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Any good real estate agent will tell you that referrals are the backbone of their business. Many of you have something referencing that in the signature line of your email. You most likely let your clients know that at the conclusion of a transaction. Some of you might have client appreciation parties. Some of you probably call your sphere once a quarter and remind them that you're still in the business and would love any referrals they could send your way. ActiveRain challenged its members to share with us one tactic they use to get referrals from past clients or sphere. These slides are from the webinar hosted by Bob Stewart, ActiveRain Community Evangelist to share the best ideas that came out of this challenge.

Transcript of ActiveRain Crowdsourced: How You Get More Real Estate Referrals

How You Get More Referrals

Bob StewartCommunity Evangelist@activebob


Idea Factory

You Guys and GalsActiveRain Community@activerain

The Obvious Way to More Referrals

Do a Good Job for Your Clients -Be Referrable Daniels) Kennedy)

Dang she was good at what she does.....

Exceed Expectations

Be Realistic

Communicate Effectively

Solve Problems

Be Good at What You Do

Focus on a Specific Area (Aaron) (Laura)

Ask For the Referral

Ask at Every Step of the Process (George)

Discuss What You Do and How You

Get Paid Viola

Finding the Right Time to Ask (Ed Silva) (Joe Petrowsky)

When Someone is Referred to You, Set

the Expectation

Get the Referrals Contact Information (DIck Greenberg)

What Else Can I Sell For You?

Who else do you know that this house would be good for? (Janis Borgueta) (Sheila Morales)

Stay in Contact

Figure Out Who are Your Top Referrers (Erica Ramus)

Thank the People Referring You

Business (Belinda Spillman)

Publicly Thank the People Referring You

Business (Chris Ann Cleland)

Stay in Touch with Agents No Longer in

the Business (Margaret Rome)

Stay in Contact

Newsletter with Something of Value Rich-Boxman)

Stories from the Field Donovan)

Lenns Alert! Harley)

Get Them Involved - Contest Steele Kirby

Closing Gifts That Keep Giving

Sunset Magazine Subscription Greenberg)

Hand written Notes Jo Roberts and David Hanson)

Marketing That Stands Out

Follow Up with Recent Buyer

Presenting Another Buyer for the Area Friedman)

Working With and Refer to Trusted


Be Involved with Something about Which

you are Passionate

Do Something Unexpected

Shanna drops the sellers commissions

by .5% at closing Hall)