A Visual Guide to Creating The Perfect Linkedin Company Page

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Transcript of A Visual Guide to Creating The Perfect Linkedin Company Page

1. A Publication Of A VISUAL GUIDE TO CREATING THE PERFECT LINKEDINC O M P A N Y P A G E 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction | 3 1. Company Overview | 4 2. Logo & Banner | 5 3. Careers Page | 8 4. Showcase Pages | 9 5. Featured Groups | 11 6. Company Updates | 12 7. Page Analytics | 13 Page 2Share This! 3. INTRODUCTION Your LinkedIn Company Page is an online beacon for both prospective customers and prospective employees. As such, it is a truly unique space on the web, one that blurs the lines between knowledge-sharing platform and relationship-building tool. To help you make the most of your LinkedIn Company Page, weve put together this visual guide, which features several Pro Tips that LinkedIn has contributed, along with some visual examples weve gathered from top-performing Company Pages. So, flip on through and find some inspiration. And if youd like a text-only version of LinkedIns tips, refer to the checklist that came with your download. Thanks! Erik Devaney Content Strategist, HubSpot @BardOfBoston Page 3Share This! Created by: 4. Above: Company overview from LinkedIns Company Page 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW Page 4Share This! PRO TIP Make it easy for the right people to find your Company Page by adding SEO terms in the description and Specialties sections. -- LinkedIn 5. Above: Kelloggs Company Page cover image, which highlights recent accomplishments 2. LOGO & BANNER Page 5Share This! PRO TIP Keep your Company Page fresh with rich cover images that reflect your companys accomplishments, events, and offerings. -- LinkedIn 6. Above: The Weinstein Companys cover image, which highlights an upcoming film release Page 6Share This! 7. Above: Apples Company Page cover image, which highlights a product feature Page 7Share This! 8. Above: NPRs Careers Page on LinkedIn, which features an employee video 3. CAREERS PAGE Page 8Share This! PRO TIP Studies show that a strong employer brand can cut cost per hire by over 50%. Use rich media (like video) on your Careers Page to showcase yours. -- LinkedIn 9. Above: Cover images from Adobes two Showcase Pages, which highlight different business lines: Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud 4. SHOWCASE PAGES Page 9Share This! PRO TIP For business lines or initiatives with unique messaging and audience segments, consider creating a dedicated LinkedIn Showcase Page. -- LinkedIn 10. GET THE FULL EBOOK HERE! Page 10Share This!