ABCs of Airplanes

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An ABC book that has all airplane terms

Transcript of ABCs of Airplanes

  • The A B Cs of

  • A is for Airplane (a flying vehicle with wings)

    Airline (a company that owns a number of airplanes)

    Airport (the place where airplanes take off and land)

  • B is for Baggage (a suitcase/bag that you take with you on the airplane)

    Boarding (getting on the airplane at the airport)

    Bogie (aircraft that is not identified)

  • C is for Carrier (short for aircraft carrier a large ship that can carry and launch military airplanes)

    Cockpit (the front of the plane where the pilot sits)

    Crew (airline employees that work onboard an airplane including pilots, stewards/stewardesses)

  • D is for Douglas (one of most famous aircraft ever built)

    Disk Area (the imaginary circular area that a helicopters blades create when they are turning)

    De-Icer (a device that takes the ice off an airplanes wings and body)

  • E is for Engine (the device that provides power to fly the plane)

    Elevator (located on the tail of an airplane and controls the pitch of the plane)

    Elevons (located on the wings of an airplane and works as a both an elevator and aileron)

    F is for

    Combustion Chamber





    Fuel injectors/ignition grid

  • Flaps (hinged section on the wings used for controlling the airplanes speed

    Flying Boat (aircraft has fuselage has the lower portion shaped like a power boat and the plane lands on water directly

    onto the fuselage.)

    Fuselage (The body of an airplane)

  • G is for

    Glider (an airplane that does not have an engine and uses the power of the wind to glide to ground after being towed into

    the air)

    Gyroplanes (type of small helicopter that has a propeller and an engine)

    Gun Ship (an armed helicopter)

  • H is for Helicopter (an aircraft that is lifted and propelled by rotors)

    Hover (to hang in the air without moving in any direction)

    Huey (a type of Army helicopter)

  • I is for InFlight Meals (meals provided during a flight)

    Instrument Landing (a landing made entirely with the use of the airplanes instruments and towers on the ground)

    Itinerary (A list of flights that a passenger is scheduled to take)

  • J is for Jet Airplane (an airplane that is powered by a jet engine)

    Jet Engine (this is the type of engine that powers a jet airplane, it works by ejecting a jet of burning fuel and that

    creates the power to move the airplane)

    Jet Fuel (a special type of kerosene make especially for jet airplanes)

  • K is for

    Kerosene (a type of fuel that is used to power airplanes)

    Knot (one nautical mile per hour)

  • L is for

    Landing (when an airplane lands on the ground)

    Landing Gear (the wheels on the airplane)

    Luggage (a suitcase/bag that you take on an airplane)

  • M is for

    Monoplane (an airplane with one fixed wing)

    Military Aircraft (an airplane that is used by the Army or Navy)

    Model Airplane (a small replica of an airplane that usually can fly under its own power)

  • N is for

    Nose (the front of the airplane)

    Nose Gear (the landing gear or wheels that is under the nose of the airplane)

    Navy Aircraft (airplanes that are used by the US Navy)

  • O is for Osprey (a type of aircraft that has features of both airplanes and helicopters)

    Officer (a pilot in the military is also an officer)

    OHare International Airport (airport located in Chicago)

  • P is for

    Pilot (man or woman who guides the airplane in flight)

    Propeller (spinning blades located on the nose of the airplane that moves the airplane forward)

    Pontoons (used in place of landing gear and allows the plane to float on land on water)

  • Q is for

    Queen of the Air (Amelia Earhart was a famous women pilot in the 1930s)

    Queen Air Beechcraft (a type of small twin engine airplane)

    Queen of the Skies (a Boeing 747)

  • R is for Rudder (a hinged piece on the tail of the airplane used for changing direction in the air)

    Rocket powered aircraft (aircraft that is powered by some type of rocket)

    Bell X-1A X-15 Bell X-1

    Radio (this is what pilots use to talk to other pilots and to the control tower on the ground)

  • S is for

    Sail Plane (an airplane that does not have an engine and uses the power of the wind to glide to ground after being

    towed into the air)

    Sea Plane (An airplane that has floats, or pontoons, attached to allow it to land on water)

    Solo (To fly an airplane without a companion or an instructor)

  • T is for

    Tailplane (a small horizontal wing at the back of the airplane)

    Takeoff (when an airplane takes off into the air)

    Turboprop (an airplane that use a turbo jet engine)

  • U is for

    Ultra light aircraft (A small, powered aircraft which is extremely light and usually seats only person)

    UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)

    U-2 (is a single-seat, single-engine, high-altitude surveillance (spy) aircraft flown by the USAF - also called the Dragon


  • V is for

    V-22 Osprey (a tiltrotor vertical/short takeoff and landing aircraft)

    V-tail (a type of tail fin that has 2 sections in the shape of a V)

    V-jet (a small low cost personal jet)

  • W is for

    Wing (the lifting surface of an airplane)

    Wheels (landing gear (wheels) allow airplanes to take off and land)

    Wright Wilbur & Orville (the Wright brothers built and flew the first motorized airplane in 1903 at

    Kittyhawk NC.

  • X is for X-wing airplane (a combination helicopter and fixed wing aircraft)

    X-plane (a type of flight simulator for use on a computer)

    X-1 Bell (airplane that was the 1st to fly faster than the speed of sound)

  • Y is for

    Yoke this is used to control the airplane like a steering wheel in a car

    Yaw - A plane that yaws is one in which the tail or nose (or both) will make undesirable side-to-side

  • Z is for Z-blend A type of airplane wire connection shaped like the letter Z.

    Zulu Time A time zonealso know as Greenwich Mean Time