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Transcript of Advance 2014 1 Pn Enadv Product News

  • Products and systems for Totally Integrated Automation

    advanceproduct newsNumber 1 | April 2014 |

  • advance product news 2/2013 | Rubrik ???

    Integrated drive technology

    16 A perfect team

    Simotics motors for converter operation

    17 Sinamics medium- and low-voltage converters

    18 Sinamics G inverters, SinaSave energy efficiency tool

    19 Simotion: Web-based diagnostics, efficient engineering

    20 New Simotics motors, Simotics app

    21 Simogear with frequency inverter, Flender SIP

    Industrial identification

    22 Transparency in tool management

    Tool identification with Simatic Ident

    23 Object recognition Pat-Genius, Simatic handheld reader

    Industrial controls

    24 Cost-effective monitoring

    Simocode pro earth-fault module

    25 Siplus condition monitoring system

    26 Sidoor geared motors and door management

    Low-voltage power distribution

    27 New 3VA molded case circuit breakers


    28 Systems and solutions

    Three ways to order your subscription


    Hannover Messe

    03 The course is set!

    Automation in TIA Portal

    04 Even more flexible engineering

    TIA Portal V13

    05 Simatic S7-1200 CPU, S7-1500F CPU

    06 Basic Panels, Simatic apps

    PC-based automation

    07 Industrial rack PCs, multi-touch devices

    Distributed I/O systems

    08 ET 200 CPUs for Profinet and handling tasks

    Energy management

    09 Energy data visualization with B.Data

    Micro automation

    10 New LOGO! 8

    11 LOGO! CMR and LOGO!Power for LOGO! 8

    Process automation

    12 Simit simulation software, Siwarex weighing electronics

    Industrial communication

    13 Ethernet via two-wire cabling? Sure!

    VD module for Scalance

    14 Scalance W portfolio expansion, Scalance X switches

    Safety technology

    15 Safety Evaluation Tool

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    advance product news 1/2014

    Automation in TIA PortalEven more flexible engineering

    advance product news 1/2014 | Contents





  • 3To remain competitive in the manufacturing industry in the future as well as the present, it is imperative to have strong partners partners, who set the right course in terms of technology. Siemens offers integrated solutions that perfectly link all stages of the industrial value chain. With consistent technologies such as Totally Integrated Au-tomation (TIA) or Integrated Drive Systems (IDS), the work-flow can be improved, enhancing the productivity and effi-ciency of the companies served. All of this results in greater competitiveness.

    Highly integrated solutions for more efficiency

    Be it in the area of automation or drive technology, innova-tive products are the motor continuously driving the integra-tion and flexibility of solutions for the customers benefit. TIA Portal V13 is the main focus of the presentation at Hanno-ver Messe. The new version opens up Security Integrated for Simatic S7-1200 and Safety Integrated for Simatic S7-1500. Thus, the new fail-safe S7-1518F CPU, the most powerful from the Simatic S7 1500 line, also benefits from efficient engineering. In the area of micro automation, there is the completely updated LOGO! 8 that is able to communicate with all Simatic S7 systems. The micro controller also stands out with its simplified handling and even more reduced space requirements, with more digital and analog outputs. The HMI portfolio was extended by new Basic Panels of the second generation, an entry-level industry rack PC, and multi-touch devices for industrial environments.

    Furthermore, at its booth in Hall 9, Siemens presents Sinamics G110M, a distributed, motor-integrated inverter for geared motors that saves space and reduces installation ef-fort. This makes the Simogear / Sinamics G110M combination perfectly suited for a great variety of conveyor technology applications. In addition, Siemens presents a series of plan-etary gear units of up to 80 kNm consisting of a Flender Stan-dard Industry Planetary (SIP) gear unit, a Simogear geared motor, and the new Sinamics G110M inverter with signifi-cantly reduced weight and installation space that offers man-ifold extension possibilities.

    Flexible solutions save time and costs

    For enhanced flexibility in industrial communications, the new MM992-2VD media module offers a way to easily and economically migrate to Profinet with existing two-wire cabling. The versatile, compact Scalance XM-400 Industrial Ethernet switch has a modular design that makes it possible to connect up to 24 network devices, such as Simatic con-trollers, in its full version.The new series of 3VA molded case circuit breakers are es-pecially space-saving and protect buildings and industrial plants from damage and prevent downtimes. The highly vari-able 3VA system offers optimum solutions for all applica-tions and saves the customer time and costs by supporting every step from the planning stage to full operation.

    Under the banner Making Things Right, Siemens provides a comprehensive overview of its portfolio catering to industry customers at Hannover Messe 2014. The focus is on numerous innovations that help to make production even more efficient and flexible in the future.

    The course is set!

    Products and solutions for tomorrows industry

  • 4advance product news 1/2014 | Automation in TIA Portal

    TIA Portal V13

    Thanks to the improved and expanded Version 13 of the engineering framework TIA Portal, expenditures for engineering can be further reduced. It integrates additional fail-safe controllers as well as new motor-integrated frequency inverters and the Simotion motion control system.

    Due to the ever-increasing size and complexity of automation solutions, engineering costs are climbing. A uniform, consistent oper-ating concept for controllers, HMI, and drives, as well as an intuitive user in-terface and data consistency, enable TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal V13 to reduce engineering time by up to 30% which also significantly lowers costs.

    More functions and tools

    Version 13 of TIA Portal has improved features in the diagnostics concept, know-how protection, and synchro-nized teamwork for larger projects, among others. For instance, errors are now automatically detected on distrib-uted I/O devices. Planning engineers can work independently from one an-other on parts of the project and jointly access a controller online. Further en-gineering tools such as the Simatic WinCC V13 SCADA software have been integrated into the uniform working environment. All tools Simatic Step 7 V13 for Simatic controllers, Simatic

    Step 7 Safety Advanced V13 for safety applications, or Sinamics Startdrive V13 for the Sinamics G inverter product range work in perfect and intuitive i nterplay within the framework. The software architecture has been de-signed for highest efficiency and is suitable for both beginners and expe-rienced users.

    Extended product range

    The hardware has also been extended with new components. The Simatic S7-1217C controllers with new and im-proved firmware version 4.0 as well as the fail-safe, high-end Simatic S7-1518F controller complement the product range with particularly high-perform-ing CPUs with extensive functionality. The new generation of Simatic Basic Panels has been perfectly tailored to

    Even more flexible engineering

    simple HMI applications. The new components of the Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) concept include the Sinamics G110M frequency inverter, which together with Simogear geared motors makes for maximum applica-tion efficiency. The preconfiguration of the inverter, together with the motor and engineering in TIA Portal, makes commissioning easier and faster.

    By int