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University of Nebraska - Lincoln

DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska - LincolnArchitecture Program: Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activity 3-12-2011 Architecture Program

Parametricism (SPC) ACADIA Regional 2011 Conference ProceedingsJanghwan CheonUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln,

Steve(n) HardyUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln,

Timothy HemsathUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln,

Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Architecture CommonsCheon, Janghwan; Hardy, Steve(n); and Hemsath, Timothy, "Parametricism (SPC) ACADIA Regional 2011 Conference Proceedings" (2011). Architecture Program: Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activity. Paper 21.

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ACADIA 2011 Regional Conference Proceedings

Parametricism (SPC)

ACADIA 2011 Regional Conference ProceedingsAssociation for Computer Aided Design in Architecture

Cheon Hardy Hemsath

ACADIA 2011 RegionalParametricism (SPC)edited by Janghwan Cheon, Steve(n) Hardy, and Tim Hemsath

University of Nebraska Lincoln, College of Architecture

Paper Sessions

Copyright 2011 Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture All rights reserved by individual abstract authors who are solely responsible for their content. No part of this work covered by the copyright may be reproduced or used in any form by any means graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including recording, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems without prior permission of the copyright owner.

ACADIA Regional 2011 Parametricism (SPC)conference proceedings

Conference Chairs:Janghwan Cheon, Steve(n) Hardy, Tim Hemsath Session Chairs:Janghwan Cheon Tim Hemsath Brian Kelly Nathan Miller Christian R. Pongratz Seung Ra Andrzej Zarzycki1ACADIA Regional 2011: Parametricism: (SPC)

ACADIA Regional 2011 : Parametricism (SPC) Peer Reviewers

Brad Bell Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington David Celento Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University Kevin A Cespedes Instructor / Lecturer, Boston Architectural College Wentworth Institute of Technology Janghwan Cheon Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska Lincoln Mike Christenson Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University Dan Clark Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Jeff Day Associate Professor, University of Nebraska Lincoln Dr. David Jason Gerber Assistant Professor, University of Southern California Michael Fox Assistant Professor, Cal Poly

Jason Griffiths Assistant Professor, Arizona State University Steve(n) Hardy Associate Professor, University of Nebraska Lincoln Tim Hemsath Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska Lincoln Vincent Hui Assistant Professor, Ryerson University David Karle Adjunct Professor, University of Nebraska Lincoln Andrew Kudless Assistant Professor, California College of the Arts Chris Lasch Partner / Faculty Associate, Aranda\Lasch Arizona State University Gregory Luhan Associate Professor, University of Kentucky Jonas Lundberg Unit Master / Senior Lecturer, Architectural Association London Metropolitan University

Taro Narahara Assistant Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology Vera Parlac Assistant Professor, University of Calgary Paula Sanguinetti Assistant Professor, University of Kansas Santiago Perez Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas Tom Spector Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University Igor Siddiqui Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin Josh Taron Assistant Professor, University of Calgary Soo-In Yang Instructor, Columbia University / Pratt Institute Sam Zeller Assistant Professor Kansas State

2Peer Reviewers/Conference Committees

Parametricism (SPC)

edited by Janghwan Cheon, Steve(n) Hardy, and Tim Hemsath

ACADIA Officers and Steering Committee OFFICERSPresident: Nancy Cheng, University of Oregon Vice-President: Mahesh Senagala, Ball State University Secretary, Aron Temkin, Norwich University Treasurer, Marc Swackhamer, HouMinn & University of Minnesota Membership, Anijo Mathew, Illinois Institute of Technology Webmaster, Mike Christenson, North Dakota State University

STEERING COMMITTEEDavid Celento, Celento Henn & Penn State University Michael Fox, FoxLin & Cal Poly State University, Pomona Loukas Kalisperis, Penn State University Karen Kensek, University of Southern California Gregory Luhan, University of Kentucky Wei Yan, Texas A & M

Steering Committee Alternates:Mark Cabrinha, Cal Poly State University, SLO Brian Lockyear, Lockyear Design & University of Oregon

Design CoordinatorsDan Williamson is currently a graduate architecture student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he has studied under StevenHardy in a studio environment and continues to work with him as his UCARE research partner. Dans interest throughout his schooling has been in the experimentation and exploration of grasshopper as an associative and parametric tool for a performatively responsible architecture. Dan currently serves as the Marketing Director for the UNL chapter of AIAS, a member of Tau Sigma Delta, the President and Founder of a UNL Sport Club, a UNL Outstanding Leader nominee and a UCARE research student. Dan also is an Architectural Intern for the St. Paul office of HDR, Inc.

