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WHAT'S ON THEDISC _Is on 0 .OJ ".W of , ... cont..... of.". OM ......... !rI. _dIic lesson files... and 50 much more _""",,"n..AQ4""".oJ''C.'f..'.' __,,hot 1"""1_ to ...,It .. ,"" ....,..... ;" ..... -......d....""._.... '0 ,,",,)"001.............. _.. _n.... C"I.od ..... ".."h ......................., .,oJ ...... 1"'- ik>r >- Tho """"" ",.. _".. IN 000,,... ,, 0( ,,,. d,,.,, ",hoch """,Id ...... p _lox... ,Iw (, .... )'000....... ---'""--------"-"-_... _---.... _... _-------_ .. ---_ .. ----... ----_(.. tl .... -_. - .......'_._'.----.. ""-.,.-..._ ....'" .. -""'''''-.... -.-/.:>siQl",1 Classroom illa Book isnolm ..anllo replace docu- that comes with the program or to bEa (omprd,ensiwfor .. \"t'ry f...alUreinFlashCS.I. Only the commands and options useJ inthelessolls are .. xplainffiinIhisbook for comprf)u'nsi,'"il1formalion aboutprog,ramfealur .. s, to any of tlle$eresources: Adobeflash CS4Communit), Hdp. which }'OUcan viewb}' choosingHelpFlashHelp. Connnunil), Help isan i[lteg,rotedonli"e environmenl of i"struction, i"'piratioll, and .upporL It indudes custom search of experl.selt"Cted, rel",'.nl (;l1Il((>l1 t on and oIl' Adobe ,com. CommunilY H .. lpcombines conlentfrom Adm,.,Hell'. Support,DesignDe\'eloper Connection, andForums-along with online community contentso thatusers can easil)' findthe !>eSImostup-to-d;ol ..resources. Access I", lechnial "'pport, onlin(> producthelp, "ideos, articles. tips and techniques. blogs, examples, andmuch more. AdobeHash Support Cent .. r,where youcan (uldartdbrowsesupporl and learning cOlltent on Adol> Adobe TV,where )'0\0willfindprogramming on Adobe prod"cts, including a channel forprofessiomllpholognll'h.. rs and. How To clHumeithat cont"ins hundreds of I11m'ies onFlashCS4 and other products across Ihe Adobe CS4 lin .. up.VisithUp:llt\",.dobe.coml . Alsocheck out these usefullinks: TheFlash CS4l!roducthome page alwww.adobe.contlproductsIAashl. Flashuser forums at www.adobe.comlsupporll forumsl forpeer-Io-peer di5Cuss.ion, of Adobe products. Flas!lExcha"ge otwww.adobe.CO ... lcfusio .. forfu"clions, code, and more. Flashplug.ills at www.adobe,collll productsl pluginslHashl. Adobe Certification fheAdobe urtififfi program is desi!(nffito hdp Adm.., and trainers in, I'm"" andpromote their product-profidellcyare fourof certification; AdOOt>As> if 'I', not Ihae. ,J .0-.-.-.-..-.. Inf l.>h. 1M Stage i< the ""lion takes pla New. InNewdialog box. chOOS S.we,Name the f,le 0 , _ " 'o,kingcol' y.lla and ..we it inthe 0 ISta,t folder. Sowingyourright ""'J)' is a grtonto Ihe Stage is also10tlw library. an)' 51'mools }'OUcreate. Youcan th"n "asily access the items to add th"m to the Stage 'gain, ro,ttt..,m, or see their properties. To displ"y Librar)' panel. chooseWindowLibr::of}', or press Ctrl+ L (Windows) or Con",,,ud+L (Moe OS). Not. :y",,'lIlearn mu Import to Library,Inthe Open dialog bo., Sorting allthe other JPEGimages inthe DISrart folder. 4'Thelibrary pand " 'illdisplay allthe import,.,jIPEG imag"" with their filenames and a thumbnailpre'oj .. w.1hese images are nOW,v:lilable 10 boto I layer aoo.."itis el11ply. 4St>lcctthe top layer calleLibraryto ol"'nthe Library pand if itisnt already Ol"'". 