Adrian Pourkian - Design Illustration Portfolio 2007 - 2012

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I am an illustrator & a branddesigner. And this is my portfolio. Look my library here to see my other illustration books.

Transcript of Adrian Pourkian - Design Illustration Portfolio 2007 - 2012

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    R I

    A N * P O U R K

    I A N

    I L L U S T R A T O R & G R A P H I

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  • Hello,

    my name is Adrian Pourkian and that is my portfolio. I am an illustrator and a brand designer. I started to study com-municationdesign at the Design Factory Intern. in Hamburg/Germany and graduated with a bachelor at the New Bucks University in High Wycombe/England in Graphic-Arts.

    I had a six months internship at the advertise agency Kolle Rebbe in Hamburg/Germany and I also worked there as a freelancer.

    Besides I acquired experience in illustrations, brand design, conceptual ideas and in the standart graphic programms from Adobe, version CS5.

    If you are interesting in me, feel free to contact me. More from me can be shown at my Facebook page /AdrianPourkian.

    Regards,Adrian Pourkian

  • Personal datas:

    Name: Adrian PourkianAdress: XXXXXXX XXXXXXX

    T.: XXXXXXXMobil: XXXXXXXEmail: XXXXXXXFacebook: /AdrianPourkian /PourkianProduction

    Birthday: 20.09.1986

    Nationality: German

    Curriculum Vitae:


    2001 2007: Carl-von-Ossietzky Gymnasium MssenredderAbschluss: Abitur


    Education to communication-designer2007 2011: Design Factory Intern. Hamburg/Germany

    Bachelor in Graphic-designer2011 - 2012: New Bucks University / High Wycombe / England


    March 2010 September 2010: Intern at Kolle RebbeSeptember 2010 November 2010: Freelancer at Kolle Rebbe

  • C O R P O R A T EI D E N T I T I Y


  • Saman Keshtkaran: Photograph

    Corporate Identity Logo Buisnesscards Letter paper

  • Childs voice: Charity project

    Corporate Identity Logo Flyer Brochure Buisnesscards Letter paper Manuel guideline

  • Internship 2010: Kolle Rebbe/Hamburg, Germany

    Working by using the DEKA guideline manuel Adding texts, images and logos in brochures, flyers etc.

  • Vicky's Kitchen: Restaurant, Bistro

    Corporate Identity Logo Menu-Card Flyer Buisnesscards Poster Entrance equipment

  • WesleyCollinGeorge: Musicer

    Corporate Identity Logo Buisnesscards Webpage CD

  • I L L U S T R A T I O N

    * *

  • ABC book: Animals & Occupations

    Illustration Creating & designing the first ABC book

  • Argh, Bingo, Cheers: ABC book

    Illustration Creating & designing an second ABC book

  • Theater an der Marschnerstrae

    Illustration Poster CD Flyer Brochure Letter paper

  • Adrian Pourkian

    adrianpourkian@gmx.deFB: /PourkianProduction