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Transcript of ACTIVITY REPORT 2014 2015 -


    2014 – 2015

  • Zdenek ZalisDirector of Strategy & Development

    Dear users and supporters of safer internet,

    Czech Safer Internet Centre (NCBI) is here for all of you for eight years

    already. And given the rise of internet usage, it’s importance increases

    more and more. Nowadays there is almost no action without connection

    to the online world.

    This increases the range of services that NCBI finds necessary to offer. One thing remains though. It must be

    constantly raise awareness about how to be safe online. Therefore, just in 2014, The organization provided training

    to thousands of people and reached thousands of others through other educational content, competitions and

    media. And it records growing interest in 2015 as well.

    We realize that focusing only on prevention and education is not enough. Therefore, this year we are starting Online

    Helpline and Online Hotline as a part of the Safer Internet project - contact centres that will help in tackling various

    forms of online violence and fight against illegal content on the internet.

    The National Centre for Safer Internet could not cover all the services it offers on its own. Therefore, it successfully

    cooperates with numerous institutions in creating a safer cyberspace. We appreciate the fact that we have long-

    term well-functioning cooperation with the ministries, the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic, Prague City

    Hall and the Police, as well as institutions such as the CSIRT, CZ.NIC, NCKB.

    Also, we appreciate the cooperation at the European level. NCBI is part of network of safer internet awareness

    centres INSAFE and of an international network of hotlines INHOPE. On top of that we are helping in making the

    Internet a better place for all thanks to a great number of other projects.

    I can assure you, that we will continue in our effort. We will try to make safer cyberspace both for the current

    generation and for the future ones as well.



    25 000E-learning


    NCBIin 2014

    7 226Trained

    persons616Lecture hours





  • Czech Safer Internet Centre

    Awareness centre that concentrates on

    online crime prevention and education of internet users.

    Help centre for anyone who encounters any problem

    that concerns his/hers safety in online world.

    Reporting centre that fights illegal online


    Cooperation with EU organizations.

    Member of INSAFE awareness centres.

    Member of INHOPE hotline network.

    Cooperation with important companies that

    provide online communication services such as

    Facebook and Twitter.

    Cooperation on eSafety Label with European


    Czech Safer Internet Centre is a non profit organization formed in 2007. Its main

    goal is to inform and educate children, their parents and grandpparents, techers,

    policmen, social workers and other professionals as well as wide public about the

    safer use of the internet and cyberspace in general.

    The organization also supports research of safer internet use, prepares educational and

    methodical materials and publications which are connected to the topic of safer internet

    and online communication and overviews of best practices.

    CooperationOn European level

    NCBI ACTIONSIn the Czech Republice

  • December






    Events and competitions organized by NCBI

    Past events: Safer Internet Day

    4 rounds of iSejf competition

    Participation o Night with Andersen


    International INSAFE meeting in Prague

    Participation on No Hate Speech

    Movement final and follow-up


    Planned events: 7 more rounds of iSejf competition,

    CYBERPSYCHO expert conference,

    CyberFEST festival,

    Conference in the Czech Senate,

    Code Week 2015.

    Throughout the year, Czech Safer Internet Centre organizes various events and competitions on European,

    national and regional level. Great number of them has long history. For example Safer Internet Day runs on yearly

    basis since 2004.

    Autumn expert konference – CYBERPSYCHO also has a long history. And as in previous years it is expected to attract

    hundreds of participants. A new multi-genre CyberFEST festival is going to draw lot of attention as well. And based on

    previous experience, it is certain, that competitions such as the one that is part Regions for Safer Internet (KPBI) project or

    iSejf competition will draw interest of tens of thousands of children from all around the Czech Republic.

    NCBIin 2015


    2015Conference in

    Czech Senate

    Coders meting

    Code Week CZ

    European Cyber

    Security Month



    KVBOL 2014

    Final Conference


    KVBOL 2014




    Safer Internet


  • Regional and municipal projects in 2014

    Prague Online


    Karlovarsky Region Safely Online Regionaland municipal projectsv roce 2015


    Prague Districts

    Online Safety

    3 schools2 schools

    61 schools

    Czech Safer Internet Centre organizes

    trainings and seminars for children,

    parents and professionals in 4 modern

    city districts.

    In total, 78 schools in the Czech

    Republic had the level of their

    ICT safety tested. 61 of them

    received bronze label, 3 of them

    got silver label and two

    managed to get golden label.