6Dmg. theLibrary(all("[{"({"a b)"n dde(e .11I"y ers inside thatfolder as well. Changing the Appearance of the Timeline Youcan adjust the Timehne's appear. ance to accommodate )'our "'orkftow, Whenyou"""t to 60eemore layers. select Short fromthe Frame View pop-up menu;n theupper-right corner of the T imeline. TI,e Short command decreases the height of (rMne cellrows. 18[(lION1Goottl"llAlntod p'ht... ln (! Hi"'" y, By d..tauk, the Propeny in,peaor. library panel, and Tool. panel appe"logether at the right of the t l>peseiooed tool. The "xpand...Jmenu on tt>eright ,how. tt>e hldd"" tool .. The on the expanded menu to It>e'ight indicate tt>eappears In tt>eTools panel, The single , .pOt.llen.,s inpa renthese.lndic.te the keyboard shortCuts to select tool.,how the tool re grouped together by similar /unction. Orawingond eo.,..,., (l ) T".I m Ur>e (l ) Pmc. (V) De Preferences. 2Chaos Other Pands > History to 01"'" the History panel. 1Drag thelilsto!)' p3nel slider up to the step justbefore )'ourhelow that point a,. .. dimmed intheHistory panel and 3re remO\'ed fromthe ["0 add" step'"esl iderdown. 26((ISONI(,oW"IIA Test"'Io';e.Flash OpellS "lid pla)'sthe movi .. inasepardte windo..... Flash automatically loops )"our1ll0";c illIhis preview mod.. , If )-OU1011',"'alll the lIIo\'ie10loop, choose Conlrol> Loop 10 d"sdocIIlw oplion. 2dose the pr",;ew window. Fl.o\SI!(\.4PROFBSKIN.I.l(l.o\SSAOOMINBDcerlain Ihat it' s properly, 1Choose file ,.Publish $eltings. 2aick the formats lab. 3SeIe.:1Flash Cswf) andHTML (.hlml). _. '-- M" '-'' , . .,._.... ., ... 75 .-0,-,,':,Joo .,.-__ 01.__.-01.__-( ---, 4Click the HTML tab. -' : "---'--!illl!...! """ ,-, ----- -- ag .. at ("OIlHllU'HI) help/mai n. [email protected] f ... IoW'Iq u..mloM n..." 5.A keyfrnme isr.. pre.... nted on th .. Timeline w,th a circle and iudic-dtes " chan)(e In(ontenl on the Stage. 1Ilea usethere ar..tOOIllany tools to displa) a\ onCr inth ..I"oolsp.,nd. SOme loois are grouj>etl.and onl)" Onetoolinthe groUI) is ,Iispla)"",,!.(lhe toolyoumo.tres.o'-al . and Ii""" Underslillle!the differencebetwek' x g,aph;':, 000 i!Y,"a\ioo, in Flash, Combj"" ,""'"g,diem"I"",Ie"'. Mod fiK ... 1o.>foredoing flash anim;uion. 20100* File> New.IIIthe New[)ocunwnt dialogbox.choose FlashFile (ActionScript 3.0). )Inthe Proper!)" inspector. make the Stage siztO700 pixels byISO pIxels andmah the color of the SI;!S< 00 . Clickingf illColor 00.0l> )'OU don'. r>eed when you'r" Omponing at.itmap. Adding a Bitmap Fill is of drawn ob;"':l_YouCan"1'1'1), a ",lid color, a or abilmap "nage (such as " TI FF,)PEG. or GI F f,le)as0 fillillFlash. or rou (on spephk, FlashDrawing Modes Flash provide. thr .... drawing modes. whkh detl'lmine how objoo. ,111 ...3(\ w' lh eachother on 100 St09" and how you can edll1hem. By del""'!, FI.m usesdrawing mode. but you can enable object drawing mode 0gleand tM in"", ,.)