Adaptive cruise control

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Adaptive Cruise Control

Specific Objectives: 1-Explain principle of the adaptive cruise control and function.2-Describe the components of adaptive cruise control system.

3-Demonstrate the advantages & Disadvantages

Adaptive cruise control that activates :automatically if

A) The vehicle is cruising above 40 MPH

B) At a steady state for more than 10 seconds

C) The user has enabled the auto set function

Headway control unit

Millimeters-wave radar

Processing unit and stereo camera

Monitor the engine load using a vacuum sensor to measure the intake manifold absolute pressure.

This vacuum sensor will help maintain intake manifold absolute pressure at a preset level.

Monitor the vehicles speed sensor and engine tachometer signal.



Q1: Explain the principle of adaptive cruise control.

Q2. Write the components of ACC?

Worksheet-2 Q1 : Write the advantages and disadvantages of ACC?

Q2.What is the features of ACC?