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Transcript of A trip to toys r’ us

  • 1. A Day in Our Shoes

2. Toys R Us -2/12/11

  • Not as easy as you think with a child with severe food allergies.

3. No Disinfectant Wipes

  • WOW!No Dis-infectant Wipes to clean the cart off.
  • Can you believeNoDisinfectant wipes
  • Glad we brought our own, orhe wouldnt even been able to go into the store .

4. Cleaning off the Cart

  • This is what we have to do before we go intoANYstore!
  • We have to wipe all the sides off, inside and out

5. Carts need to be cleaned Every time someone uses it!

  • Look at how dirty the wipes were. Finally, after 7 min. of cleaning only beforegoing in the store.
  • After 5 of our own disinfectant wipes the cart we are hoping it was finally clean.(Sometimes it is Sometimes it is not.)

6. Besides Disinfectant Wipes weusethis in case of any reaction (simple, mild, anaphylactic shock) 7. I Cant Touch ANY thing, its not fair! -Garrett

  • He knows not to touch anything in any store, because other people have touched it after eating food he cant have.
  • As you can see he can only point to toys he wants. Unlike, other kids can pick it up and show there parents, he can only point.

8. Im Tired of just looking, I want toplaylike the other kids! -Garrett

  • Can we leave yet this isnt fair! -Garrett
  • Is it that fair that he cant do anything with out things being sanitized and clean.

9. Allergy Service Dog

  • This is only one reason we are trying to get him an allergy service sniffing dog. http://www.angelservicedogs.com
  • He also needs this dog to go to school, parks, stores, church, and things just as simple as going on a walk. (Which means no sandals in the summer.)

10. Cant Do Nothing Until Cleaned

  • After we get home from any store and before Garrett gets anything we have to either wipe it off with hand sanitizer, or wipe it off with a disinfectant wipe.
  • That includes all toys, pop cans, pop bottles, juice, and his own candy bar found in the all organic section of the store.
  • For more information go to Support the G-Force Fan Page on Facebook.com orhttp://supportthegforce.webstarts.com/index.html

11. Think About it

  • What Would You Do if your child was like this?