell the shoe; very few words are


    o Visual

    Many ads show individuals skateboarding.

    In most images, the skateboards are off the ground.

    Most ads include a close-up shot of the shoe next to the skateboarding


    Most ads use muted colors or are in black and white.

    The colors red, tan, and yellow are used often.


    Average price: $40 to $100


    o Leather or suede

    o Gold signature

    o Rubber sole


    o Verbal:

    Early ads described how these shoes were the perfect mix of performance

    and style.

    More recent ads try to appeal to the artist within, suggesting that

    individuals who wear these shoes make a statement about their identity.

    Some ads talk about the former basketball player Walt Clyde Frazier,

    who was known for his flamboyant style of dress

    Ads suggest that wearers will become a legend.

    o Visual

    Most ads show the shoe being worn by a performer such as a graffiti artist,

    DJ, or musician.

    The word rugged comes up very often in Puma ads.

    Most ads visually explain how the shoes can handle anything while

    remaining fashionable.

    PF Flyers:

    Average price: $30 to $80


  • o Available in several fabrics

    o Available in high-top and low-cut

    o Comfortable Posture Foundation(PF) insole

    o Iconic PF heel patch


    o Basketballs first superstar, Bob Cousy, wore PF Flyers.


    o There were not many recent ads available for review because the shoes are sold

    primarily online.

    o Verbal:

    The ads sold comfort and relaxation

    The phrase, Find your green patch, has been used recently.

    o Visual.

    One online ad showed a man lounging on the grass and wearing the shoes

    with a button-up shirt and khaki pants.

    DC Shoes:

    Average price: $60 to $90


    o Abrasion-resistant rubber sole

    o Custom sockliner artwork

    o Leather or suede fabric

    o Heel protection


    o Verbal:

    Many ads discuss how wearers can be part of the DC team.

    Ads usually have an inspirational quote from a DC team member.

    Ads focus mostly on performance with little discussion about style.

    Ads also focus on how DC sets the bar in the category of skateboarding


    o Visual:

    Ads include action shots of extreme sports like skateboarding, motocross,

    and snowboarding.

    The focus of the ads is on athletes, not on the product.

    Most ads are too dark to see the shoe.

    Most ads focus on the setting; for example, many include famous

    monuments in the shot.

  • Nike SB (Skateboard):

    Average price: $45 to $90


    o Available in suede, mesh, and canvas

    o Available in high-top cuts and low-cut

    o Customizable Nike swoosh

    o Available with customized heel text

    o Neoprene collar for superior comfort around the ankle

    o Lightweight sockliner

    o Stitch-free lining

    o Rubber outsole

    o Pivot point at forefoot


    o Verbal

    Few words were used.

    Most ads focused on the features of the shoe.

    The phrase re-engineered classic was used.

    o Visual

    Ads showed skateboarders using the product.

    Most skateboards were shown in the air, not on the ground.

    Many colors are used to reflect the many colors of the shoes.

    Famous skateboarders are used in the images.

    Airwalk from Payless:

    Average price: $20 to $40


    o Flat bottoms

    o Good fit

    o Cotton lining

    o Padded footbed

    o Two-inch hidden wedge

    o Man-made materials.


    o Verbal

    Very few words are used besides the logo.

    o Visual

    Ads focused on the adventurous nature of the shoe. One ad showed a man

    climbing on the speakers at a concert; others showed individuals


  • Gazelle Shoes from Adidas:

    Average price: $50 to $70


    o Lightweight canvas

    o Imported

    o Broken in feel

    o Arch support.


    o Verbal

    The Adidas website says the shoes have been used for both hip-hop

    dancing and skateboarding.

    o Visual

    No print or video ads were available online.

    Michael Kors Glam Studded High-Top

    Average price: $195


    o Wedge heel

    o Dual zipper closure

    o Leather

    o Padded collar

    o Lightly cushioned footbed

    o Rubber sole


    Specific advertisements were not available online; however, the shoes

    listing mentioned glamour and rock-and-roll. Michael Kors is considered a

    designer brand.

    Indirect Competition

    Indirect competitors include shoes that are used for different purposes or offer alternative styles,

    including heels, wedges, flats, boots, sandals, and flip flops. In addition, the All-Star Studded

    Chuck Taylors face indirect competition from individuals who will buy studs and add them to

    sneakers they already own.

  • Target audience

    The target audience can be described as men and women between the ages of 18 and 24 who

    already own at least one pair of Converse shoes and are fans of the culture, lifestyle, music, or

    fashion of punk or rock-and-roll.


    Research has indicated that:

    Most Converse wearers are brand loyal and plan to buy Converse again in the future.

    First-time Converse buyers tend to buy classic styles of Converse rather than studded


    Women buy the Converse line only slightly more often than men.

    Teenagers and early twenty-somethings tend to buy the shoes more often than other age


    Most individuals buy their first pair of Converse when they are a teenager.

    Individuals who wear Converse, especially high-top Converse like the Chuck Taylors,

    tend to listen to rock or punk music and/or wear vintage-style rock t-shirts.

    Additional analysis:

    Because first-time buyers do not usually purchase non-traditional styles of Converse, and

    because most first-time buyers are teenagers, the information suggests that teenagers are less

    likely to purchase studded Converse shoes, which is why they are not included in the target


    More information about this research is listed in the sections below.

  • Desired brand image

    My Converse All-Star Studded Chuck Taylo