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  • Adaptive Cruise Control
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  • Automotive electronics Driver assistance 1 Adaptive cruise control system
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  • Autonomous car - 2010s 1 These include adaptive cruise control, a system that monitors distances to adjacent vehicles in the same lane, adjusting the speed with the flow of traffic; lane assist, which monitors the vehicle's position in the lane, and either warns the driver when the vehicle is leaving its lane, or, less commonly, takes corrective actions; and parking assist, which assists the driver in the task of parallel parking.
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  • Autonomous car - Official projections 1 By Mid-2010's, Toyota plans to roll out near-autonomous vehicles dubbed Automated Highway Driving Assist with Lane Trace Control and Cooperative- adaptive Cruise Control.
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  • Ford Fusion Energi - Second generation 1 Fusion can help drivers maintain proper lane position (Lane Keeping System); adjust vehicle speed to changing traffic conditions through adaptive cruise control; active park assist to help identify suitable parking spaces and help park; and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with cross-traffic alert, which consists of sensors in both rear quarter- panels that are able to detect traffic in a drivers Blind spot (vehicle)|blind spot, providing both audible and visual warnings if traffic unseen by the driver is detected
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  • Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid - Ninth generation (2013present) 1 Highline models (EX, EX-L, and Touring grades) offer Smart Key, LED daytime running lamps, headlamps, and tail lamps; and an adaptive cruise control system.
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  • Ford Taurus - Sixth generation (2010present) 1 Some of these features include all wheel drive, cross traffic alert, collision warning, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control
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  • Ford Taurus - Sixth generation (2010present) 1 There is also an available performance package on the new SHO, which deletes non-essential options such as Power Sunroof, Heated/Cooled Seats, Multi- Contour Seats, Auto-Sensing Lights and Wipers, Adaptive Cruise Control, Adjustable Pedals, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), and Satellite Navigation
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  • Laser radar - Transportation 1 Lidar has been used in Adaptive Cruise Control|adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems for automobiles
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  • Autonomous cruise control system - Cooperative systems 1 The next generation, also known as the Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control, will include information served from a vehicle ahead in the same lane. Such dependant approach however requires standardization across manufacturers and model generations. There is no vision when such agreement could come into practice. All designs without such cooperative support will operate with comparably lower dynamic, but promise better reliability and independent operation.
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  • Autonomous cruise control system - Available systems 1 This system maintains continuous control from speeds of 0km/h to 100km/h and is designed to work under repeated starting and stopping situations such as highway traffic congestion.[ 3_understanding_active_safety/03_cruise_co ntrol.aspx ] The Lexus division was the first to bring adaptive cruise control to the US market in 2000 with the Lexus LS|LS 430's Dynamic Laser Cruise Control system.
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  • Autonomous cruise control system - Available systems 1 In the United States, Acura first introduced Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) integrated with a Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) in the late calendar year 2005 in the model year 2006 Acura RL as an optional feature. ACC and CMBS also became available as optional features in the model year the 2010 Acura MDX Mid Model Change (MMC) and the newly introduced model year 2010 Acura ZDX.
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  • Autonomous cruise control system - Vehicles models supporting adaptive cruise control 1 Vehicles with full speed range adaptive cruise control are able to bring the car to a full stop, and resume from standstill.
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  • Lane departure warning system - Timeline of available systems 1 If the adaptive cruise control|radar cruise control system is engaged, the Lane Keep function works to help reduce the driver's steering-input burden by providing steering torque; however, the driver must remain active or the system will deactivate.[ glossary/Index.aspx?index=JtoL LEXUS][ fg YouTube Lane Keep demonstration] Retrieved 2011-08-09.
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  • Mobileye - Company timeline 1 *2007: Mobileye launches multiple series productions for LDW on GM Cadillac STS and DTS vehicles, for LDW on BMW 5 and 6 Series vehicles[ s/en/vdo/main/press/releases/chassis_and_carbod y/2007/sv_20070416_b_en.html View VDO News Release] and for radar-vision fusion for enhanced Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Mitigation by Braking on Volvo S80, XC90/70/60 and V70 vehicles[ om/files/Volvo.AutoBrake_0.pdf View Volvo's Press Release]
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  • Mercedes-Benz W222 - DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist 1 adaptive cruise control|DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control, a system which helps with maintaining the desired distance from another vehicle in front - can speed up the car to, using radars, infrared and optical sensors. It can also automatic parking|park itself.
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  • Telematics - Wireless vehicle safety communications 1 Further in the future, it may connect directly to the adaptive cruise control or other vehicle control aids. Cars and trucks with the wireless system connected to their brakes may move in convoys, to save fuel and space on the roads. When any column member slows down, all those behind it will automatically slow also. There are also possibilities that need less engineering effort. A radio beacon could be connected to the brake light, for example.
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  • Bentley Continental GT - 2009 Continental GTC update, GTC Speed, Mulliner Driving Specification (2009-) 1 Changes to Continental GTC include new more upright front grille, larger lower air intake, chrome headlamp bezels, retuned Servotronic power steering for improved feedback and feel, new optional followto - stop, radarbased Adaptive Cruise Control, optional carbon ceramic brakes with 420mm front and 356mm rear discs and eight-piston callipers (only available with 20 - inch wheels), 2 new exterior colours (Aquamarine, Blue Crystal), new interior colour (Aquamarine).
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  • Automobile safety - Driver assistance 1 * Adaptive cruise control which maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front
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  • Cruise control - Adaptive cruise control 1 Some modern vehicles have 'adaptive cruise control (ACC)' systems, which is a general term meaning improved cruise control. These improvements can be automatic braking or dynamic set-speed type controls.
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  • Intelligent car - Cars 1 * Following another car on a motorway enhanced or adaptive cruise control, as used by Ford and Vauxhall
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  • DSRC - History 1 * Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
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  • Prius - 2011 facelift 1 The premium Prius Five model's Advanced Technology Package includes the Premium HDD Navigation System, plus the Head-up display#Automobiles|Head- up Display, Adaptive cruise control|Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Precrash system#Toyota|Pre-Collision System and Lane departure warning system|Lane Keep Assist
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  • Volvo Car Corporation - Safety 1 The S80 is al