(I;us of oval primiti"". usir>gthe p,operty insp gradientfill shouldblelld into the edge of the glass. Making Selections To modif), an obi""t, )UUmustfirstselectit InFl.lsh. }'OUcan make sdinan obiect_ Withthe !.ossa tool.)'OUdraw a fr.,.,formselection. Hot.:Move lhe drphk. SWith the Selection tool. ...Iectthe center area of the ba... shape. Startthe ...I",tionfromtlw groul,- eit lwr .bo,e or below it- to prewnt mm'ing the entire ba.... 6Clicl the FillColor icon inthe Tools panel. and ... Iectwhite or In'" #FFFFFF ,n th..Color Picker. lh.....lectedportion be to tI>t uppet'_ Iofl, ......... Wrou ",HI ,t,j1 ... OpIion,l.... object is scalftl .....1.... , by ,he New S)"mool 2Inthe CreateNew Symbol dialog box that app"ars, enter fill Ylinefor the name and choose Ihe Graphict)'P" s)"l11boLOick OK -1ft""':I '''''' (C.Lot) ,- Ubwy ...". SO[(ISONlWotklngwi'" Gr>phk. 3Flash immediately tak to Symbol-editing mooe. Notice the top horizontal bar 'lbo'etlwSt"ge. which )ouare"ditins th" s)mbol coll{' Align), 7a,ck on the Ahgnhorizontal center. 1he star_shaped group and m':llbecome aligne Apart on.. more time. 1he collection of fizzy line symbols breaks iouo its componetH parts and beGr.phiortit into Flash. When you importallJIIustrator f,le,you can choose which l.yers inthe fileto import"lidhowFlashshouldtreal tllOSoeI.)'ers.You'll;ml>orlanIlluSTratorfile that ronl.ins allthe chanKlers forthe cartoon frame. 1C"hooM>file >Import > Imporl to Siage. 1Soclt'ol "'. I>tmap image.ln thl ConvertnlUlUilwr 'iI)'fl' to FI h keyframes Convert e",h .'ustralor laye< 10 f l.,h graphic symbol C"".... "illlll lu",ator lay""to iI single FI ..h lay'" Importing symbols Working symbols InIIIUSlrator is slmll., to working them in Fla5l1. In1gS,mboh Importing Photos hop Files \' oull import"I'holoshol'for !background, lh...Pholo,hop (,Ie conlai"s ,W.., la)"ers with a blendins effec;t.A blending etfe 11dick OK. 'n", Iwol'holOl>hoplayers intpOrlN!into nosh "nd placN! on larers OnIhe Timdin". lhe Pholoshop imago'' aUlom"ic.,lI y COI"''' rTlod;1110 dip symbols and so"N! in)'ourLibrary.Alllh" blend'"g "lid Inrorm. lion is pr....,,....,J. If )'oulinagE"IIIIh ..flor .. ... r. )'ou'l1set' Ih.llh.. Bl .. nding oplion is sorllOUghltninlloe- Property insplor u""",,.lilt O"pl.y ....,Iion. 1":-:,-::-u - ----TU. .. --\oj..... .---. .. _. ---12Drag lhe rbotlile hero bIers 10 Iloe- lOp of the Ti",.. I",.. IIwy 0...,1.1'Ih.. bacLgrowKl La)... rs.. About Image Formats FIWl 'l4>PO"I'..... for ...."lot 1"'90'1. fI.1sh CM!tlandle JPEG.GIF. PNG. M>d P50 {Photoshop) 1\16. Use JPEGfIIK fOlItlal grodi.nto; and subtle vori.otion .. such HIt.oo.\N1 occur .. phoIogrjphl.. GlFftlH Me used fof i",.. with 1Moe solid blocks of color 01blKk ond while line ""aWWlgs. Use PNG flies lot IhM include ""''opMerq. Use P50 ftlH if)'Oll 10tile loyer, "'""",'eney. Jnd blending Informillion hom ilPIlolmhop ftle. , .. JC- .. _ -.. - Converting a Bitmap Image to a Vector Graphic Sometime< you'll want to conven a mtmap image to a vMor graphk While fla'" handles mtm"llimages as a series of coloredi'l'lay it ""'rply and ,moothly. Convert ing a bitmap image to a Vl'Ctoroften N" the effect ofit 1001 BItmap > TraceBOtmap.The option. del",mlne how faithllJlof a trace the vectorwillbe to the original mtmap, fle!ow,the left image I, an original mlmap and the right im"9(' i. a Vl'Ctorgraphic. Exerd.e caution whe-nu.lng the Trate Bitmap command, bee.... se compiicate.which youbreak apart furtherto edit as),oupleaS!egrateers intheFilters window with options forBlur X andBlurY. 4aick the linkiconn"xlto Ih ..Blu, X andBlurY "I,[ions 10linkthe blur effect,n hoth directions. S$tthe Blur X audBlurY value toto pixels. VF1lTEIU