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    NOVEMBER 2016

    By the end of November swings, slide and a jungle gym should be in place at Abercrombie House as a new play area is created for children living at the scheme. Work to install them should be starting soon and will take about four weeks to make sure the safety surface is in place and the equipment properly installed. Please keep children away from the equipment until the hostel manager says it is safe to use and once the work is complete do make the most of this new facility.

    New play area

    Who can I contact? Abercrombie House staff are Simmone Cadette, pictured, left (Email: [email protected]) and Jennifer Murphy, pictured, right (Email: [email protected])

    All aboard for young people Young people can head over to the Hilldene Shopping Centre every Thursday, between 6pm and 8pm, to take part in a host of different activities when the Youth Bus visits Harold Hill. This provides a comfy place for young people to socialise and meet youth workers and friends. It provides TV, Playstation 4 Games, music, DVD’s, computers, information and advice and comfy seats. Confidential advice and information is also available from the qualified youth workers who are there with the bus.

    Building for the future Improvements are continuing at Abercrombie House with the latest being the demolition of the old bin store and removal of the cycle frames. The parking area has been relined, including creation of a space for people with blue badges. Our next steps are to convert the old kitchen into a wet room, that work has started and should be finished soon. We are applying for planning permission to build an extension to provide a new reception area so that your initial welcome is friendlier. Work on this project is due to start early next year. Once the building work is finished we will be decorating the communal internal areas to make them more pleasant too.


    Meet the Manager Nina Willis is Havering Council’s Hostel Manager and has responsibility for

    all three hostels. Nina can be contacted by email at [email protected]

    Events programme In the next edition of our newsletter we will be letting you have

    details of a programme of events which we will be offering.

    Some of the events will be in your hostel while others will be nearby and easy for you to attend.

    We hope the programme will have something for everyone so if you have a skill you’d like to learn or some information you’d like to know please email Kimberly. [email protected] and we will try to include it in the programme.

    Improved security Security for residents living in hostels is a high priority for Havering Council and during the next few months there are a number of steps we are taking to improve safety.

    The Architectural Liaison Officer from Havering Police will be visiting each hostel to give advice on crime prevention and security issues which will then form part of an action plan for each hostel.

    We are also getting prices for installing keypad locks on the front door of each home within the three hostels to avoid the risk of former residents having kept keys.

    These digital locks can have the code changed after each resident leaves which improves security.

    Don’t allow tailgating Please remember when you’re coming through the main door of the hostel to only allow in anyone you recognise.

    There have been a few cases recently when a resident has been followed in by a stranger who shouldn’t be in the hostel so if in doubt please keep them out!



    Better rooms to live in A new procedure is being introduced so that when a resident moves out there is a quick turn round to make the accommodation available for someone who needs it but first the room will usually be repainted, have any damage repaired and the cooker and fridge thoroughly cleaned so it is ready for the new people moving in.

    We’re also looking at installing window blinds and replacing the shower curtains so they are longer.

    Going the right way New signs are being installed at all the hostels to help people find their way around each scheme.

    These signs are due to be installed in the next few weeks.

    Playtime for children Each hostel now has a box of toys which are available for people to use. Please respect that other people

    will also be using the toys so please return them to the box after use.

    Hostel maintenance In the last five months more than 200 repairs have been done across the three hostels and we are determined to keep maintenance at a high level.

    On Friday 11 November Council surveyors will be visiting each hostel to check if any external repairs are needed and on Friday 18 November they will be visiting each hostel to check what maintenance needs doing inside the buildings.

    If you have a non-urgent repair needed in your room please let your hostel manager know so the surveyor can call and add the job to the work schedule.

    Information for you Watch out for the new information points that will soon be installed in the reception areas of each hostel.

    These will have a range of leaflets and booklets available which may be helpful.

    If there’s some information you need that isn’t on display please ask the hostel manager and we’ll find out how we can help.

    Washing machines We’re looking at the number of washing machines available in each hostel and will be increasing these where demand is too much for the existing machines.