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  • Aboriginal Initiatives. Aboriginal Skills Training Plan 2015-18Industry Training Authoritys Aboriginal Initiatives operates to support and assure an industry training system in B.C. that services Aboriginal people with supported and unobstructed access to opportunities and success in apprenticeships and the skilled trades.


  • RELATIONSHIPS AND PARTNERSHIPSThe skilled trades system connects Aboriginal people, communities, trainers, industry, employers and ITA. Communications activities supports building awareness and understanding within the parties, and fostering future relationships and partnerships.

    1. Build Awareness in the Aboriginal Community

    ImplementcommunicationsandpromotionalactivitiesthattargetAboriginalpeople,youth, communities, agencies, sponsors, training providers and employers

    o Focus on relationships with employers, including: project owners, project managers, contractors, sub-contractors

    o Reach out to youth through Friendship Centres and other partners

    o Promote Essential Skills assessments

    o Communicate support programs and services to employers and apprentices

    o Address issues such as: drivers licenses, camp life, and workplace expectations

    AssistITACommunicationsBranchwithAITTcommunications(e.g.,rebrandingofAITTand social media)

    2. Strengthen Connections with the Aboriginal Community, Industry, and the Province


    o Address key issues such as: relationship with employers, outreach to youth, LNG and other major projects, the E-CCW program


    o Related program like youth, youth in care, school systems


    o Partners in Trades 2015 and follow-up to foster partnerships

    o Facilitate meetings with Aboriginal communities, industry, and training providers


    o Seek opportunities to partner with industry, such as the LNG Alliance

    o Reach out to under-represented regions and service agencies

    3. Build and Maintain Internal Connections


    o Support Apprenticeship Advisors, and those with Aboriginal subject matter expertise

    IncreaseunderstandingofAboriginalissueswithintheITAbyensuringtheyareprovidedopportunities to learn of First Nations, Aboriginal peoples and their cultures through activitiessuchasCross-CulturalAwarenesstrainingandNationalAboriginalDay

    Industry Training AuthorityAboriginal Skills Training Plan 2015-18TheAboriginalInitiativesoftheIndustryTrainingAuthority(ITA)presentstheAboriginal Skills Training Plan Outline to guide ITA to reduce barriers and maximize participation of Aboriginal people in the skilled trades intheB.C.workforce.

    This document reflects ITA corporate and departmental plans, as well as input from stakeholders through interviews and surveys including: First Nations, Aboriginal employment service agencies, Aboriginal apprentices, employers, training providers, government, and a group discussion with ITAs Aboriginal Advisory Council.

    Within this Strategic Framework, this Aboriginal Skills Training Plan: 2015-18 focuses on six sets of activities for Aboriginal Initiatives, based upon input from a variety of stakeholders. The activities reflect two key concepts: 1) Relationships and Partnerships, and 2) Services - through Communications and Program activities.

  • SERVICESServices focus on providing the tools and resources to enable Aboriginal people to become certified tradespersons.

    4. Enhance the Effectiveness of the Canada Jobs Fund (CJF) Programs



    o Utilize Aboriginal agencies as partners


    5. Build and Implement the Enhanced Construction Craft Workers Program (E-CCW)


    o Include Aboriginal service agencies and employers


    o Include the expertise of existing service providers


    6. Monitor the Number of Aboriginal Apprentices


    o Include data on levels within the trade, and Certificate of Qualifications


    o Track sponsors, particularly Aboriginal agencies


    9.6%ofallBCPublicPost-SecondarystudentstakingITAtechnicaltrainingin2013/14were Aboriginal

    Outlook 2023


    26,100number of construction jobs that will

    be unfilled due to labour shortages

    49,800estimated job openings in



  • About the Industry Training Authority

    TheIndustryTrainingAuthority(ITA)helpspeopleinBCreachtheir full potential by supporting training in the trades. ITA is aprovincialCrownagencythatmanagesB.C.stradestrainingsystem, working collaboratively with industry, training providers, career counselors, labour unions, government and others. ITA Aboriginal Initiatives connects Aboriginal people of all skill levels and backgrounds to funded trades training opportunities and Aboriginal organizations that provide employment and career counseling services.

    ITA is committed to supporting Aboriginal people in finding career opportunities in the trades by working with province-wide projects operated by partner organizations, and is part of a long-term strategy to match Aboriginal peoplesskillstotheneedsofB.C.sworkplace.


    2008 - ITA Aboriginal Initiatives created

    2008 - Aboriginal Trades in BC research report

    2008 - Aboriginal Advisory Council established

    2009 - Strategic Plan developed

    2012 - Barriers and Successful Approaches to Preparing and Employing Aboriginal Trades People research report

    2012 - Three Year Strategic Review completed

    2014 - Doing It Right: A Best Practices Guide to Attracting, Training, Employing, and Retaining Aboriginal People in the Trades developed

    Industry Training AuthorityAboriginal Skills Training Plan 2015-18

    ITA CONTEXTIn2014,ITAre-organizedandre-focuseditsactionstotheProvinces plan titled Industry Training Authority and Trades Training in BC: Recalibrating for High Performance, and subsequently developed a Transitions Plan to align with the larger B.C. Skills for Jobs Blueprint.

    ABORIGINAL INITIATIVES CONTEXTIn 2009, ITA Aboriginal Initiatives along with its AAC, developed a Strategic Plan, built upon research and input from both external and internal stakeholders. The plan was updated again based upon direction from stakeholders, and input from a second phase of research.

    STRATEGIC PLANNING CONTEXTThe Aboriginal Skills Training Plan: 2015-18 builds upon thetwopreviousStrategicPlans(2009and2011),andutilizes a focus through the B.C. Skills for Jobs Blueprint, as the provincial context. It also adopts contest from the ITA Service Plan 2015-17 and Action Plan for LNG Trades Training, and the Aboriginal Initiatives Departmental Work Plan, as the current direction for the Aboriginal Initiatives.

    ThisplanalsoincludescontextfromtheB.C.Ministryof Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliations Off-Reserve Aboriginal Action Plan,andtheB.C.MinistryofAdvancedEducations Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education and Training Policy Framework and Action Plan 2020.

    Certified skilled tradespeople are in high demand, and there are good skilled trades jobs in every corner of the province. Trades training and certification provide opportunities for Aboriginal people to work in the heart of the city, or work close to their First Nation community. And with Red Seal certification, tradespeople are qualified to work anywhere in Canada.