Nay Soe is a graduate student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Architecture; focusing his thesis on the reformation and contemporary functions of post-war American suburbs. Nays interest is in optimizing and evaluating the role of parametric and computational methods in the fabrication of architectural design process. Currently a research assistant for the Killinger professorship in Urban Design and Architecture, working with Steven Hardy to construct a simulation base approach towards the computational generation of cohesive urban forms. Before graduate studies, he has worked as an undergraduate research assistant in creating rapid iteration of three dimensional urban landscape tissues, and won second place in the international competition for the Rome City Vision Competition in 2010.The UCARE [Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences] program is funded by the University Pepsi Endowment and Program of Excellence Funds. UCARE provides opportunities for undergraduates to work alongside faculty and directly participate in cam-

3ACADIA Regional 2011: Parametricism: (SPC)


4Registration/Table of Contents

Introductions8 10 12 Foreward Nancy Yen-wen Cheng Acknowledgements Tim Hemsath Introduction, Parametricism (SPC) Steve(n) Hardy

Analog Parametrics17 25 31 39 Parametric: Making Troy M. Malmstrom Digital Origami: Modeling Planar Folding Structures Dave Lee, Brian Leounis Algorithmic Modeling: Teaching Architecture in Digital Age Nathan Howe Thinking in Parametric Phenomenology Paola Sanguinetti, Chad Kraus

Building Envelopes & Surface Geometry51 59 67 75 Repurposed Political Ply Jason Griffiths Weaving Methods in Architectural Design Qing Xing, Gabriel Esquivel, Ryan Collier, Michael Tomaso, Ergun Akleman Organized Crime: The Role of Ornament in Contemporary Architecture Kyle Miller Electropolymeric Technology for Dynamic Building Envelopes Elizabeth Krietemeyer , Anna Dyson

Investigations in Digital Curricula85 91 A Swell Project: Between Parametrics and Fabrication Gabriel Esquivel, Ryan Collier A Curriculum for Integrating Computational Thinking Nicholas Senske 5ACADIA Regional 2011: Parametricism: (SPC)

99 109 115

Parameters of a Digital Design Foundation Erin Carraher Parametric Thinking Brian M. Kelly, David Karle Digital Haptic Learning from K-Zell Jason Griffiths

Forms that Matter123 131 141 Meta-Zoning Logistics Dave Lee Inform Form Perform Nate Holland The Hangzhou Tennis Center: A Case Study in Integrated Parametric Design Nathan Miller

Simulations: Quantitative and Qualitative151 Beyond Quantitative Simulations: Local Control Strategy Using Architectural Comonents Taro Narahara Perforating Material Performance: Ceiling Cloud Andrew Vrana and Joe Meppelink Simulation by Design: A Parametric Design Tool for Zero Energy Buildings Troy Peters Race track modeler. Developing an Iterative Design Workflow Combining a Game Engine and Parametric Design Roly Hudson, Drew MacDonald, Mark Humphreys Form-making Without Form Making Andrzej Zaraycki Architectural Drawing- A Prospective Requiem David R. Scheer

161 169 175

185 193

Comprehensive (Parametric) Design I203 6Table of Contents

Parametric Affordances: What? When? How? Carlos Barrios

209 217

Interior Climate Optimization by Volumetric Adjustment Daniel Hillukka Parametric Form-Based Codes: Incorporation of land-use regulations into Building Information Models Jong Bum Kim, Mark J. Clayton, Wei Yan

Comprehensive (Parametric) Design II225 235 243 Parametric Modeling of Informal Settlements Duygu Yenerim, Mark J. Clayton, Glen Mills Modeling Building Information in a Parametric Environment Kene Meniru Parametric Modeling and BIM: Innovative Design Education for Integrated Building Practices James Haliburton, Mark J. Clayton, Ozan Ozener, Francisco Farias, Woo Seong Jeong

Reconfiguring Collaboration by Computational Means251 261 267 275 Tex-Fab: A new model for collaborative engagement Brad Bel,Kevin McClellan, Andrew Vrana Parametric Translation