    Project that aims at development of safer internet knowledge

    amongst professional and general public in the Karlovy Vary

    region. The courses were held at three locations to ensure that

    they were available to the widest audience possible.

    eSafety Label

    Praha 525 trainedprofessionals

    working with


    Praha 622 trained professionalsworking with children

    1629 trained children and teenagers

    Praha 723 trained professionalsworking with children

    729 trained children and teenagers

    239 trained teachersof Summer Safer Internet


    Praha 1416 trained professionalsworking with children

    663 trained children and teenagers

    206 trained teachersof Summer Safer Internet


    For teachers, social workers

    and police

    Casuistic seminars

    KYBERPSYCHO conference


    1 project

    4 months

    18 city districts

    72 all-day courses

    Prague Districts

    Online Safety

    Training of complete

    teaching staffs

    Lectures for teachers

    Lectures for policemen

    4 city districts

    Seminars for children

    Seminars for parents

    Municipal districts in numbers

    764 Primary schoolstudents

    3999 Secondaryschool students

    188 High schoolschool students

    233 Universitystudents

    206 Parents

    40 Kindergardenteachers

    510 Teachers andheadmasters

    50 Librarians

    141 Policemen

    141 Cybersecurityexperts

    312 Journalists

    327 Other expertson youth work

    Children, youth, students Parents, teachers Professionals and Experts

    104 Socialworkers


  • Regions for Safer Internet 2014

    NEW IN 2015

    12 new lectures for teachers,

    9 new lectures for children

    3 online competitions,

    17 new lectures for parents and general public,

    competition for parents,

    sharing all the educational materials across the regions,

    mobile applications.


    38 new online lectures for children, parents and teachers,

    4 competitions.


    evaluation, increase in quality and innovation of


    better project dissemination,

    adapting lessons for children and youth,

    Involvement of more regions.

    KPBIin 2015








    INCREASING knowledge about safer use of internet

    and modern technologies amongst children and youth.

    RAISING level of expertize of professionals

    INCREASING knowledge of parents and wide public in

    all regions of the Czech Republic.

    Participating regions

    Online lectures

    Children has won a price from Microsoft

    Online eduactional pages for children,

    parents, social workers and policemen

    available for free

    Users that completed the online lectures

    Registerd users

    Children that completed the online quiz

  • European projectsCzech Safer Internet Centre actively participates on various Europeanprojects, initiatives and campaigns that are connected to safer internetuse and creating more comfortable online environment for everyoneand without hateful content.

    We acknowledge the importance of IT skills both for students and foradults seeking the job. That is why NCBI supports digital literacyinitiatives such as e-Skills or Code Week.

    IITAE is an European project providedvia Grundtvig partnership. Goal of theproject is to increase and disseminatethe usage of Web 2.0 tools, tabletcomputers, mobile technologies andother ICT tools for adults learning andtraining.

    European Cyber Security Month (ECSM)

    is a European Union advocacy campaign

    that takes place in October. ECSM aims

    to promote cyber security among

    citizens, to change their perception of

    cyber-threats and provide up to date

    security information, through education

    and sharing good practices.

    Miracle is a project, that aims at

    supporting regional Critical

    Infrastructure Protection and/or

    Resilience (CIP/R) strategies, in order

    to improve exiting capacities of the EU

    States to prevent, prepare and protect

    people against security related risks,

    including terrorist attacks.

    European Schoolnet has set up

    the ‘eSafety Label', a European-

    wide accreditation and support

    service for schools that

    assesses level of ICT security.Young People Combating Hate

    Speech Online is a project

    being run by the Council of

    Europe’s youth sector. It aims

    to combat racism and

    discrimination, as expressed

    online as hate speech.




    eSafety Label


    No Hate


  • NCBI v médiíchCzech Safer Internet Centre is regularly cited in various both written and audiovisual Czech media. It’s expertscomment trends in online and cyber safety. Often the main topic are various form of cyberbullying and it’s effects onthe victims. The experts also often give tips to seniors about how to be safe online.

    NCBI experts are often hosts on Czech TV’s and radios such as CT1, Barrandov, Prima, Radio Junior, CR1 and CR2. Bothnewspapers and online news sites use NCBI as a valuable source of useful information. The titles cooperating the mostare Ucitelske noviny, Denik Metro,,, regional newspapers Deniky and Hospodarske noviny.

    NCBIand it’s main media partners

  • Financial report 2014:

    The most important financial resources in 2014Safer Internet SIC II. 3 526 000,00 CZK

    MIRACLE 617 463,00 CZK

    Digital Divide v Africe 1 370 000,00 CZK

    ČRA 600 000,00 CZK

    Ministry of Interior 289 198,00 CZK

    Prague Online Safety project:Praha 14 BOL 177 250,00 CZK

    Praha 5 BOL 60 000,00 CZK

    Praha 6 BOL 150 000,00 CZK

    Praha 7 BOL 202 280,00 CZK

    Karlovarsky region BOL 356 040,00 CZK

    KPBI:Plzensky region 136 000,00 CZK

    Jihomoravsky region 100 000,00 CZK

    Vysocina region 140 000,00 CZK

    HMP 160 000,00 CZK

    Total 7 884 231,00 CZK

    Revenues: 7 884 231,00 CZK

    Expenditures: 7 862 281,55 CZK


  • Czech SaferInternet Centre


    Prvniho pluku 347/12a

    186 00 Prague 8

    tel.: +420 252 548 438

    e-mail: [email protected]